Steambow M10 Upper: the high-capacity crossbow gets even more powerful

Steambow has revolutionized the world of the modern sporting crossbow, first with the Stinger AR-6 model, equipped with a fixed magazine that allowed six arrows to be fired in quick succession, and now with the new M10 Upper that increases the capacity of the now interchangeable magazine to as many as ten arrows, nearly doubling its capacity. 

Steambow M10 Upper: the high-capacity crossbow

The removable magazine of the M10 Upper safely holds ten bolts, even with sharp hunting broadheads like those pictured.

It all started with the ingenious Stinger AR-6 compact crossbow, which uses a fixed six-bolt magazine and a rapid system to cock the limbs – to do that you just have to tilt down the AR-15-type telescopic stock. One of the most interesting features of the AR-6 Stinger is its modular construction, which makes it very easy to replace the limbs, ranging in power from 35 to 150 pounds. But the real novelty for 2024 is represented by the new M10 Upper that can be easily mounted on the crossbow lower body and allows a significant evolutionary leap, allowing the use of interchangeable magazines that have a capacity of as many as 10 arrows each. Not only that: the magazines are easy to carry, as they can be carried in STANAG-compliant magazine pockets for AR-15 magazines. The interchangeable magazines not only allow for lightning-fast reloading, but also allow you to quickly change the arrow type you want to use. This allows you to prepare for escalation situations much better than with a permanently installed AR-6 magazine. The safety when transporting and handling the crossbow is also improved, as the hunting broadheads, which are razor sharp, are housed in an enclosed magazine and can't in any way cause injuries to the user. 

With no less than four Picatinny rails, Steambow's new M10 Upper allows a red dot sight and other accessories to be mounted in a forward position.

In addition to allowing the use of ten-bolt magazines, the M10 Upper features an attachment on the front on which two different interchangeable front units can be mounted: one with Picatinny rails at 3, 9 and 12 o'clock, and another with a 12 o'clock rail and fiber optic sight.

The Steambow Stinger crossbow uses 162-millimeter-long arrows, available with a carbon fiber shaft, or carbon fiber/aluminum hybrid shaft and weighing between 9.2 and 16 grams. The Austrian company's online catalog offers a considerable selection of arrows with training or hunting tips.

The M10 Upper has a retail price of 169 euros to which 69 euros must be added for the magazine. By purchasing them together through the manufacturer's site, you can take advantage of a discount.

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