Follow-up 1 of IWA 2024: what else was there? More interesting news on firearms, optics and ammunition

The IWA 2024 is over, but the reporting at is far from it. There was too much to see to present everything worth seeing in terms of premieres and new products during the days of the trade fair. That's why we're continuing for a few more days with the follow-up reports on the highlights from the major arms fair in Nuremberg.

As we reported yesterday, the trade fair has once again come to a successful end. Not only exhibitors and visitors, but also the trade fair management were very satisfied with the results of this anniversary edition of the IWA. As in previous years, there seems to be a particular trend towards technically sophisticated solutions. Especially in the field of optics and optronics, digitalization is driving the possibilities forward at an ever faster pace. And hunters and sport shooters are now also increasingly benefiting from this. According to our observations, another trend is the large number of application-specific products. This means, for example, firearms that are specially designed for a very specific area of application and promise the shooter maximum performance. In this context, customization also plays a major role. The product ranges are becoming more and more wide-ranging, often many variants of a model are available or even individual customization options are offered to the buyer. Take a look at our trade fair reports from the past few days (see links below) and today's follow-up report to see for yourself.

Video from IWA 2024: Canik TTI Combat, new pistol in cooperation with Taran Tactical Innovations

As at the SHOT Show, Canik presented a special model at the IWA 2024: the TTI Combat, a sporty pistol. The abbreviation TTI in the model's name refers to the partnership with Taran Tactical Innovations, the renowned U.S. company headed by Taran Butler, which became famous for its collaboration with actor Keanu Reeves in the role of "John Wick", among other things. Canik intends to offer a comprehensive package for sports shooters with this model. The design of the pistol is equally impressive, with a combination of classic black and gold accents on various elements such as the slide, controls, backstrap, jet funnel and magazine base. From a technical point of view, the new model is characterised by an aggressive grip texture, a ported and fluted barrel, an integrated compensator and a trigger with a special "diamond cut" and a 90-degree release angle. Added to this are TTI +3 magazine shoes and a newly developed slide stop lever. The model is also "optics ready" and compatible with the sights of the Mecanik series as well as with Trijicon SRO sights and other optics systems. The scope of delivery includes a holster and a sturdy hard case. The TTI Combat is available in various calibers, including .380 ACP, 9mm Luger and .40 S&W. Current information on prices and availability is not yet available at the time of publication of this article. More information can be found on the Canik website.

Video from IWA 2024: Hornady celebrates its 75th anniversary and Jason Hornady provides insights into the history and catalog of the family-run U.S. ammunition manufacturer

In this video interview, Jason Hornady, Vice President of U.S. ammunition manufacturer Hornady, gives a brief overview of the history of the family business founded by his grandfather in 1949, which has been run by Jason's father Steve Hornady since 1981. After World War 2, there was an abundance of surplus ammunition, but in terms of accuracy, it did not meet the requirements of the passionate hunter and company founder Joyce W. Hornady. So he began to commercially manufacture bullets for reloaders under the maxim "ten bullets, one hole". As early as 1958, Hornady laid the foundation stone for the ammunition factory in Grand Island, Nebraska, which has since been expanded several times but is still located at the same address. In the interview, the vice boss explains that Hornady is particularly proud of the fact that not only the management, but also the employees love what they do, especially because they are treated like family members by the owners. In addition, Jason Hornady provides a few more details about the current product catalog, including a brief mention of the new VM-ELD line of bullets and cartridges, and at the end of the video Jason Hornady has a very special tip for you that you should definitely take advantage of.

Video from IWA 2024: Dentler DR21 ultra-short straight-pull rifle – first practical talk on the innovative manual cocking device

At IWA 2024, Dentler had the DR21 rifle. We took the opportunity to talk about some practical aspects of the gun. The DR 21 marks Dentler's entry into the market for complete firearms. The innovative design allows standard barrel lengths to be used despite a shorter overall length, as the slide is positioned directly above the pistol grip. Manufactured from high-quality materials such as high-alloy tool steel, corrosion-resistant stainless steel and aluminium as well as a polymer stock, the rifle impresses with its robustness and modern aesthetics. A special feature is the straight-pull action with manual cocking, which allows the hunter to cock the firing pin directly before use. The DR 21 also has a grip safety on the rear of the pistol grip. The magazine can be opened by swivelling the grip and its capacity varies depending on the caliber. Developed for the modern hunter, the DR 21 is silencer-compatible and offers optimum handling thanks to its backward center of gravity. A direct trigger with a pull weight of 800 g supports accuracy when shooting. You can watch the complete practical talk in the video above. More information on the rifle can be found on the Dentler website.

