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Crye Precision SIX-12

Crye Precision SIX-12

01/24/2014 - SHOT Show 2014 / New from Crye Precision: SIX-12 tactical shotgun

One of the most interesting prototypes showcased this year at the SHOT Show was the SIX-12 combat shotgun system proposed by Crye Precision – a well-known research and development corporation engaged to come out with cutting-edge technology products for the U.S. Armed Forces, and particularly for Special Operations Units. 

The SIX-12 is a semi-automatic, rotary-magazine 12-gauge shotgun fed through a six-shots cylinder; it is manufactured out of lightweight alloys and composite materials, and the mechanical operations grats reliable cycling with any kind of ammunition, allowing deployment in scalar-use-of-force operations. 

The Crye Precision SIX-12 combat shotgun was showcased in a stand-alone bullpup configuration and in a shorter undercarried accessory module version to be attached to standard assault rifles.

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