New products and highlights of IWA 2023: second trade show follow-up report – Even more novelties

IWA 2023 has closed its doors with satisfaction and is preparing for the next major exhibition in its 50th anniversary year 2024. Commenting on this year's event, Thomas Preutenborbeck, Member of the Management Board of NürnbergMesse GmbH, says: "The entire industry, which has backed us over the past years and thus preserved its home, can now rejoice together about this powerful return and the success of IWA OutdoorClassics!" and highlights the "positive feedback discussions with exhibitors and the high number of satisfied trade visitors". Looking ahead to next year, he says, "this now lays the foundation for a successful future".

We from are also looking forward to the next year, but are still busy with the reporting of all new products from this IWA 2023 for you, because we have discovered many highlights and of course do not want to withhold them from you. Below you will therefore find more news in text with video:

VIDEO: Canik SFx Rival-S with new case and new micro compacts from Canik at Huntex

At IWA 2023, there were three new products from Canik at the Huntex booth. The first was the micro-compact pistol from the TP9 series. It is of course intended more for the concealed-carry market in the USA. It is a polymer frame pistol with its name-giving small dimensions.It is delivered optionally in black or sand color. There is always an additional magazine with finger rest.

For the sport shooter, Huntex had the Canik SFx Rival-S. The "S" here stands for Steel, which in turn refers to the frame. So what we have here is an all-steel gun that positions itself as the top model from the manufacturer Canik and thus represents an upgra  de from the polymer model. The pistol weighs 1,185 grams, is 205.5 millimeters long and has a 5“ barrel. The SFx Rival-S is available exclusively in 9mm Luger caliber, in which case the magazine holds 18 rounds. In addition to the silver variant shown at IWA, the pistol is also offered with a black finish. As with some of the manufacturer's guns, it comes with a rich accessory package. For this model, it now comes in a new, sturdy gun case. It includes a speedloader, holster, five optics interfaces/adapter plates, and a cleaning kit. Also included are interchangeable backstraps and a magwell. On top of that, the buyer will also find a miniature replica of the Canik SFx Rival-S in the gun case. This is not just a nice addition, however, as it also serves a purpose: inside are other accessory small parts such as bits and magazine release extensions. The pistol will be available in May and comes with an MSRP of 1,499, including the new case and the aforementioned accessories. The Micro Compact is also due in May, though a price is not known at this time.

VIDEO: Kratos 1911 pistol, ultra-tight tolerances and top-quality

The Kratos 1911 semi-automatic pistol is the sophisticated result of a joint venture between M-Arms (Slovenia) and Phoenix AG (Switzerland), with every component produced in house by M-Arms or by Phoenix using tool steel of the highest quality as a main material. Moreover, all parts are CNC milled from solid billets, including controls such as safeties and slide stop – which are additionally heat treated. The Kratos 1911 features a 6” cylindrical heavy barrel with spherical bushing, which enables smoother operation, durability and accuracy.  The barrel, in combination with the slide, is made so that it has approx. 270-300% more bearing surface compared to the classic 1911-type pistol. This provides smoother cycling and prevents the possibility of a breakage – with absolutely no wobbling. Hammer and internal parts of the trigger mechanism too are designed together in combination for optimal operation and almost zero friction, yet with extremely tights tolerances in the 0.003 mm range. Trigger pre-travel and over-travel can be adjusted very easily – you only need to field strip the gun to reach the adjustment screws. The classic  rear grip safety if desired can be disabled by the user with one integrated screw.  Lastly, all parts that are sliding, safeties and slide stop have a diamond coating treatment (DLC), which gives an extremely low coefficient of friction and high durability. To learn more about the amazing features of the new Kratos 1911 watch the video.

For the moment being, the Kratos 1911 will be offered in 9mm only, but .40S&W and .45 ACP versions are already planned.

VIDEO: Derya TM22 Feather rimfire semi-automatic and TM22-LA lever-action rifles in .22 LR as well as VR70 semi-auto shotgun in 12-ga

Turkish firearms manufacturer Dery Arms showed off its new AR15-style semi-auto TM22 Feather models in .22 LR. caliber. With this, Derya is now adding the lighter and more cost-effective Feather series to the TM22 series already introduced last year, which relied entirely on aluminum for the receiver, magazine and attachments. Here, the components already mentioned are then made of polymer instead of aluminum. The new TM22 Feather rifles are available in numerous and even unusual color options. Also for the well-known Derya MK12 semi-automatic shotgun in 12 gauge, there is now a polymer alternative and it is called VR70. The VR70 version with a 50 cm barrel weighs around 500 to 600 g less than the MK12. The polymer parts, such as the handguard, are otherwise the same as the aluminum parts of the MK12 and can be exchanged for them if necessary. Also new to Derya this year is the TM22-LA. Derya is taking the opposite approach with these lever action rimfire rifles, and is now adding a series to the polymer TM22-LA series introduced last year where the previous polymer components are replaced with 7075 aluminum parts. Also, there are again magazines with a capacity of 10,15 or 25 cartridges, but this time also made of aluminum. Included with each are two 10-round magazines. Of course, existing .22 polymer magazines from Dreya can also be used for the aluminum models.

VIDEO: New Svemko Flux silencer for semi-automatic rifles

At the stand of Manfred Alberts GmbH there was a novelty from Svemko: a hunting silencer for semi-automatic rifles. It goes by the name of Flux. The difference to a conventional hunting silencer is that it maintains a constant gas flow into the rifle's action. In a model designed for bolt-action rifles, semi-auto rifles may experience gas pressure peaks in the action. This then leads to problems in feeding or in the gun's cycling, and a gun malfunction is the result. The new Svemko Flux silencer will be available in June and will come to the hunter for an MSRP of €760. An over-barrel version will be available first. An on-barrel variant will then follow, however.

Also new at Svemko since January 2023 is the warranty system: there is a four-year warranty on the Flux and Hunter models, and even eight years on the all-titanium Pure S models. All the hunter has to do is register on the Svemko website.

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