New products and highlights of IWA 2023: trade show report from day 3 of the big gun show

As always, the third day of IWA 2023 falls on Saturday, which means that the already bustling activity in the aisles of the large gun show will increase once again. No wonder: Many smaller gunsmiths and dealers as well as other tradesmen can only visit the trade fair from this day on, as they still have to be in the store for their customers during the week.

In the midst of these many visitors, the team of is also on the road. We are still on the lookout for the most exciting innovations and products in the areas of short and long guns, ammunition, optics, optronics and accessories at the IWA OutdoorClassics 2023. In addition to new products, many manufacturers have also given their proven and popular models upgrades and enhancements. Of course, we will also present these to you in detail.

As usual from the two previous days of the trade show, you can expect all the information with text and video in this trade show report on the third day of IWA 2023.

To bring you all the latest information, trends and highlights from IWA 2023, the team will be at the show every day, bringing you plenty of articles and videos.

The article will be updated throughout the third day of the fair.

VIDEO: F.A.I.R. Racing II Sporting – 12/76 over-and-under shotgun for Sporting, Compak and Trap

One of the perennial favorites of the Italian gun manufacturer F.A.I.R. (Fabbrica Armi Isidoro Rizzini) is the proven Racing II Sporting model, which is suitable not only for Sporting and Compak shooting, but also for the trap shooter. The 12 gauge with 76-mm chamber over-and-under shotgun has 76-cm and alternatively 81-cm barrels and an 11-mm wide and 15-mm high sight rib. Along the guilloche rail are 3 parallel lines to better guide the eye to the front sight or target, respectively.

F.A.I.R. calls these guide lines "Strada" (road). In terms of front sight, the Racing II Sporting comes standard with an orange fiber optic model from LPA. The single trigger is controlled by a barrel selector switch, with a gold-plated and adjustable trigger. This allows the original 36.8-cm LOP to be adjusted by a total of about one centimeter.

The manufacturer supplies the sporting shotgun with a stock made of walnut, whose appealing grain, however, was not obtained by natural growth but with a modern laser. This wood finish is referred to as FX-Wood by F.A.I.R. The stock has a pistol grip and a height-adjustable comb with a Monte Carlo design. Forend is a special sporty trap style. Although more noble woods are available, the FX wood will probably suffice for most sporting shooters. The Racing II Sporting comes standard with a total of five extended Technichokes, i.e. interchangeable chokes that protrude about 2 cm beyond the muzzle, in 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 1/1 and cylinder, and weighs in at 3.75 kg. The sporting over-and-under comes at a non-binding suggested retail price of 2,222 euros with 76-cm barrels. The version with 81-cm barrels costs 2,269 euros.

VIDEO: Fausti Class Upland SLX over-and-under

Barbara Fausti shows us the Class Upland SLX over-and-under shotgun available in all gauges and also customizable in aesthetic features and finishes.
You could define it the "male" version of the Dea Upland SLX: we are talking about the Upland SLX over-and-under shotgun, shown to us by Barbara Fausti at IWA 2023. The receiver machined from solid forged billet has a color-case hardened or old silver finish with handmade engravings signed by master engravers. Subjects can be chosen by the hunter depending on the preferred game or type of hunting. The over-and-under is manufactured in all major gauges intended for hunting, from 12 ga to the smallest .410 gauge with scaled receivers. Trigger can be single selective with a selector switch located on the safety slide, or double trigger. 

VIDEO: CZ Scorpion Evo 3 carbine in .22 LR for beginners and recreational shooting

Rimfire versions of guns of all kinds are very popular – not least, with ammunition prices on the rise, they give shooters the opportunity to practice on the cheap. After the CZ Scorpion Evo 3 semi-automatic carbine had successfully established itself first in the law enforcement and military sectors and then as a civilian semi-automatic sporting carbine in 9mm Luger, it now seemed to CZ that the time had come to offer the pistol caliber carbine in .22 LR as well. Of course, the rimfire version of the Scorpion Evo 3 is aimed primarily at newcomers and recreational shooters. In the future, however, guns like the CZ Scorpion Evo 3 could also become interesting for shooting sports – In disciplines designed for this purpose.

