Day 4 of IWA 2024: What's new, what's interesting about guns, optics and ammunition? Many more videos and trade fair summary with visitor numbers!

Georg Loichinger, PR and Social Media Manager of IWA OutdoorClassics 2024, drew a positive conclusion after four IWA days. The number of exhibitors (just under 1,100) was on a par with the previous year, but Loichinger was pleased that some of them had booked more square meters. Before the official closing time at 4 p.m., he estimated the number of visitors at 40,000 – we will provide the exact figures as soon as possible.

On the last day, however, exhibitors, sales managers and design engineers also had the opportunity to walk around the trade fair and see what was new at the competitors' stands. Of course, it would have been easier to browse through the almost 200 (!) videos published by the team in German, English and Italian. But the industry itself is internationally well organized, people know each other and therefore appreciate not only "observing the competition" but also talking to colleagues from other companies, some of whom they have known for decades. And when it's time to say goodbye, it's often (like us): see you at IWA OutdoorClassics 2025 – make a note in your diary and book your hotel room: save the date – the next IWA will take place from February 27 to March 2, 2025!

With around 40,000 visitors in 2024, IWA is the Number One for international business and innovations in the field of firearms, ammunition, optics and accessories

What a signal in the 2024 financial year! The hunting and shooting sports industry experienced a busy IWA OutdoorClassics in Nuremberg. A wide range of new products were presented in a total of 9 halls, which will now find their way to international specialist retailers. "We were able to meet the high expectations for our anniversary edition!", summarizes Stefanie Leege, Event Director IWA OutdoorClassics. "IWA OutdoorClassics continues to be the number one event for industry and trade on a global level, as confirmed by the consistent significant visitor numbers. We are delighted with the 15% increase in visitor numbers compared to the previous year," continued Leege. Over 60% of the trade visitors came from abroad. The German specialist trade was also well represented. 90% of all visitors are decision-makers and have an influence on procurement in their company.

Benelli 12-gauge Duca di Montefeltro: a classic updated

From Benelli, a special and updated version of the Duca di Montefeltro hunting shotgun.

An updated version of the Duca di Montefeltro, new engravings with a classic flavor and advanced easy loading and easy locking mechanics: the Duca di Montefeltro needs no introduction among semi-automatics. Benelli presents a special version in this 2024 that is a tribute to the pursuit of beauty, with particularly realistic details  in engravings and an update of tradition through the inclusion of advanced loading and unloading system technologies that make this semi-automatic a complete and captivating gun. Balanced in weight, featuring a 65-cm cryogenic barrel and interchangeable chokes, and easy to handle thanks to its light weight of no more than 2.9 kg, the Duca di Montefeltro is a shotgun that can be enjoyed in various types of hunting, whether vagrant or stalking. Wood is select and oil-finished European walnut; the forend design is particularly slender and allows a quick and firm grip to hands of different sizes. Along the receiver's side surfaces, deep engravings produces plays of light and shadow that evoke the winter days of hunting, while the wild game in flight – a pheasant on the right side and two partridges on the left side – suggest all the vitality and freedom of wild game with a truly realistic relief effect in detail. The Benelli philosophy that hunting is also a celebration of nature and aesthetic art can be perceived in the new Duca di Montefeltro, which we look forward to trying in the field and telling you about.

For more information, visit the Benelli website.

Video IWA 2024: Walther GSP500 Rapid Fire

At the Walther booth the presence of target shooting guns was really important, a testament to the great reputation that the German company has first gained and then maintained. The novelty presented at IWA 2024 is the Walther GSP500 Rapid Fire, which as the name suggests is designed for rapid fire, a discipline that involves shooting at five targets placed side by side within a limited time. Every detail of the Walther GSP500 is geared toward maximum shooting speed and reduced muzzle flip, starting with the lightened slide and the pair of counterweights with internal shock absorber located next to the muzzle in a user-adjustable position. On the other hand, inside the gun we find a synthetic rubber buffer that reduces the recoil caused by the backwards travel of the slide. The magazine follower has also been modified to ensure 100% reliable feeding at all times, even in the fastest shooting strings. The retail price of the Walther GSP 500 Rapid Fire will be around 3,000 euros.

For more information, visit the Walther website.

Video IWA 2024: RWS and GECO new products for hunting and shooting sports

New  sport shooting and hunting cartridges from GECO.

The two German manufacturers RWS and GECO jointly exhibited a wide overview of their products ranging from air rifle pellets to cartridges for long range sport shooting and numerous types of hunting. You will have already read that RWS introduced a cartridge for 9mm (9 Luger) pistols this year. Well, that's not quite true, because there are actually two RWS-marked pistol cartridges! You already know the first one because we talked about it in this article and it is dedicated to hunters, who in Germany are allowed to carry a pistol to put wounded wild animals out of their misery. Since this is a relatively expensive cartridge, the RWS engineers have decided to offer hunters a training version, with a 124-grain FMJ bullet. In our clip, Luca Turelli takes us on a tour of these and other "Made in Germany" cartridges at the Nuremberg exhibition.

