Test: Walther Q5 M2 Match Combo in 9 mm Luger, a high-end match pistol

Walther Q5 M2 Match Combo in 9 mm Luger disassembled
The grip frame only differs from a normal PPQ by the trigger tuning parts.  

The trademark of the 5-inch Q5 M2 Match Combo – the sports version with a polygonal barrel inside a partially skeletonized slide – is the ultra-compact red dot sight by Shield. The British-manufactured Shield RMSc is flat enough so that Walther could mount it directly into the slide milling of the Q-models, designed for various (not so small) red dot sights. The sights height wouldn't be enough with a mounting plate between optics and slide, but the reflex sight can co-witness with the PPQ factory sights. This also differentiates the Q5 Match Combo from the older PPQ Sport: in the latter the milling was on the rear of the slide, so there was no room for a rear sight behind the milling. The light sport trigger rounds off the match equipment of the Q5 Match Combo.

Walther Q5 M2 Match Combo, technical features

Technically, the trigger is still a pure single action system with a very short reset, but thanks to the trigger travel, as well as its characteristics, in the Walther Q5 M2 Match Combo it feels more like an unusually refined pre-tensioned system. Several automatic safeties protect against unwanted discharges when operating the gun and in case of fall. The PPQ is based on Walther's P99 series Browning locking system, firing pin lock and polymer frame. In addition, a corrosion resistant nitride finish, interchangeable backstraps, control levers on both sides and, as with all M2 models, a conventional magazine push release button, are all factory.

Walther Q5 M2 Match Combo specs

Carl Walther Q5 M2 Match Combo
1698 euro (price may vary in your country due to VAT and import duties)
Caliber:9 Luger (9x19 mm)
Magazine capacity:
15 + 1 rounds
Barrel length:
5” / 127 mm
Dimensions (LxWxH):
8.11 x 1.33 x 5.39 in (206 x 34 x 137 mm)
Trigger pull weight:
88.18 oz / 2500 g
27.86 oz / 790 g
nitride finish, improved Browning locking system, polymer frame, 3 magazines, match trigger, factory rear and front sight plus Shield MRSc reflex sight.

The 9mm Match Combo: the test in detail

Muzzle of the Walther Q5 M2 Match Combo in 9 mm Luger
The cut-outs of the Q5 M2 Match Combo make the 5" slide lighter and provide for the chic look of the pistol.

In the accuracy test, the Q5 Match earned 45 out of 50 points using XTP ammo by Hornady with 124 grains hollow point bullets. None of the used loads caused any problems for the gun, the cases always being ejected to the side of the pistol and not against the shooters. Only the requirement to pull the trigger for disassembly prevented the maximum score (-1 point) in the cycling/safety area. The trigger characteristics and pull were excellent for a defense pistol. However, the Q5 is in direct competition with various centerfire match pistols, some of which are delivered with much lighter and even crispier triggers (-2 P.). The grip texture could be a bit sharper, but still offers enough purchase even with wet hands.

The rear sight of the Walther Q5 M2 Match Combo in 9 mm Luger
The British Shield RMSc sits directly into the Match Combo slide, without the need of mounting plates.

Apart from that, the ergonomically well-shaped grip can be quickly and easily adapted to the shooter's hand thanks to the different backstraps: no criticism here (-0 P.). The slide stop levers are too long and can be pressed down accidentally with the thumb of the strong hand (-1 P.), depending on the firing position. There's nothing more to criticize about the controls: everything is easily accessible for both right- and left-handers without reaching around and otherwise is not in the way when shooting. The sights concept was fully effective: the Shield MRSc is particularly low on the hand and the 4-MOA-Dot is a good compromise for common ranges. In addition, the iron sights helps to pick up the illuminated dot if the draw sequence is not so perfect or if an unusual position has to be taken (-0 P.). As for fit, the slide play was noticed negatively (-1 P.).

Walther Q5 M2 Match Combo test results

Accuracy (max. 50 points) 
45 points
Cycling/safety (max. 10 p.) 
9 points
Trigger characteristics (max. 10 p.)8 points
Grip design (max. 5 p.) 
5 points
Controls (max. 10 p.) 
9 points
Sights (max. 5 p.) 
5 points
Fit and finish (max. 10 p.) 
9 points
Total points (max. 100 p.) 
90 points
Test result 
6 out of 6

Q5 M2 Match Combo: wrap-up

But all in all this is a finely crafted pistol, from the 3 coated magazines to the accurate machining inside and the small parts like sights or controls, everything made a good all-round impression. Overall, with the Q5 Match Combo Walther offers a polymer pistol that is certainly not quite cheap, but that, thanks to its good features in terms of equipment, ergonomics and shooting performance, does not have to hide from all-metal match pistols and thus deserves the "excellent" grade.

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