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Fabarm L4S new 12 gauge semi automatic hunting shotgun

Fabarm introduces new semiautomatic L4S 12 gauge, available in 4 different versions

03/16/2015 - IWA 2015 / The new semi-automatic L4S from Fabarm is a new 12 gauge hunting shotgun that’s available in four different versions
Fabarm L4S
Fabarm L4S

Slim, lightweight and harmonious lines, a shotgun designed to tackle all kinds of stalking, the new Fabarm L4S semi-automatic shotgun. A shotgun that immediately stands out from the landscape and catches the eye of the hunter who’s fond of beautiful things, as well as the experts who demand high performance, effectiveness and durability from their own weapon. 

A shotgun noted for its lightness and instantaneous tilting ability, perfectly designed for stalking, while maintaining the solid characteristics and reliability of a Fabarm weapon. The new L4S range comes in four versions to satisfy hunter’s different tastes and requirements: the Initial, the Hunter, which is slim and simple with a black carcass, the Grey Hunter, which has a more refined finish, and finally, the top of the range Deluxe Hunter.


The design of the shotgun is closely related to its functionality. It is a gas operated semi-automatic shotgun, but its performance is much improved in both speed of cycling as well as stability and the perception of recoil. A piston with a rubber insert regulates the shotgun’s reset cycle and also acts as an internal brake within the gas intake cylinder. The Pulse piston also gives you the ability to shoot all types of cartridges with a striking reduction in recoil. 

All of the lines in the L4S range are both fluid and balanced; the shaft is fully integrated in the housing, and the innovative magazine tube cap stays attached to the wooden shaft too. This solution allows quick and easy assembly, without the risk of losing the cap. The Pulse piston and its perfect balance greatly reduce barrel recoil. The reset spring, which is located on the magazine tube, is perfectly parallel to the barrel. This allows an improved shooting stability, higher than that of spring loaded shotguns where the angle between the barrel and the spring is about 15°. The TRIBORE HP barrel reduces friction between the tube and pellets, so their speed is more uniform, and their distribution more concentrated at greater distances. As with other semi-automatic shotguns from Fabarm, in this new range as well, milling ensures the hunter can mount a lens on the shotgun.


Elegance and refinement are undoubtedly more apparent in the L4S version GREY HUNTER. The frame, with the inflight engraving and delicate wild curls, has an innovative glazed Grey finish. Oiled walnut wood gives a more sophisticated touch to the shotgun. The Deluxe hunter is the top model in the L4 range. With its 24-carat gold engraving, it is dedicated to hunters who like to have a reliable and an aesthetically satisfying gun in their hands. The stock and forend are made from Luxe grade walnut, and are oiled by hand.

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