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Mauser M98 Magnum

Mauser's M98 Magnum bolt-action rifle was showcased at the 2015 SHOT Show in Las Vegas

01/23/2015 - SHOT Show 2015 / Mauser showcased the beautiful bolt-action M 98 Magnum hunting rifle
The Mauser M98 Magnum has been conceived to perform impeccably in those hunting situations where compromise is a no-go
The Mauser M98 Magnum has been conceived to perform impeccably in those hunting situations where compromise is a no-go

The latest incarnation of a system that has been performing impeccably for over 100 years was introduced by Mauser at the 2015 SHOT Show. The bolt-action M98 Magnum hunting rifle was conceived to provide reliability and astounding capabilities for the most discerning dangerous game hunters.

The Mauser M98 Magnum rifle is built around a special figured grade 5 curlwood stock (grade 6 and 7 wood stocks are available at extra cost), which features finely crafted checkerings on the pistol grip and the handguard for an excellent controllability even with the hottest calibers, a steel pistol grip cap with a finely engraved Mauser coat-of-arms, an elegant and yet extremely ergonomic buttstock with a classic cheekpiece and an extra-thick recoil-reducing rubber buttpad, and a pillar bedding and double recoil lugs system that connects it to the action totally tension-free for improved accuracy.

The classic Mauser action has been built with the most modern technologies available, and comes with a redesigned and ergonomic three-positions horizontal safety switch that allows the M98 Magnum to be unloaded in full safety. The 62cm/24.4" barrel is plasma nitrided, and so are all system parts, for increased durability and corrosion protection; the Mauser M98 Magnum comes with a cupro-nickel inlaid, side-adjustable 2 -leaf Express sight and a cupro-nickel, height-adjustable front sight for better target pictutre, as well as with machined double square bridge bases for scope mounts.

The Mauser M98 Magnum bolt-action hunting rifle is 118,5cm/46.7" long overall, and its weight ranges around 4,4kg/9.7lbs and 4,6kg/10.1lbs, depending from the barrel profile. The magazine comes with a spring-loaded cover with adjustable locking, and holds 5+1 rounds of .375 H&H ammunition and 4+1 rounds of .416 Rigby ammunition; the rifle can be had with a standard barrel profile only in its .375 H&H caliber variant, and with either a standard or a heavy barrel profile in its .416 Rigby caliber variant. Its newly-developed, single stage trigger offers a super dry 1,5kg/3.3lbs pull.

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