Except for the "innards" such as barrel and bolt, features, handling and adjustment options of the rimfire CZ are exactly the same as those known and appreciated from the "big" Scorpion Evo 3. The highly durable frame made of fiberglass-reinforced polymer ensures a long service life combined with low weight. Thanks to the ergonomically arranged and intuitive bolt release, the weapon is quickly loaded and quickly supplied with new "food". A reversible charging lever makes the Scorpion Evo 3 suitable for both right- and left-handed shooters. The free-standing pistol grip can be adjusted axially, and the plastic stock can be folded and adjusted in length by about five centimeters. The barrel is encased in a plastic M-LOK handguard with inset steel sling swivel mounts. 

New Anschütz Precision Rifle for PRS sport shooting

Designed for the Precision Rifle Series (PRS): new Anschütz Precision Rifle (APR).

The Precision Rifle Series (PRS) is a form of U.S. dynamic discipline based on precision rifle shooting. The various competitions take place on challenging courses with various shooting position and the use of different rifle supports, with targets located at ranges between 10 and 1,200 meters. The stages of PRS shooting competitions reproduce typical scenarios from military, law enforcement and hunting scenarios.

The Anschütz Precision Rifle (APR) features an MDT ACC chassis and a Picatinny rail for optics.

Anschütz is entering the booming PRS precision rifle market and at IWA unveiled its Anschütz Precision Rifle (APR) featuring an MDT ACC chassis and thick barrel. The Anschütz APR precision rifle is based on the Anschütz 1782 large-caliber hunting bolt-action rifle, which is distinguished by excellent bolt smoothness and cycling.

In addition to this, the Anschütz Precision Rifle offers all the features desirable on a PRS shooting gun, starting with the Picatinny rail for optics and the 18x1 muzzle thread. You can also rely on the world-renowned quality of Anschütz triggers, especially with the Anschütz Precision Rifle: pull weight can be adjusted from 750 to 1,200 grams.

The Anschütz APR will initially be available in 6.5 Creedmoor and .308 Win. calibers. At the Anschütz booth we were also able to discover a version in .22 LR, another new trend for Long Range shooting.

VIDEO: Sabatti Rover Varmint, bolt-action multi-purpose hunting and sporting rifle

Attractive in design with a laminated wood stock, the recent Varmint version of the Sabatti Rover rifle can entertain both long range shooting enthusiasts and hunters. The interchangeable barrel with multi-radial rifling and low weight are just some of its features that are explained to us by Emanuele Sabatti.
Not going unnoticed by the Nuremberg audience at IWA 2023, the Rover Varmint rifle draws attention with its competition-style stock made of laminated wood with pistol grip and adjustable cheekpiece. The typical Sabatti action with chrome-plated, floated three-lug bolt is machined from a solid billet and made of Ergal to optimize the overall weight. The included integral Picatinny rail allows the mounting of many different optics and aiming devices. For easier aiming and accuracy when hunting or in sport shooting, the oversized fore-end is equipped with attachment points for bipods and supports. Staying on the subject of accuracy, the interchangeable barrel of the Sabatti Rover Varmint is cold-hammer forged and features a multi-radial rifling. Available lengths are 51 and 61 cm, and there is always a muzzle thread for the mounting of suppressors or muzzle brakes – where permitted by law.

VIDEO: Savage Impulse Mountain Hunter – Extra light straight-pull rifle

We're lifting a lightweight on the Savage Arms stand: the highly regarded Impulse series of straight-pull bolt-action rifles are getting a new addition in the form of a particularly lightweight variant, the Impulse Mountain Hunter. The significant weight reduction of 500 grams is made possible by the use of a carbon-wrapped "Proof Research" barrel. In .308 caliber, the Savage weighs in at just 3,330 grams.