For more information, visit the RUAG Ammotec website.

Video from IWA 2024: CZ 600 MDT Grey and Deep Bronze, and CZ 600 American hunting rifle

The Czech manufacturer CZ presents new variants of the tried-and-tested 600 action, starting with the CZ 600 MDT long-range rifle. This uses a chassis from MDT. This model is available in either a Grey or Deep Bronze version. The latter is the premium model with the full range of features. The new CZ 600 MDT features an MDT Premier Vertical adjustable pistol grip, an MDT SRS skeleton stock with height-adjustable cheekpiece and height- and axis-adjustable buttstock, while the LOP (length-of-pull) is adjustable between 320 and 350 millimeters. The rifle is also equipped with a Picatinny rail, M-LOK mounting points and an Arca Swiss rail for shooting from a tripod. Thanks to advanced ergonomics, a heavy cold hammer forged barrel and an innovative, easily adjustable trigger system, CZ promises an accuracy of less than 0.75 MOA. This refers to groups of five shots at a distance of 100 yards (approximately 91 meters) with brand-new match-grade ammunition. The CZ 600 MDT is available in .308 Winchester and 6mm Creedmoor calibers, and both versions have a 610-mm barrel with threaded muzzle on which a three-chamber muzzle brake is mounted. The 6.5mm Creedmoor variant is set to follow in summer 2024. The weight of the CZ 600 MDT is 5.6 kg. The RRP for the Grey version is 2,900 euros and for the Deep Bronze one around 3,400-3,500 euros.

Hunting continues with the CZ 600 American. This modern bolt-action rifle is characterized by its combination of aesthetics, comfort and performance designed for hunters. With its Turkish walnut stock in classic American design, it comes with a fleur-de-lis motif on the grip. The accuracy of the CZ 600 American is claimed by CZ to be sub-1 MOA, which equates to shot groups of under approximately 2.91 centimeters at a distance of 100 yds (around 91 meters). A patented vertical safety offers intuitive and silent operation. The range of available calibers is wide, from .223 Remington to .300 Winchester Magnum, which meets a wide variety of user requirements. The cold-hammer forged barrel is available in lengths from around 457 to 610 millimetres, with the muzzle ready for mounting accessories such as silencers or compensators. The adjustable direct trigger and the double-rstack, locking magazine further enhance the rifle's functionality. All metal parts, including the steel receiver, are protected with a highly resistant anti-corrosion coating. Prices are not yet known at this time, but we will provide them as soon as possible. Further information on the three guns can be found on the CZ website.

Video IWA 2024: Sabatti Rover Varmint Syn and Tactical Evo Olive Black

More than a year was spent by Sabatti researching materials that could optimise the lightness of rifle stocks while maintaining the necessary rigidity and accuracy. The new variant of the Rover series, the Varmint Syn, confirms the modularity of this type of rifle, which have interchangeable calibers and components to adapt it to hunting and shooting – in this case, with distinct hunting-oriented features. The stock with its sporty design and camo finish makes the rifle immediately recognisable, complete with a thumbhole stock and adjustable cheek rest. A Picatinny rail for bipod mounting is fitted as standard under the front stock. The Rover Varmint Syn action is made of ergal, machined from solid billet with a surface finish achieved by shot peening with glass microspheres and hard anodized. The 60-degree throw action uses a three-lug bolt made from steel. The cold-hammer forged barrel features the Sabatti MRR multi-radial rifling, has a length of 61 cm with a 20-mm muzzle diameter and is fitted with a Sabatti Jet Brake. The 0.6 kg Sabatti Match trigger, which is important in precision shooting, is also there. The weight of the Rover Varmint Syn is 3.9 kg and the calibers available are 6.5x47 Lapua, 6.5 Creedmoor and .308 Winchester.

The new Sabatti Tactical Evo Olive Black rifle at IWA 2024.

For sport shooting enthusiasts, here comes a special version of the well-known  Tactical Evo bolt-action, the Olive Black, which owes its name to the stock color while retains all the Tactical Evo series' strength and accuracy appreciated by shooters. The fibreglass-reinforced nylon stock is protected with a special coating that makes the finish visually striking but also grippy and abrasion-resistant. The sturdy three-lug bolt provides the quick 60-degree throw and is fitted with an interchangeable bolt handle. The fully floating action is coupled to the stock by means of two supports that all but eliminate all coupling tension and improve shooting accuracy. The cold-hammer forged barrel is the Sabatti MRR and is fitted with a muzzle brake to maintain stability and accuracy when firing. Available lengths are 66 and 71 cm, with a 28 mm diameter. The Sabatti Match trigger is adjustable, as is the stock cheek rest. Calibers available for the Tactical Evo rifles are .223 Remington, 6.5x47 Lapua, 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5 x 55 SE- 6.5 PRC, .284 Shehane, .308 Winchester, 300 Winchester magnum.

