Day 3 at IWA OutdoorClassics 2024: Big, bigger, IWA – From calibers to booth sizes, everything at the Nuremberg gun show

Part of the international editorial team of at the IWA: two camera teams are not in the picture, as they are out and about in the eight exhibition halls.

They still exist, the oversized exhibition booths at the IWA. Even if some big players who used to occupy hall spaces similar to city blocks no longer exhibit in Nuremberg, other exhibitors now provide similarly sized booths, often walk-through spaces or with an upper floor. Of course, this depends on the range of products on display, but also on the financially strong impression they want to make on trade visitors. Or there are companies from the former Eastern Bloc that are active in the ammunition sector and, in the current times of global crisis, are not only supplying civilian customers in the hunting and sports sectors, but also the defense sector. The Turkish manufacturers, who this year with 115 companies (more than 10 percent of the exhibitors) are exhibiting even more frequently than in the past with their own booths instead of via importers, are also happy to show how extensive their booth areas can be. This means that customers can take a walk through all the products.

In Hall 4 at Carl Walther, the well-known German manufacturer active since 1886, on the other hand, the size of the booth results from the current diversity of the group of companies, which produces both in Germany and, via Walther USA, in North America. There, so-called "Black Rifles" and large-caliber handguns for civilian customers and law enforcement are the big hit. In Europe, the sporting firearms sector and custom products also play an important role, especially in an Olympic year. Accordingly, the island-booths with the sporting guns and "explainers" from the development departments were always crowded.
In addition to what is probably one of the most expensive sporting rifles, we are also showing you many other videos today – there is still a lot to discover (including links to our other IWA reports at the end of this article)!

Video from IWA 2024: Carl Walther shows the premium version of the KK500 E rimfire match rifle with carbon fiber stock – just under €10,000!

Both service/carry pistols and match guns were on display at the Walther booth. Prominent among the new products presented at IWA 2024 is the .22 LR KK 500 rimfire rifle in a Carbon version featuring a stock made entirely of carbon fiber and a carbon fiber barrel shroud/extension. The shroud (available in 150 or 300 mm lengths) ensures tighter shot groups because it not only extends the sight radius but also suppresses unwanted turbulence at the muzzle. The aluminium inner tube is easy to clean and comes with an index ring so that it can always be attached in the same way. A "barrel tuner" for fine tuning and a mounting option for a SCATT training system complete the barrel assembly. Every detail of the new carbon fiber stock was designed to minimize muzzle vibration relative to the action to ensure maximum accuracy. Thanks to the lightweight and stable characteristics of carbon fiber, the stock of the KK500 Carbon offers advantages over both aluminum and wood. The possibility of adding weights allows for a very high level of rifle customization. The new carbon version is identical in terms of action technology, with an electronic trigger and an ambidextrous AMBI-action short-stroke bolt that allows cartridge cases ejection and operation from both the left and right side by swapping the position of the bolt handle. The carbon fiber stock requires a lot of manual labor and thus production time, which is also reflected in the price of 9,998 euros (RRP). 

The Walther LG500 air rifle, already presented to athletes at the German 2023 Championships and already the protagonist of numerous international victories, also celebrated its first IWA. Two days ago, Anna Janssen, currently the best air rifle shooter in the world, became European champion in Györ, Hungary, with her Walther LG500.

Video from IWA 2024: new Mark4 HD riflescope series from Leupold with five affordable entry-level models

U.S. optics specialist Leupold is launching its new Mark 4HD series with five riflescope models, all with a fourfold zoom factor: 1-4.5x24 and 2.5-10x42 (30-mm main tube) as well as 4.5-18x52, 6-24x52 and 8-32x56 (34-mm main tube). The price and features of these scopes are slightly below those of the flagship Leupold Mark 5HD series, but they do not require any expensive special mounts, for example, because they use the more common and cheaper 30 or 34 mm rings instead of 35-mm rings, depending on the model. We at have already introduced the Mark 4HD models in detail here. The riflescopes are available immediately, but prices should be requested from the respective dealer.

Video from IWA 2024: new Benelli Lupo HPR BE.S.T. – High Precision Rifle in calibers up to .338 Lapua Magnum

The bolt-action rifle from Benelli – the Lupo – is now getting a new model variant with the name HPR BE.S.T. This is an acronym for "High Precision Rifle" and this is exactly what the rifle is designed for. Maximum accuracy, even at long range. As usual with Benelli, the manufacturer has attached great importance to the best materials for this variant. The HPR comes with a steel receiver, the action rests on a strong aluminium block. The 22-mm thick, fluted varmint barrel is fitted with a solid muzzle brake. The now familiar and proven BE.S.T. coating is also back on board. The HPR is available in 6.5 Creedmoor and .308 Winchester with a barrel length of 61 centimetres. It is also available in 6.5 PRC, .300 PRC, .300 Winchester Magnum and .338 Lapua Magnum. The RRP of the Benelli Lupo HPR BE.S.T. is €3,598 – that's a real statement, especially for a gun in .338 calibre. The gun will be available from April/May 2024. The variant in .338 Lapua Magnum is expected to be available from the beginning of September 2024. Further information and background on the gun can be found in the video on the Benelli website.