All the proven features of the Impulse series with many customization options are also on board in the Mountain Hunter version: the popular AccuTrigger direct trigger can be weight adjusted, and the bolt handle can be mounted at different angles on both sides of the gun. The AccuFit synthetic stock with aluminum bedding block also comes with adjustment options: it can be adjusted in length and adapted to your own preferences thanks to exchangeable cheek rests.

The Savage Impulse Mountain bolt-action rifle comes in .300 Win. Mag., .300 WSM, .308 Win., 6.5 Creedmoor and 6.5 PRC; the Savage Impulse Mountain Repeater also comes in the new 7mm PRC, which we already introduced to you in the Hornady video. This will also make the Mountain Hunter pleasant to shoot in this caliber with reduced recoil and high BC, despite the heavy bullet.

The recommended retail price of the Savage Impulse Mountain is set at €2,999 and the rifle is already available.

VIDEO: Franchi Horizon All Terrain – A bolt-action rifle for driven hunting and tracking

The new Franchi Horizon All Terrain was designed especially for tracking and movement hunting. Its hallmarks: a short 46-cm barrel (blued, as is the action) but with a 22-mm heavy contour diameter at the muzzle. Franchi's new bolt-action rifle gets in .308 Winchester is fed from a detachable polymer ten-round magazine. Franchi provides the All Terrain's muzzle with a 5/8x24 thread, factory-fitted with a compact muzzle brake to tame recoil. The direct trigger pull weight can be adjusted between 900 and 1,700 grams. The manufacturer cites "fiberglass technopolymer" as the stock material. Length of pull, comb height and also the pistol grip can be individually adjusted to the shooter using accessories. QD sling mounts can be found on both the right and left sides as well as on the underside of the stock. Franchi's new model also has QD mounts in the front of the stock, and there are also M-Lok standard interfaces on the forend. Optics such as scopes or reflex sights can be easily mounted on the long Picatinny rail included with the rifle. In addition, the All Terrain offers flip-up sights developed exclusively by Franchi. In addition to the .308 variant (1:11" twist), the Franchi All Terrain also comes alternatively in .223 Remington caliber (barrel: 46 cm, 1:8" twist).

VIDEO: Burris Veracity PH 4-20x50mm Riflescope, Signature 2000 LRF rangefinder and the new Burris H19 and H35 thermal imagers

U.S. manufacturer Burris introduces three new optics. The first of these is a hunting scope with head-up display: the Burris Veracity PH (Precision Hunter) 4-20x50mm has a clickless-type elevation adjustment turret. And here's the kicker: the hunter can see all the ballistic information he or she needs on the display, including the target distance.
The display works through a unique configuration with the Burris Connect app. The user enters the ballistic data, such as bullet weight, energy at muzzle, and shooting distance. When hunting, the user then measures the range separately and can easily adjust the scope. A permanent connection with the smartphone is not necessary. However, if the smartphone is present and connected, the app can also transmit current weather data. The scope is offered to the hunter for 1,499 euros. 
A new laser rangefinder called Signature 2000 LRF is also available. As the name implies, it measures up to 2,000 meters. It features a slim design and low weight. It is priced at 399 euros. 
Finally, Burris enters the second generation of hand-held thermal imagers. The H19 and H35 monoculars are the first models. In addition to the design and image quality (12 instead of 17 micron pitch), the navigation and menu management are new. Instead of being arranged in a straight line, the buttons are now arranged  in a cross on the top of the device. The 19-mm lens version has a list price of 1,299 euros and the 35-mm lens version of 1,699 euros.  

VIDEO: Baschieri & Pellagri Green Core, the performance of the new wad in Dual Bismuth cartridges 

Baschieri & Pellagri's research & development department tells us at IWA 2023 about the biodegradable Green Core wad used in the new Dual Bismuth cartridges that does not require the use of steel-proof barrels.

