Day 3 of Enforce Tac 2024: new products and videos from the last day of the security trade fair plus a summary of the trade fair with visitor numbers and an outlook for 2025

Even though professional users are the focus of the Enforce Tac, there are of course some civilian variants of firearms, optics, accessories and clothing on display that can also be purchased from specialist retailers. Here we show you a mix of both worlds – but of course with a focus on the professional offerings.

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To give trade visitors and procurers an impression of practical applications, demonstrations in realistic deployment scenarios were held for the first time at the 2024 trade fair. In the outdoor area, the organizer set up the Enforce Tac Village for the first time together with the Operative Capabilities (Operative Fähigkeiten) team.

Video from Enforce Tac 2024: Walther PDP Professional special model – the pro-variant of the full-size pistols

Walther is exhibiting at EnforceTac the Professional version of its PDP semi-automatic service pistol, hitherto reserved for the U.S. military and law enforcement market. The starting point for this gun was an initiative launched by Walther USA CEO to design a dedicated pistol for the Individual Officer Purchase (IOP) program. The CEO of Walther and the CEO of Walther USA then asked what gun they would like to have for this application. The answer was a full-size PDP with a magwell for safe and fast reloading, a flat trigger for the best shot control, and an optics-ready slide with factory-installed Aimpoint mini red dot reflex sight. This ensures a low line of sight above the barrel axis and co-witnessing with standard metal sights. According to Walther CEO Bernhard Knöbel, the PDP Professional will be introduced in the U.S. commercial market and later in Europe. More information about the gun is available in the video. More information about other variants of the PDP and Walther firearms in general is available on the manufacturer's website.

Video from Enforce Tac 2024: Arex Defense, from ammunition and firearms to protective gear and production machines

Niels Kirchhoff, Head of Product Development at Arex Defense, gives a brief insight into the Slovenian company's wide-ranging product portfolio at its stand at Enforce Tag 2024. Arex Defense is not only the second largest European manufacturer of ammo belt links, but is also active in its own production areas such as textiles, injection molding, ammunition and protective equipment. The company also builds OEM developments and production machines for other manufacturers, as well as ammunition components and complete firearms on special customer order. The video shows, for example, a variant of the Arex Delta pistol for a NATO country that meets all NATO requirements, including sustainable and climate-friendly manufacturing. The fact that all types of 9mm cartridges, including tracer ammo, can be fired without any problem and that the gun functions perfectly in amphibious contexts is a stand-out feature. Further information can be found on the Arex Defense website.

Enforce Tac 2024: Steiner Optik PS 740, the "long one" for special forces

The new Steiner TS 740 spotting scope.

Also on display at the Beretta Defence Technology booth was the new "long" Steiner Optik TS 740, a spotting scope with a 7-40X variable focal length and 60-millimeter objective lens diameter. This is an extremely handy and compact optic designed to be accessorized with night, thermal, etc. add-ons. For this purpose it is equipped with a Picatinny rail in front of the objective lens. The lens diameter of "only" 60 millimeters may seem small, but it is functional precisely for the possibility of using an intensification system in case the ambient light is insufficient. If necessary, additional Picatinny rails can be mounted on the sides of the optic. The standard reticle is German No. 4 while others are available on request. The Steiner Optik PS 740 was made at the specific request of a special unit, but it is not ruled out that it may soon arrive on the civilian market as well. Further information on the new Steiner TS 740 can be found on the manufacturer's website.

Enforce Tac 2024: non-lethal .68 caliber Sabre pepper projectile launcher

The Sabre pepper projectile launcher fires ball projectiles in .68 caliber.

