Hausken silencers 2023: available models for all hunting and sporting applications

The manufacturer Hausken from Norway can look back on 30 years of experience in the development of silencers. Originally, the agricultural machinery mechanic and hunter H.P. Hausken built silencers "for his own use", as the few models available in Norway at the time seemed to him to be in need of improvement. Hausken's ingenious silencer designs have been tirelessly refined ever since: over the past few years, the now highly specialized company has added many new models to its range to suit a wide variety of requirements and weapon configurations. Incidentally, since mid-2022, the brand has also been part of Beretta Holding.

The technically optimally perfected silencer types from Hausken are now so widely diversified for the most diverse areas of application that one can initially lose track of the numerous models. On the occasion of IWA 2023, Hausken will present its complete product portfolio, ranging from the smallest on-barrel silencers of the Mini series to giants of the "Hausken Whisper Mega" type, which are among the largest silencers on the civilian market. We will introduce you to the models shown and classify them in more detail based on their area of application and performance for hunting and sport.

Hausken silencers 2023: the right model with optimum performance for every hunting and sporting application

Not only sound reduction plays a role: the greatly reduced recoil and increased accuracy make, for example, long range shooting more precise and enjoyable with a matching Hausken silencer. 

You have to know: "The" all-round silencer does not exist. Developers usually have to make technically compelling compromises and can thus offer the best solution in each case for different uses. Therefore, we first give you an overview of the type designations and name additions of Hausken, which indicate the equipment and technical characteristics of the respective silencers.

Overall, three main groups of silencers have emerged at Hausken, which differ greatly in terms of damping performance, size and design: Jakt, Whisper and Mini.

Silencers of the Jakt type, as true multi-talents, represent the main group of Hausken products: they are quiet, light and compact. The handy size is also indicated in the type designation: the Hausken Jakt JD 224, for example, is 224 millimeters long. By the way, thanks to over-barrel design, the overall length of the gun increases by only 144 millimeters. The diameter of most Jakt models is 50 millimeters. Slimmer variants with a diameter of only 45 millimeters are marked with the suffix "LITE" (example: Hausken Jakt JD224 LITE). These are also lighter at the same length, but lose some damping performance due to less volume. 

Hausken Jakt JD184 XTRM: Since the muzzle flash remains inside the silencer, there is no annoying glare in low light conditions.

The addition "Whisper" (Ex: Hausken Jakt WD 60 WHISPER), on the other hand, indicates Jakt models where the circumference is 60 millimeters with the same length, for greater damping and weight. In addition, two models in the Jakt series bear the designation Super Kompakt (Ex: Hausken Jakt SK 156 SUPER KOMPAKT). With a length of 156 millimeters, these are the only on-barrel silencers in the Jakt series for mounting on firearms with open sights.

Now we come to the addition "XTRM": The abbreviation indicates that an integrated stainless steel mesh inside the silencer further improves the gas pressure distribution and reduces the noise during firing by a few more clearly noticeable decibels. The steel mesh increases the weight of the silencer only slightly at 30 to 60 grams, depending on the variant.

"XTRM" are basically also all models of the Whisper series. If the addition "whisper" in Jakt silencers indicated an increase in diameter to 50 millimeters, the circumference of the pure Whisper models is basically 70 millimeters. This increase is accompanied by different overall lengths and powerful attenuation performance of 37 dB (Hausken Whisper WD228X XTRM) to over 40 dB sound pressure level reduction (Hausken Whisper WD506X XTRM). The length from the muzzle, on the other hand, is only 144 millimeters for all variants thanks to the over-barrel design.

Unless you go one better: Whisper series silencers with the suffix "Mega" already give a slight indication of where the journey is headed. The projection from the muzzle increases to 292 millimeters, the 1000 gram dead weight is exceeded, but at the same time pleasant "silence" returns even with large Magnum calibers. Over 43 dB of sound pressure level reduction (e.g. Hausken Whisper WX656 MEGA XTRM) is possible. Recoil is also extremely reduced and accuracy improved, which predestines these silencers for long-range use.

Quite small, however, the two Hausken mufflers called "Mini" are just like the Super Kompakt versions of Jakt on-barrel mufflers, with only 128 millimeters in length and 35 and 45 millimeters in diameter, respectively – real midgets.

Using three examples, we will introduce you to one member of each of Hausken's three silencer groups, along with its potential area of application: the Hausken Jakt JD184 XTRM, Whisper WD506 XTRM and Jakt Mini MD45 silencers. Here come the details.

