Fossari over-and-unders: testing the Sporting versions together with Luca Rizzini

Fossari, Isidoro Rizzini's dedicated over-and-under shotguns: Luca Rizzini rightly starts with the presentation and the meaning of the name (see the video). Luca tells us the story of the over-and-under brand that F.A.I.R. - the well-known Italian gun manufacturer established by his father, Isidoro Rizzini – has been designing for years, trying to achieve a product that could be a synthesis of the main technical features sought by sportsmen and professionals in the various clay shooting disciplines. 

At the range with Luca Rizzini, we get to know and test the features of the Fossari CRX9 Sporting over-and-unders. 

After years of research and development, we now have over-and-under shotguns featuring rugged mechanics machined from billet and where the components most exposed to wear and tear and stress from the many shots fired on the range are fully interchangeable.

The general appearance of Fossari over-and-unders is sober but elegant, with blued receivers and select, oil-finished wood stocks from which custom-made and adjustable Monte Carlo-style stocks are derived. Starting with a Boss-type receiver, these over-and-unders are distinguished by solidity and stability when firing, resulting from many special features that make the difference. Let's take a closer look.

The easily hand detachable locks allow control and convenient maintenance of the trigger assembly.

Inside the receiver we find a reinforcing insert that can be replaced over time and withstands all firing stress. The locking bolt is oversized and features eight adjustment parameters with which the shooter can tighten the shotgun. Tightening adjustment can also be made via an insert in the forend iron that prevents the development of any movement and play over time.

Turning to the trigger assembly, we find locks that can be detached by pressing a simple release button, with the possibility for the shooter to carry out the normal shotgun checking and maintenance operations in a practical and quick way. The single trigger in Sporting versions can be selective and LOP can be adjusted according to the shooter's needs and anatomy.

The sturdiness and quality of the materials used in Fossari over-and-unders is evident. The receiver machined from billet includes a replaceable reinforcement insert.  

The barrel assemblies deserve a special mention: they feature the X Cones geometry with smooth, elongated forcing cones to optimize pattern velocity and also improve recoil perception at the shooter's shoulder. The barrel chambers can be 70 or 76 mm long, and barrel lengths available in the sporting models are 71, 76 and 81 cm. To achieve ever greater stability and accuracy bore exceeds the classic values of 18.3 or 18.4 for the 12-gauge up to 18.7. 

The Fossari barrels features the X-Cones geometry for higher pattern velocity and lower felt recoil. For Sporting models, interchangeable 90-mm HPS 90 chokes that allow the use of steel shot are available. 

As required by the Sporting Clays discipline, the Fossari over-and-unders are equipped with internal, interchangeable, special chokes. They are HPS 90 Tecnichokes, with 8 choke types available and a length of 90 mm to improve pattern distribution and allow the use of steel shot. Depending on the different versions, the rib can be fixed, raised in the BSS sporting version or millimetrically adjustable up to 15 mm in the BSR version, to increase speed in target acquisition.

Fossari Monte Carlo stocks are made of select walnut wood and custom-made and adjustable by the shooter. 

The weight of Fossari over-and-unders is fully in the standard range for shotguns, with variations of a few grams depending on the length of the barrels and stocks chosen by the shooter, averaging around 3.9 kg overall. Fossari shotguns are completely made in Italy and the attention to detail is also reflected in the packaging of these products, that come in elegant green PVC cases wth velvet inside. 

With the CRX 9 Sporting BSS and BSR versions, we are ready to challenge each other in a series where the only thing at stake is the desire to confront each other, exchange opinions and have fun on the shooting line, trying to grasp those constructive peculiarities to which the Fossari brand has dedicated years of study and work.

Before moving to the firing line, Luca Rizzini tells us that in the not-too-distant future there will be Fossari over-and-unders designed for hunting as well: a nice unexpected novelty that now turns into anticipation. 

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