On you have already read about a Sabre pepper projectile launcher at last year's Enforce Tac, at that time a PCP air rifle. This year, the U.S. company is presenting a "semi-automatic" launcher instead. It fires ball projectiles in .68 caliber, but still features a rifled barrel. This should lead to greater accuracy and longer range. Different projectiles are available in that caliber offered by the same manufacturer: Capsicum, CS agent or training rounds, for example. The gun is powered by a standard 12g CO2 cartridge. Although the magazine contains both the CO2 cartridge and 7 projectiles, and thus replacing the magazine also replaces the projectiles, the CO2 charge is enough for about 14 shots. The range is 18-50 meters. The gun is available now and is offered in both the law enforcement and civilian markets. Further information can be found on the Sabre website.

Video from Enforce Tac 2024: dry-fire training for striker-fired pistols – SureStrike magazine from Laser Ammo

Laser Ammo had no new products, since the SHOT Show ended just a couple weeks ago, however the showcased brand-new production versions of the SureStrike Mag kits are fully available for EU customers. The SureStrike Mag is a dry-fire training device that replaces the magazine of both the double and single-stack versions of the Glock pistols (the magazine is black or orange, respectively) and the SIG Sauer P320, and is capable of automatically resetting the firearms’ trigger thanks to an electric mechanism powered by an internal rechargeable battery. The SureStrike Mag kit is offered complete with the magazine replacement, a SureStrike Laser Ammo cartridge in 9mm caliber with IR or visible red laser beam, an aluminum "Safety Pipe" to be inserted inside the barrel and red muzzle cap. Given the professional and LE use case, it becomes essential to emphasize that once the kit is assembled in the operator’s firearm -without any modifications to it: it becomes essentially impossible to chamber a live round, for absolute safety during all phases of training with the Laser Ammo interactive target systems as well as with the Smokeless Range video projection simulator. The price is less than 400 euros for the complete laser cartridge kit in Europe. More information on the new magazine for firing pin lock pistols can be found on the Laser Ammo website.

Enforce Tac 2024: plate carriers from Eagle – What the US manufacturer offers in modular body armor carriers

Over the years, US manufacturer Eagle has established itself as one of the most traditional producers of tactical nylon equipment and enjoys an excellent reputation as a provider of premium gear, particularly among special forces. The brand is known for its use of top-quality materials and first-class manufacturing techniques, which makes its products particularly practical. An outstanding feature of the Eagle plate carriers is their exceptionally low weight, which is achieved through the use of innovative materials such as carbon fibre and moulded nylon. However, this lightness does not come at the expense of robustness: the waistcoats are designed for extreme durability and resistance. The flexibility of the Eagle plate carriers is reflected in their modular design, which allows the user to configure them according to individual requirements. This applies, for example, to the positioning of pockets, which can be easily implemented using Velcro elements, or the changing of back sections, which can be exchanged for different uses thanks to practical zips. In addition, Eagle offers special devices that allow the waistcoat to be removed quickly in the water – an essential function for maritime operations units to be able to react quickly in an emergency. More information about the manufacturer can be found in the video and on the Eagle website.

Enforce TAC 2024: Gungnir Enhanced Rifle System, a multi-caliber straight-pull rifle

Georg Holthaus with his Gungnir multi-caliber rifle, convertible from .223 Rem. to .50 BMG.

Among the firearms, admittedly not very many, showcased at Enforce TAC, this one caught our attention. For the moment it is a prototype, and it was shown to us in detail by its designer, German Georg Holthaus. Made in Germany by Praezisiontechnick it is called the Gungnir – after the spear of the god Odin – and is a multi-caliber bull-pup, straight-pull rifle with a very short bolt featuring a rotating head that locks into a breech extension. With the ability to lengthen or shorten the part of the chassis that houses the box magazine, the Gungnir rifle can be converted to any caliber from .223 Remington to .50 BMG. The rifle's adaptive chassis is covered by patent, as are the locking lugs and other details that we cannot reveal at this time. The bolt travel is extremely short and allows for lightning-fast shot repetition, while the special profile of lugs means that upon firing they tend to lock further into the breech instead of unlocking. This makes the gun extremely safe even when firing very high-power cartridges. The ergonomics of the Gungnir are completely ambidextrous. We will not go into further detail because we will soon publish a specific article on this really interesting firearm.

