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Chiappa 39

Chiappa's model 39 lever-action rimfire carbine is a high-capacity, highly versatile tool for marksmanship training, plinking, or varmint!

01/16/2014 - SHOT Show 2014 / New from Chiappa: 39, lever-action rimfire carbine

The Italian-based Armi Chiappa group – and its US-based branch, Chiappa Firearms out of Dayton (OH) – introduced yet another "little great gun" at the 2014 SHOT Show, which took place from January 14th thru 17th at the Sands Expo & Convention Center in Las Vegas (NV).
Chiappa's model 39 lever-action rimfire carbine, specifically conceived for sporting purposes, featuring a high-capacity, 15-rounds magazine tube that can feed either .22 Short, .22 Long or .22 Long Rifle cartridges, with the same degree of reliability and accuracy.

It will come in two different variants: the baseline model (SKU: CF920.351) features a matte black finish on the barrel and the magazine tube, a case hardened frame, and English-style beechwood stock and handguard; the second variant (SKU: CF920.352) sports a full matte black finish and brown high-density polymer handguard and stock.

Both variants come with a hooded front sight and a buckhorn-style rear sight that's adjustable for windage and elevation. The hammer can be half-cocked to serve as a manual safety.

As lightweight and handy as it can be, the Chiappa 39 lever-action carbine is also a bliss to shoot, very funny and practical, and will turn into an excellent instrument for target shooting training at the range, leisure plinking, or even varmint hunt where allowed with rimfire calibers. Plus, its faithful technical configuration makes it dub as a great training tool for Single Action Shooting and other Western-style shooters, who may want to give the Chiappa 39 a try as an inexpensive trainer for marksmanship, handling and eye/hand coordination exercises, leaving the full-caliber guns − and the expensive ammunition thereof − for when it counts.

The Chiappa 39 carbine is also a great choice for whoever wants, or needs, to introduce youngsters or otherwise newbies to the basics of individual marksmanship and safe handling of firearms.

Last, but not least, the Chiappa 39 is a fully takedown carbine, that strips in two halves for easier cleaning and maintenance. Each of the two halves comprises a part of the frame, this meaning that neither is operational alone. As the Chiappa 39 is conceived as a purely sporting and leisure tool, and being .22 chamberings not exactly ideal for defensive purposes, even those gun owners who like to keep their guns always at the ready for personal, home and property protection may consider the option to store the two parts separately, so that in case of a theft, the burglar won't get easily ahold on a fully functional firearm.

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