New products and highlights of IWA 2023: trade show report from day 4 of the big gun show. "IWA is back"!

Today we are entering the last day of the IWA OutdoorClassics 2023, but one thing in advance: we will continue to report on further new products from the trade fair over the next few days. There was too much to discover, too many novelties were presented, to describe it all for you during the fair. So you can look forward not only to the products today, but to many more novelties in the next days. 

In an interview with, Georg Loichinger from the IWA OutdoorClassics press team draws a positive conclusion shortly before the end of the trade show: "The exhibitors are satisfied, the visitor atmosphere is terrific. We definitely draw a positive conclusion from the four days of the fair." Offers such as the Airsoft Testing Range, the Optics Test Area and the Blade Demo Area were also well received by the visitors, adds the press officer.

With regard to the IWA in 2024, Loichinger refers to the big anniversary next year: the IWA will be 50! On this occasion, a lot will be waiting for the visitors, but we would have to be patient for concrete details, according to Loichinger. is already curious and will of course report as soon as more details are known.

The article will be updated in the course of the fair day.

Video: interview to IWA press officer Georg Loichinger

Video: More than just fresh color – CZ TS 2 Orange

According to Česká Zbrojovka, the new competition pistol in all-steel design is the highest evolution stage of the TS 2 series. Recognizable at first glance by the color of the grips, magazine base and magwell, the new pistol model also has a lot to offer in terms of technology and equipment. The CZ TS2 is available in two calibers, 9mm Luger and .40 Smith & Wesson, and comes with a bull barrel. Thanks to the heavy barrel and bulky steel frame, the new CZ weighs in at around 1,350 grams, ideal for controlling muzzle climb during quick firing strings. Magazine capacity is 20 rounds in 9mm Luger, and in .40 S & W the magazine holds 17 rounds. The ambidextrous manual safety has been ergonomically optimized, as has the thumb rest mounted at the front of the grip. The front cocking serrations are also found on the top of the slide in the new model. But not only ergonomics, also the ease of disassembly has been improved on the CZ TS 2 Orange: a new design of the recoil spring rod facilitates gun stripping.

The CZ TS 2 Orange is optimized for the IPSC Standard Division, but of course it is also splendidly suited for other sports or disciplines. For the best possible accuracy, the fits between the barrel and slide and between the slide and frame are adjusted by hand.

How much does the Czech competition fun in orange cost? In Nuremberg, Česká Zbrojovka referred to dealers regarding the recommended retail price of the CZ TS 2 Orange. German CZ importers such as AKAH and Frankonia list the new match pistol from the Czech Republic at over 3,100 euros as of today. 

Video: Carl Walther introduces its new rimfire sport pistol in three variants – CSP Classic, CSP Dynamic and CSP Expert

In Nuremberg, Carl Walther's new products included not only the F-Series of the Walther PDP, which was specially designed for women. There was also a new series for sport shooters to see: the Walther Classic.Sports.Pistol (CSP). The the new rimfire pistols is technically based on the Hämmerli X-esse and the successful Hämmerli 208 model, whose lineage goes back to the 1930s. At the time, they were originally launched by Carl Walther as the "Walther Olympia" competition pistols. In terms of manufacturing technology, the new Walther CSP 22 pistol catches up with the most modern service models from the Ulm-based gunmaker: a resistant Tenifer/QPQ treatment effectively protects the surfaces of the .22 sport pistols from corrosion. Frames are milled from solid forged billets, as are the slides. The CSP's magazine release and slide stop lever are located in the usual thumb-reachable position, as is common with most centerfire pistols. The thumb safety is located at the top of the slide. Three models are available: the Walther CSP Classic comes with slim 1911-style wood grips. Those who prefer fast sporting disciplines reach for the CSP Dynamic with enlarged controls. The third model is the Walther CSP Expert, with its adjustable anatomic competition grip, which is especially suitable for static, one-handed sport shooting with rimfire pistols.

B&H Waffenhandel presents exclusive revolvers from Spohr 

Exclusive Spohr revolver models in special edition at B&H Waffenhande.

The company B&H Waffenhandel from Ganderkesee, near Bremen, is a real newcomer compared to many other German family-run businesses in the firearms trade. Not so the two company founders and managing directors Jens Busch and Hendrik Hansen, who both bring plenty of expertise and practical experience as enthusiastic, active sports shooters. With ambition, expertise and drive, B&H Waffenhandel has established itself as a top supplier of hunting and sporting weapons as well as optics and accessories.

All internal parts of Spohr revolvers are wire-eroded from highly tempered steel.

By virtue of the high level of trust in the B&H Waffenhandel team, the gun technicians and revolver manufacturers at Spohr GmbH exclusively offer special editions of some of their best models. We were able to speak with Jens Busch at IWA 2023, who showed us five examples of Spohr revolvers with different barrel lengths in more detail. These include, with barrel length in ascending order, the 3” Spohr 283 Carry revolver, 4” Spohr 284 Carry, 5” Spohr 285 Universal, and finally the 6” Spohr 286 Competition Match revolver.