Enforce TAC 2024: Desert Tech Wolverine semi-auto bullpup rifle

The Desert Tech Wolverine rifle presented at Enforce Tac 2024.

The WLVRN semi-automatic rifle, aka Wolverine, is the latest offering from the company based in West Valley, in the U.S. state of Utah. It is a true weapon system in bullpup configuration, that is, with the action and magazine located behind the trigger. Compared to Desert Tech's previous MDRX model, the Wolverine is 19 percent lighter and offers 30 percent greater accuracy. The rifle is fully ambidextrous and is available in .223 Remington, .300 Blackout, .308 Winchester and 6.5 Creedmoor calibers. Barrel lengths available are 11.5", 16" and 20" in .223 Remington, 16" in .300 BLK, 16" and 20" in .308 Win. and 20 inches in 6.5CR. The magazines are the same as those that can be used with AR15/AR10s. However, the design allows barrel and caliber changes with a few quick operations. The polymer stock is itself available in black or sand color. Thanks to a careful simplification of the mechanics, which has as many as 47 fewer components than its predecessor, the Wolverine is very light (3.3 kilograms in the 11.5-inch barrel version) and reliable. For more information please visit the Desert Tech website.

Enforce Tac 2024: FN Herstal presents the entire range of modern machine guns

The FN Herstal Envolys at the Enforce Tac 2024 in Nuremberg: a powerful, modern machine gun that impresses with its relatively low weight.

Unfortunately, the current conflicts around the world show that a nation's readiness to defend itself and its ability to defend itself have become much more important again. Despite its almost 140 years history, the machine gun is still an important tool for the infantry. Nowadays, there is a wide variety of machine guns, from heavy to ultra-light models. The latest developments will therefore be the focus of military procurers at Enforce Tac 2024, with the Belgian company FN Herstal continuing to play a leading role in the manufacture of these important weapons. You can already find an overview of the different classes of MGs here on

Video from Enforce Tac 2024: new riflescopes for the military – Leupold M 110 and MK 22

US optics specialist Leupold is presenting two new riflescopes at Enforce Tac 2024. They originate from the civilian Mark 5 series and have now been adapted for two different US armed forces programs. The MK22 corresponds to the Long-Range Sniper Rifle program, which was filled by Barrett. The M110 program was filled by Heckler & Koch. One of the differences to the civilian variants is the markings applied to the rear main tube. This facilitates correct mounting when changing optics and weapon. There is also an enlarged throw lever and a line to mark half the zoom travel. The scopes adjustment range is 340 MIL. Further information on the two riflescopes can be found on the Leupold website and in the video.

Video from Enforce Tac 2024: Springfield Armory Echelon pistol at Ferkinghoff International for LE agencies and the civilian market

The Echelon polymer pistol was on display at Springfield Armory booth. This is a pistol that is intended for both professional use and sport shooting. Like other models from Springfield Armory, it is manufactured by HS Produkt in Croatia, which is now part of the U.S. group. The pistol has a modular system in which the trigger unit represents "the gun". This means that the grip modules can be easily replaced. There is also a slide optics cut. The trigger, which has a particularly crisp reset, is a particular focal point. The exact date of availability and the price are not yet known. The latter will be around 850 euros. We will report when more information is known. Until then, you can find more information on the website of Springfield Armory importer Ferkinghoff International.

Video from Enforce Tac 2024: new Primary Arms GLx sight – Also at the Ferkinghoff International booth

The Ferkinghoff International booth will also feature a new product from U.S. optics manufacturer Primary Arms. It is the new GLx. This is a further development of the already well-known Primary Arms SLX, one of the manufacturer's best-selling sights. The micro-prism optic with 1x magnification has multi-coated lenses, a large eye relief and comes with a green and red Cyclops reticle. The sight is expected to be available from June/July 2024. A price is not yet known. More information will be available on the website of importer Ferkinghoff International.

