SHOT Show 2015 News

Eagle Imports - Bersa BP-CC
01/24/2015 - SHOT Show 2015 / Eagle Imports showcases Bersa BP Concealed Carry line of polymer frame semi-automatic pistols
Arsenal Firearms AF-2011 A1 Dueller
01/24/2015 - SHOT Show 2015 / International Firearms Corporation will distribute Arsenal Firearms' new AF-2011 A1 Dueller do
Utas International XTS-12 and XTR-12
02/04/2015 - SHOT Show 2015 / UTAS International introduces the XTS-12 and XTR-12 semi-automatic magazine-fed 12-gauge shotguns
Thompson/Center Encore Pro-Hunter set
02/03/2015 - SHOT Show 2015 / Thompson-Center showcased the Encore Pro-Hunter set of convertible single-shot pistols
FB Radom MSBS-5,56mm semi-automatic rifle
02/02/2015 - SHOT Show 2015 / Fabryka Broni „Łucznik”- Radom showcased a semi-automatic version of the MSBS-5,56mm weapon system
Umarex Mauser M712
02/03/2015 - SHOT Show 2015 / Yet another entry into the Umarex "Legends" line of products: an airgun replica of the M

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