SHOT Show News 2014

Bergara Chassis Rifles
01/23/2014 - SHOT Show 2014 / New from Bergara: Chassis Rifles
Para Usa Black Ops Recon 9mm
01/24/2014 - SHOT Show 2014 / New from Para Usa: Black Ops Recon, a new version of the Black Ops Recon model, chambered in 9x19m
Wiley-X Vapor
01/22/2014 - SHOT Show 2014 / New from Wiley-X: Vapor, eyewear
3M Peltor Tactical 100
01/24/2014 - SHOT Show 2014 / New from 3M Peltor: Tactical 100, a new set of digital headset ear protectors
Kahr Arms CT40 and CT45
01/23/2014 - SHOT Show 2014 / New from Kahr Arms: CT40 and CT45, two full-size, semi-automatic pistol
Ruger American All-Weather Rifle
01/30/2014 - SHOT Show 2014 / New from Ruger: American All-Weather Rifle new version of the “American Rifle”

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