Enforce TAC 2024: Ensio Firearms KAR-21A assault rifle

The Ensio Firearms KAR-21A assault rifle allows caliber exchange in the field, in a few minutes.

One of the recurring themes in modern weapon design seems to be caliber interchangeability. This Finnish-made assault rifle was designed to ride this technological wave and offers the ability to swap calibers between the 5.56x45 and the 7.62x51 NATO in minutes and with a simple Allen key. In addition to the barrel, it is also necessary to change the bolt head, magazine and magazine well.  The KAR-21A features a 16-inch barrel in 5.56x45 caliber while in 7.62x51 a 20-inch barrel is also available. The rifle uses a gas-operated short-stroke piston system and a rotating bolt. The gas block is adjustable for use with different types of ammunition and with a silencer. The barrels are manufactured by German specialist Lothar Walther. Controls are ambidextrous, with a non-reciprocating charging handle that can be swapped from one side of the receiver to the other. The fire selector is AR-15-style and operates on the proprietary two-stage trigger. The flash suppressor is also designed in-house and offers complete compatibility with Silent Steel and Aseutra silencers. The complete kit that includes the rifle and the parts needed to upgrade from 5.56mm to 7.62mm calibers costs about 5,000 euros.

Video from Enforce Tac 2024: Blackhawk with customisable HABL system for the current T-Series holsters

The American company Blackhawk, known for its law enforcement gear, has also made a name for itself on the European market with its advanced carrying systems for service weapons. The products represented in Europe include, in particular, the CQC SERPA Auto Lock Level 3 QD and T-Series L3D safety holsters, which are used by the German and French armed forces, among others. Blackhawk presented an innovation at Enforce Tac 2024: the HABL (Height Adjustable Belt Loop) holster mounting system. This system is compatible with Duty and T-Series L2C holsters and has been developed to provide forces with a high degree of flexibility in customising their equipment. The platform offers numerous adjustment options, such as height adjustment, to meet a wide range of user requirements and body sizes. The combination of the customisable carrying height of the HABL system and the proven design of the holsters is intended to enable security forces to operate efficiently under different operating conditions. More information about the system and other Blackhawk products can be found in the video on the U.S. company's website.

The trade fair summary of Enforce Tac 2024: visitor numbers and an outlook for 2025

The trade fair for members of security authorities and the armed forces ended more than successfully. The industry, event and visitors presented themselves as high-quality and diverse. The vision is clear: remain true to the strategic direction, internal and external security go hand in hand.

  • Well over 12,000 (2023: 7,235) trade visitors from 86 countries took part in the trade fair for members of security authorities and the armed forces
  • Around 730 (2023: 540) exhibitors from 46 countries presented their solutions for internal and external security, with applications in both the military and civilian sectors, on 30,000 m² (2023: 22,000 m²)
  • One thing is certain for Enforce Tac 2025: Hall 10.0 will also be needed in addition to Halls 7, 7A, 8 and 9. This means that trade visitors to Enforce Tac 2025 can look forward to 48,000 m² (2024: 30,000 m²). The very well-received supporting program of Enforce Tac including Enforce Tac Village will find its weather-independent place in Hall 8 in the future.
  • A clear message from politicians: German Minister of State Herrmann (CSU) praises Enforce Tac 2024. In addition to State Secretary Tobias Gotthart, the members of the Committee for Municipal Affairs, Internal Security and Sport and Chairman Roland Weigert, former State Secretary, the Bavarian Minister of the Interior for Sport and Integration, Joachim Herrmann, also took the opportunity to visit Enforce Tac in 2024. That feels good after the unqualified criticism from the local press.
  • Save the date for 2025: Enforce Tac will take place again from February  24 to 26, 2025, at the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg. Further information can be found at:
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