Fausti Arms: .410 bore Dea SLX side-by-side and 20-ga Class Upland SLX over-and-under

From Fausti, the .410 bore Dea side-by-side.

Two of the most identifiable shotguns in Fausti's production for lovers of classic style, the .410 bore Dea side-by-side and the Class Upland SLX over-and-under. For both, either the old silver-colored or the color case hardened version with gold and copper inlaid subjects is available; it is the latter finish that we decided to show in detail in the company of Barbara and Giovanna Fausti at this 50th edition of IWA  in Nuremberg. Both shotguns are manufactured in all the main hunting gauges, that is 12 gauge, 16 gauge, 20 gauge, 28 gauge and .410 bore, all made with solid steel actions and scaled to gauge. The wood used is oil-finished select European walnut. In the Dea side-by-side we find a typical English stock coupled to a half-beaver forend to facilitate grip and improve swinging. In the Class Upland SLX over-and-under, on the other hand, the stock is Prince of Wales and the forend is round. The trigger is single in both guns, and chokes can be fixed or interchangeable internal. Shell ejection is automatic, and barrel lengths vary according to the hunter's preference, starting from 63.5 cm, through intermediate lengths of 65 and 67.5 cm, up to 71 and 76 cm. We have already tried these shotguns in the field and our tests are visible on our channels, but there will be no shortage of other opportunities and hunting days to report.

Video from IWA 2024: Steiner eRanger riflescopes and Rangefinder LRF new hybrid optics

Steiner's eRanger series: smart or "hybrid" riflescopes. 

Steiner presented two new smart optics at the IWA 2024. The manufacturer itself describes them as hybrid optics. The designation makes it clear that you are getting a solid premium optic that will continue to function even if the smart electronics fail. The scopes in the eRanger series are available in two magnification ranges: 2-16x50 and 3-24x56. The core feature here is that they have a full ballistics computer built in. Data such as range, angle, air pressure and more are processed. All that is needed is to set the elevation on the scope. The preparatory work is minimal: the scope only needs to be shot once at 100 metres and zeroed with the Steiner Connect app. The RRP for the Steiner eRanger 2-16x50 is €2,799 and the price of the 3-24x56 is €2,899. The eRanger LRF comes as a corresponding ranging or observation optic. This can communicate with the riflescope and displays the distance in it. This means that the shooter only has to correct the range in the scope. It also has a feature that guides the hunter directly to the target via Google Maps. More information about the eRanger series can be found on the Steiner website and, of course, in the video.

Video from IWA 2024: new Sordin Supreme X2 hearing protector and Sordin Flex system

Sordin has launched a completely new hearing protector in the Supreme range. The Swedish company calls it the Sordin Supreme X2. It comes with a bundle of new features: instead of being battery powered as before, there is now a simple rechargeable battery in the hearing protection. There is also a new Bluetooth interface that can be used to connect up to two devices to the X2, for example a smartphone or hunting radios. A combination of these is also possible. In conjunction with this, the user can now also connect a microphone to the X2 for communication, either on the left or right. The older foam rings continued to be criticised by spectacle wearers. These have now been significantly improved with so-called memory foam and adapted to the needs of spectacle wearers. The audio profile system, which we have already reported on in detail, is also on board. Another new feature is Sordin Flex. This stands for flexibility and allows the user to easily convert hearing protecors with a headband, for example, into neckband hearing protectors using an appropriate accessory. Many other conversion options are also possible. More information on the new Sordin Supreme X2 can be found in the video above and on the Sordin website.

Video from IWA 2024: MAKpromont riflescope offset mounting system with many features

The well-known optics and mounts manufacturer MAK presented the MAKpromont at the IWA 2024. This is a riflescope offset mounting system that enables secondary optics such as a red dot to be attached to the side. The rings offer mounting interfaces on all three sides to maximise the versatility and functionality of the mount. The MAKpromont model comes in a medium height with a 2-inch offset and rings with a diameter of 30 mm. It is manufactured using high-precision CNC machining from a block of 7070-T6 alloy aluminum. The mount is also available in other configurations, including with different ring diameters, without offset and with a forward tilt of 0 or 20 (up to more) MOA. Each mount in the MAKpromont series has a patented quick-release system that enables simple, tool-free handling and always ensures very consistent accuracy. A screw set is included with every Promont. There is also an integrated spirit level in the base. More information is available on the MAK website.

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