Test: CZ P-10 C OR polymer-framed pistol in 9 mm Luger

Theoretically, the P-10 series by the Czech gun manufacturer Ceska Zbrojovka today includes several models in different sizes. The first was the compact CZ P-10 C model. However, the CZ P-10 C OR variant is shown here, where OR stands for Optics Ready, i.e. the version of the striker-fired polymer pistol ready for mini red dot sights. In addition to the "F" (“full size”) model, there is also the P-10 SC, where SC stands not for Subcompact but for Semi-Compact: CZ combines the long upper part of the F version with the short frame of the 15-shot basic P-10 C model in the SC variant.

The compact striker-fired CZ pistol in detail

CZ P10 C OR polymer-framed pistol disassembled
Except for the milling in front of the rear sight and the screwed-on cover plate, the Optics Ready version differs little from a normal P-10 C except for the price. The matching adapter plates for red dot sights cost a surcharge.

The equipment and basic design of the polymer framed, hammerless striker-fired CZ gun are based on current industrial standards for combat pistols: the interchangeable backstraps ensure fine ergonomics, even for large hands. There is no lack of control levers on both sides, nitride finish to protect against rust, or automatic safety devices for the trigger and the firing pin while maintaining the same trigger pull and characteristics. The coated magazines should also fit into the P7 series, but this does not work the other way round. The high steel sights can only be adjusted by tapping the rear sight. A matt or checkered rear sight would have been desirable. However, the CZ shows no real weaknesses in design or workmanship. The Browning locking system with a tilting barrel that locks directly in the ejection port is by far the most common locking system today, the striker-fired design keeping both the number of parts and the slide pleasantly low.

The polymer-framed CZ at a glance


Ceska Zbrojovka P-10 C Optics Ready

Price:799 euro
Caliber:9 x 19 mm
Magazine capacity:15 + 1 cartridges
Barrel length:4” / 102 mm
Dimensions (L x W x H): 
7.36x1.25x6.1 in (187 x 32 x 155 mm)
Trigger pull:82.9 oz / 2350 g
Weight:26.3 oz / 746 g
Notes:Polymer frame, striker-fired, improved Browning locking system, interchangeable backstraps, raised sights, MRDS milling on slide.

On the shooting range with the P-10 Compact Optics Ready

The best grouping of the test gun measured 58 mm at 25 meters for five shots (-11 points). When it came to ammunition, the CZ preferred the full-jacketed Prvi Partizan load. Since the pistol field strips like a GLOCK – you have to pull the trigger – there was one point less for the reliability/safety category (-1 P.) The trigger should break a little drier and more evenly at the breaking point (-1 P.). But all in all, CZ has made almost everything perfect in the sense of a modern combat pistol with the P-10 trigger: the almost straight trigger lever, in combination with the medium-length travel and a not too high pull weight, offers good qualities for fast shots with high operating safety. In addition, the system offers a (relatively) well defined breaking point as well as a short reset, wich is very clearly perceptible and audible. The characteristics of the CZ trigger are strongly reminiscent of those of the HK SFP, which also has no reason to shy away from comparison in this area.

CZ equipment and wrap-up 

The grip design with interchangeable backstraps was no cause for criticism, even if the pattern of the grip area might feel too biting to some (-0 P.). The controls remained functionally unobtrusive: the magazine button can be reversed, the slide stop levers are just forward enough so that they cannot be accidentally pushed down with a medium-sized hand and a "thumb forward" grip (-0 P.). The sights with photoluminescent dots are approx. 13 mm tall from the upper edge of the rear sight to the lower edge of the slide cut-out when a reflex sight is mounted. This will not be sufficient for some mini reflex sights to enable co-witnessing between the iron and optical sights (-1 p.). The slide play, the casting seam under the trigger guard and the somewhat unattractive, but for some testers already too sharp texture of the grip area (-2 p.) disturbed the fit and finish. Overall, the new CZ P-10 C OR thus earned 84 points and a "very good" test result.

Rear sight and barrel of CZ P10 C OR. Parts of the handle with grip backs are still visible. 
Both the rear and front sights were moderately heightened compared to the standard version. The overall height allows it...
Muzzle of CZ P10 C OR pistol
 ...but still co-witnessing with rear sight, front sight and MRDS is only possible with especially flat mini reflex sights.

Ceska Zbrojovka P-10 C Optics Ready review

Accuracy (max. 50 points)
39 points
Cycling/safety (max. 10 P.) 9 points
Trigger characteristic (max. 10 P.) 9 points
Grip design (max. 5 p.) 5 points
Controls (max. 10 P.) 10 points
Sights (max. 5 P.) 4 points
Fit and finish (max. 10 p.) 8 points
Total points (max. 100 P.) 84 points
Test result:
Sehr gut
5 of 6

More information about the Ceska Zbrojovka P-10 C Optics Ready can be found on the manufacturer’s website.

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