All revolvers of this exclusive series are equipped with an optics rail for the use with a red dot sight. Spohr relies on the highest accuracy, impressive trigger characteristic and a great versatility in use for the revolvers. The three- to five-inch barrel revolvers can be used as utility and sporting firearms. At Spohr, all internal parts are wire-eroded from highly tempered steel and not, as is so often the case, from inexpensive MIM. This has enabled Spohr to significantly improve the trigger characteristics and durability of its revolvers.

At B&H Waffenhandel, the exclusive guns are available in stainless steel and in black PVD coated versions, each with black walnut checkered match grips. The three- to five-inch Spohr 283 Carry, Spohr 284 Carry and Spohr 285 Universal revolvers are available for 2,499 euros, the Spohr 286 Competition for 2,599 euros in stainless steel. The black PVD versions cost 400 euros more each.

Video: With the new Sako 100 Explorer bolt-action rifle, the Finnish manufacturer launches a manual cocking system

Sako showed its new bolt-action rifle with manual cocking system at IWA 2023. For the tradition-conscious hunter, the Sako 100 Explorer Wood variant with a wooden stock is available, while for those who prefer a stock made of modern materials, the Sako 100 Explorer Carbon is available. The cheek-piece is height-adjustable in both the Wood and Carbon versions. In the case of the Carbon version, length of pull can also be adjusted by adding spacers. The stock features a straight comb in a Monte Carlo design, and is finished off with a rubber recoil pad that matches the color of the rifle. The Sako 100 Explorer uses Sako's proven three-lug bolt action, which here features an extremely hard DLC coating. Calibers include .243 Winchester, .308 Winchester, 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5 PRC, 6.5x55 SE, .270 Winchester, .30-06 Springfield, 8x57 IS, 9.3 x 62, .300 Winchester Magnum, 7mm Remington Magnum and .375 Holland & Holland. Barrel lengths, depending on caliber, range from 61 to 51 cm, with fluted or smooth external profile. The barrels are easily interchangeable, but when changing outside the caliber group, the bolt head must also be changed. The capacity of the magazines made of steel plate is four cartridges in all caliber groups.

Video: Krieghoff Buffalo Jump, Gun of the Year 2023

On display at the German manufacturer Krieghoff's booth was a very special version of the K80 over-and-under shotgun, which is the company's workhorse in the shooting industry.

This special example, made as a standard-bearer for the year 2023 is called the "Buffalo Jump" and is an over-and-under version richly engraved with scenes that refer to the "Buffalo Jump", that is the Native American hunting technique where bison were driven across the prairie and up steep cliffs. Unable to stop the momentum built up from being pursued, the bison continued over the edge of the cliff, landing on the ground below. The meat of the animals killed was smoked and served to provide sustenance for the tribe for months.

In this video we can take a closer look at this veritable engraving masterpiece, which pays due honor to one of the most skilled hunting peoples on earth.

Video: New Kahles Helia TI 18+ and Helia TI 35+ thermal imagers with higher sensor resolution and simple operating concept

With its thermal imagers, Kahles relies on a simple concept: maximum functionality and outstanding optical performance combined with the simplest operating philosophy without bells and whistles. After all, the handheld devices are intended to support the hunter in concentrating on the essentials of hunting observation. With the Helia TI 18+ and the Helia TI 35+, Kahles is introducing two thermal imaging devices with a higher resolution. The previous generation from Kahles already cut a convincing figure in our field test. Thanks to the latest 12 μm VGA sensors with a resolution of 640 x 512, the new Kahles Helia thermal imagers now score with three times more image information and 40% more sensitivity (NETD <20 mK) compared to conventional QVGA sensors.

The two models are suitable for different applications: the Kahles Helia TI 18+ offers a very wide field of view of 44 meters at 100 meters. With a low optical magnification of 1.0x and state-of-the-art technology, it detects heat sources very quickly and with high contrast. This means that even large areas can be searched quickly and reliably at long range.

With the Kahles Helia TI 35+, on the other hand, the focus is on very high image detail. With its high image resolution and double optical magnification, it is designed to reliably identify the observed game at shorter distances. The field of view at 100 meters is 22 meters.

The operation of both devices is very intuitive with only two push buttons on the top. These are used to select the color modes (White Hot, Black Hot, Red Only) and the digital zoom (1×, 2×, 4×, 8×). Anyone can thus start observing right away. The Automaticlight function with tilt and motion sensor, which automatically turns the display on and off, also contributes to this. So no button press is required for the observation itself, which makes using the Kahles Helia devices at night feel completely natural and catchy. Additionally, the automatic switch-off and switch-on function prevents you from being blinded when you put the thermal imager on, or startling game in the dark when you put it down. This feature also helps achieve long battery runtimes of up to six hours, even in very cold temperatures of -15° Celsius. The waterproof and drop-resistant housing of the Kahles Helia TIs is ergonomically shaped and rubberized for good handling. In addition, their shape prevents them from rolling away easily – practical!

The Kahles Helia TI 18+ and Helia TI 35+ thermal imagers will be available from May/June 2023 for 2,950 euros (recommended retail price).

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