VIDEO: Hausken from the live stream from IWA 2023

Hausken Jakt JD184 XTRM: a compact silencer for driven hunting and dog handlers

Hausken now offers a wide range of silencers for every application. Here you can see the compact Jakt JD184 XTRM. By the way, the silencers of the Jakt series are available in different colors.

The small one among the all-rounders: the compact Hausken for standard calibers is lightweight and is also particularly well suited for dog handlers. For use with medium calibers, a barrel length above 55 centimeters is recommended.

With a small muzzle projection of just 100 millimeters, the silencer is hardly noticeable on the rifle – and adds little weight. The Jakt JD184 XTRM weighs only 300 grams. Lightweight rifles in particular are thus not out of balance: this gives it optimal handling, which is an advantage especially on driven hunts.

In addition to the sound and muzzle flash dampening further improved by the integrated stainless steel mesh, the recoil reduction of the compact Jakt JD 184 XTRM also contributes to the pleasant use on the hunt. Robustness should not be lacking despite its filigree exterior: like all Hausken silencers, the Jakt JD 184 XTRM is also made of high-alloy and subsequently hard-anodized aluminum.

The Hausken Jakt JD 184 XTRM silencer is suitable for rifles without open sights with a maximum barrel outer diameter of 23 millimeters.

Hausken Jakt JD184 XTRM silencer specs:

Hausken Jakt JD 184 XTRM MKII  
Outer Diameter:
50 mm
300 g
Overall Length:
184 mm
Barrel Extension:
100 mm
Muzzle Thread:
Silencing Performance:
31+ dB

Hausken Whisper WD506 XTRM: a high-performance silencer for hunting and training

Hausken's "flagship" bears the designation Whisper WD XTRM. In the meantime, many hunters can no longer imagine shooting without a silencer on the rifle, which not only protects hearing, but also makes the rifle more precise and pleasant to shoot...

Hausken's "big boy": the Whisper WD XTRM is billed as the flagship Hausken silencer, surpassed in performance only by the "Mega" version of the model, as mentioned – but also surpassed in size and weight. The featured Whisper WD506 XTRM is the largest version of the silencer, with an overall length of 506 millimeters, available in six length increments between 228 and 506 millimeters. Assuming a rifle without open sights, the Whisper WD506 XTRM as an over-barrel silencer protrudes only 144 millimeters beyond the muzzle in each case.

With its generous internal volume, the model attenuates up to 40 decibels, depending on the caliber, barrel length and load. The integrated stainless steel mesh improves the gas pressure distribution inside the silencer and reduces the noise during firing by several more clearly noticeable decibels. The Hausken Whisper WD506 XTRM MKII is particularly suitable for raised hide hunting, but also for intensive training: thanks to its technically sophisticated design, rapid strings of up to ten shots in succession are possible before it has to cool down. A silencer of this performance also lends itself to powerful magnum calibers, whose recoil is also significantly reduced. 

Hausken Whisper WD506 XTRM silencer specs:

Hausken Whisper WD506 XTRM MKII
Outer Diameter:
70 mm
1,000 g
Overall Length:
506 mm
Barrel Extension:
144 mm
Muzzle Thread:
Silencing Performance:
40+ dB
A Hausken silencer not only protects the hunter's hearing, but also that of the dog. The special on-barrel model Jakt Mini MD45 weighs only 200 grams.

Hausken Jakt Mini MD45: an ultra-compact on-barrel silencer for guns with open sights

The Hausken Jakt Mini MD45 is suitable for all guns from .22 to .375 caliber with open sights. The slim silencer is mounted directly "on-barrel". This also makes it the ideal choice for hunters who, for example, use an attachment on a gun with a short barrel and need clearance here.

Weighing only 200 grams, the Hausken Jakt Mini MD 45 does not upset even such a configuration. Despite the tiny size, the performance is also right: the silencer reduces the sound pressure level by 22 decibels.

The silencer comes factory with an M18x1 thread. However, Hausken also offers all suitable adapters for other barrel sizes. Like all Hausken silencers, the Jakt Mini MD45 can be quickly disassembled into two parts using a disassembly tool and cleaned easily and thoroughly.

Hausken Jakt Mini MD45 silencer specs:

Hausken Jakt Mini MD45
Outer Diameter:
45 mm
200 g
Overall Length:
128 mm
Muzzle Thread:
Silencing Performance:
22+ dB

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