Baschieri& Pellagri introduces the European public to the new Dual Bismuth hunting cartridge that exploits the performance of the biodegradable Green Core wad with Bismuth shot, an alternative alloy to lead with reliable characteristics and performance. Technicians Alessandro Goggi and Sara Canala, a powder specialist, tell us how the new biodegradable wad does not regret the plastic wad, ensuring optimal shot pattern distribution with Bismuth shot, which has a specific gravity 25% higher than steel and a hardness comparable to lead. The Dual Bismuth is a shotshell available in 12- and 20-ga with payloads of 34 and 26 grams, respectively. The shot numbers available are 3/4 for the 12-gauge and 5/4 for the 20-gauge. With the Dual Bismuth, hunters will be able to shoot with the same guns used with traditional ammo. In this cartridge the choice of the double layer of different shot sizes is used to improve pattern velocity and penetration power with the larger diameter pellets placed in front of the smaller ones to reduce air friction.

Baschieri & Pellagri Legend Professional Steel

Also in sport shooting, Baschieri research has introduced the possibility of using cartridges in alternative alloys to lead, such as the Legend cartridge with green core wad and iron shot.
The Legend professional Steel shotshell is the iron version of the historic Baschieri F2 Legend cartridge that passionate shooters know well. Introduced in 12-gauge, it is offered with 24- and 28-gram payloads for the needs of all the different disciplines of trap, skeet and even sporting. The Green Core wad/cup with which these cartridges are assembled is specifically designed for barrel protection. The material chosen for the lead replacement is galvanized iron which, thanks to the combination with the special wad, allows dense patterns and clean clay hits. Velocities developed by these cartridges exceed 410 m/s. The Legend are available with shot number 7 recommended for trap, and 8.5 more suitable for skeet.

VIDEO: MAK, an innovative trigger for the AR platform

Manufacturer MAK is introducing an innovative trigger for the AR platform at IWA 2023. It fits the AR-15 as well as 9mm pistol caliber carbines, rifles in .308 (both AR-based, of course), and Tippman 22 rifles. Not only can you switch it from single-stage to double-stage, but reset and weight (1.1 to 3 kilograms) are also adjustable. This makes the trigger suitable for any use in an AR rifle – from precision shooting, to hunting and dynamic sporting disciplines. Installation is very simple, it is a drop-in trigger. Only the two pins of the AR need to be loosened.
In addition: Since MAK is also the manufacturer of the MAKgunScan, every single trigger comes with a corresponding certificate. The customer and the manufacturer are thus always certain about how the trigger came to the customer. If the customer adjusts his/her trigger, MAK can reset it to the in-house specifications. During our first trigger tests at the trade show, we were immediately struck by the fundamentally good characteristics and, in particular, the ultra-short reset. The trigger is available in both straight and curved versions. The trigger should be available to customers from the beginning of May 2023. Prices will be in the 320-340 euro range.

Holosun AEMS GR, the red dot with a green circle

in addition to a traditional 2 MOA dot, he Holosun AEMS GR sigh also offers a 65 MOA green ring-shaped reticle.

The Holosun AEMS GR sight cannot be defined by the term "red dot" since, in addition to a traditional 2 MOA dot, it also offers the shooter the option of selecting a green ring-shaped reticle with a diameter of 65 MOA. But that's not all, the two can be alternated, or activated simultaneously, allowing an excellent compromise between accuracy and instinctive aiming.

The integral Picatinny mount of the Holosun AEMS GR allows easy mounting and adaptation to different types of firearms.

This sight also offers a wide field of view in a compactly sized housing made of 7075 aluminum anodized in an anti-reflective black color.

Automatic brightness control, combined with automatic standby and a small but efficient solar panel that assists the power system in daylight conditions, allows the CR2032 battery life to be extended to 50,000 hours of use. The integral Picatinny mount allows easy mounting and adaptation to different types of firearms. Certainly, the Holosun AEMS GR is a sight that is well suited for carbines in pistol caliber for sport shooting, but also for semiautomatic guns for driven hunting. Dimensions are 56x39x43 millimeters, and the weight is 155 grams. Retail price is around 500 euros.

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