For more information, visit the Sabatti website.

Video from IWA 2024: Burris Veracity PH now reissued as 2.5-12x42 and 3-15x44, as well as 4-20x50

New Veracity PH scope variants from Burris.

U.S. optics manufacturer Burris is presenting an extension to the Veracity PH product line at IWA 2024. Previously, only a 4-20x50 was available. This glass is now complemented by 2.5-12x42 and 3-15x44 versions. The version with the 50 mm objective lens has also been reissued. It is now significantly shorter. Burris now also offers the second series of the Veracity PH with an illuminated reticle. The familiar features for aiming point correction are still on board: the shooter can simply measure the range (after a one-off configuration using the Burris Connect app) and then adjust it with the help of the clickless correction turret. The set distance is shown on the built-in head-up display. Depending on the model, prices range from an RRP of €1,349 to €1,549. Further information on the riflescopes can be found in the video and on the Burris website.

IWA 2024: WeKnife Nitro by Peter Carey

The Weknife Nitro folder designed by American Knifemaker Peter Carey.

This year's knife sector was a little underwhelming by IWA 2024 standards, with several absences among American manufacturers, but nevertheless we found some interesting models. The Weknife Nitro is a folding knife designed by Peter Carey, a Texas knifemaker who has been active since 1997. Based on a liner-lock system, the knife has a 95 millimetre long blade made of CPM70 CV steel with a utility profile, a blued finish and a double opening system with a thumb stud and a flipper. The handle is particularly appealing, thanks to the carbon fiber/titanium composite scales. This is a particularly sought-after model, which confirms the maturity of the eastern company which, after starting out with relatively inexpensive products, is now launching itself into the premium segment with knives of a decidedly high level. The retail price of the Weknife Nitro will probably be around 400 euros.

For more information, visit the WeKnife website.

Creapeiron Elysien, the gun with a soul

From Creapeiron, the Elysen is a very exclusive 9mm pistol with very uncommon features.

Advertised as "The first firearm with a soul", the Elysen is a highly original pistol produced in the Czech Republic by the company Creapeiron. The name alludes to the Elysian fields, the place where, according to Greek mythology, the souls of heroes and sages went after passing away. This is a 9mm pistol built with an obsessive attention to detail that is hardly seen. The construction is loosely based on the CZ platform with internal slide rails, DA/SA trigger and external hammer. The triangular self-locking barrel is available with and without ports. Bore axis is very low. The originality of the Elysien is not only aesthetic but also conceptual: grips are attached to the frame magnetically. The position of the trigger can also be adjusted by the user via a magnet, without the need to loosen or tighten screws. Magnets are also found in the billet aluminium case that contains the gun and its accessories, which include a red dot sight and a Kydex holster. The Creapeiron Elysien can participate in IPSC Standard, Standard Optics and Open competitions. The price of this exclusive pistol, made in very small numbers, is around 9,000 euros.

To find out more please visit the Creapeiron website.

Feinwerkbau P85, the dynamic air gun

Feinwerkbau P85  air pistol: trigger and rear sight are fully adjustable.

Match guns specialist Feinwerkbau at IWA brought the P85  air pistol in 4.5 mm caliber, fearuring a five-round horizontal magazine. It is offered as the perfect gun for rapid fire training, also for dry fire that can be practised thanks to the accompanying false magazine. It is available in two versions, 7.5 or 11 joules. The trigger system, which locks automatically if the magazine is not inserted, is controlled by a Match-type trigger that is fully adjustable. Pull weight is 500 grams, and the user can adjust the weight of the first stage, the trigger release and the backstop independently of each other. The handle is made of multi-coloured laminated wood or walnut, with an adjustable palm rest. The weight of the standard version is 0.98 kg for an overall length of 415 millimetres. The rear sight is fully adjustable by the shooter, including the rear notch width. The Feinwerkbau P85 comes in a hard case with two air reservoirs. The retail price is expected to be around EUR 2,600.

For more information, visit the Feinwerkbau website.

Video IWA 2024: CZ 457 Range .22 Long Rifle

In this video you will see the presentation of two .22 LR bolt-action rifles manufacture by the Czech company. We already told you about the 457 Carbon some time ago, and we will just remind you that this is the first rifle made by CZ with a carbon fiber wrapped barrel. The second model is called the CZ457 Range and, unlike the Carbon, is designed primarily for sport shooting even at long range. It is available with a 20- or 24-inch (525-610 millimetres) cold-hammer forged bull barrel and equipped with a Match chamber that ensures an accuracy of 1 MOA using match ammunition. The firing pin has been lightened to create less vibration and reduce lock time. The 60-degree bolt throw ensures lightning-fast follow-up shots. The trigger pull weight and travel are adjustable. Finally, the laminated wood stock with pistol grip and adjustable cheek rest allows for excellent control when firing from a rest. The magazine of the CZ 457 Range in .22 Long Rifle has a capacity of five rounds.

To find out more watch our video and visit the CZ website.

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