IWA 2024: CZ 600 MDT Deep Bronze for long range shooting

The CZ 600 MDT Deep Bronze rifle is available in .308 Winchester and 6.5 Creedmor calibers.

The Czech manufacturer also offers its version of a long range sport shooting rifle built on a chassis stock manufactured by specialist MDT, equipped for the occasion with a beautiful antique bronze finish. The new CZ 600 MDT features an MDT Premier Vertical adjustable pistol grip, an MDT SRS skeleton stock with height-adjustable cheekpiece and height- and axis-adjustable buttstock, while the LOP (length-of-pull) is adjustable between 320 and 350 millimeters. The rifle is also equipped with a Picatinny rail, M-LOK mounting points and an Arca Swiss rail for shooting from a tripod. Action is the classic 600 series with extended side safety that doubles as a thumb rest.

A 10-round AICS magazine, specially developed by MDT and featuring a proprietary CZ follower, ensures reliable and safe feeding. With advanced ergonomics, a heavy, cold-hammer forged barrel and an innovative, easy-to-adjust trigger mechanism, CZ guarantees sub 0.75 MOA accuracy (five-shot groups at 100 yards with factory Match-grade ammunition). The CZ 600 MDT is available in .308 Winchester and 6.5 Creedmor calibers, and both versions have a 610-mm barrel with threaded muzzle on which a three-chamber muzzle brake is mounted. The weight of the CZ 600 MDT is 5.6 kg.

Video from the IWA 2024: German Sport Guns (GSG) with a PCC – GSG-9 pistol carbine in 9mm Luger

At the GSG stand, we discovered a new semi-automatic 9mm pistol caliber carbine (PCC). The new GSG-9 comes with ambidextrous controls, the charging handle is located high on the receiver's side, in front of the magazine. The magazine release is available as both a lever and a push button. The stock is mounted on a buffer tube in AR-15 style. The main highlight of the gun is found on or in the magazine well. This is because the user can use handgun magazines from different manufacturers as required with the aid of various adapters. The ideal configuration can thus be found depending on existing laws and handguns. The RRP of the 9mm Luger gun is 999 euros. Further information can be found in the video.

IWA 2024: F.A.I.R. Carrera Pro Sporting over-and-under: entry level for competition shooting

n the Carrera over-and-under range that F.A.I.R. dedicates to sport shooting, we find the Pro Sporting entry-level model with which young people or enthusiasts can take up competitive shooting.

Available in 12- and 20-gauge, the F.A.I.R. Pro Sporting over-and-under is designed to make it possible to begin the sport of clay target shooting with an essential but reliable shotgun. Featuring a solid steel receiver, the shotgun is distinguished by the special matte finish of the barrels, which always include the F.A.I.R. X-Cones system with long forcing cones and chrome lining to prevent residue and corrosion in prolonged use. The chamber is 76 mm magnum and available barrel lengths are 71 cm and 81 cm, with a set of interchangeable internal chokes available to the shooter. The flat anti-flare rib is 11 mm. The standard Monte Carlo stock features a wide grip and rubber recoil pad, while the forend is round and grooved to facilitate a firm grip on the gun while aiming. Trigger  is single selective and shell ejection is automatic. The more accessorized versions of the Carrera range give the shooter the option of a high and adjustable rib, stock with adjustable comb, and other special features such as barrel porting, but to begin the journey the Pro Sporting appears to be a good compromise. More information on the F.A.I.R. website.

Video from IWA 2024: Sellmark presents innovative hunting and sport products from KJI, Firefield and Inforce

At the U.S. importer and exporter Sellmark there are always products available under various brands that are particularly broadly positioned for the most diverse hunting and sport shooting applications. One manufacturer under the umbrella is KJI, which has been supplying innovative accessories for both areas for a long time: tripods that can be used for both hunting and sporting use, such as in the increasingly popular Precision Rifle Series. The ingenious KJI Mag Series, a type of magnetically stabilised ball mount adapter, is attached to the forend of the rifle and then combined with a tripod or monopod using a universal mount. This allows the rifle to be swivelled flexibly while maintaining secure stability when standing. This is ideal for attaching an aiming stick for stalking, for example. The new KJI Hellbound Reaper weapon grip is particularly attractive in terms of price. Compared to the well-known KJI Reaper Grip, it has been slightly slimmed down to meet the highest demands, but is functionally completely convincing and guarantees stable, customisable rifle support when hunting.

The Inforce WMLx White/IR Gen 3 weapon light, powered by two CR123 batteries

Another product at the Sellmarkt stand is the Firefield Hexcore HD 1-3x night vision binoculars, which offer a very convincing price-performance ratio for night-time observation. They offer the option of switching seamlessly from full-colour day mode to black and white night vision mode at dusk. Powered by four AA batteries, the Firefield Hexcore HD 1-3x binoculars last up to 8 hours of continuous use during the day, although the runtime is significantly reduced at night. Many other products such as the powerful WMLx White/IR Gen 3 gun light from Inforce also come to Europe via Sellmark.

This weaponlight features a new railgrabber system that is more robust while still offering a 900 lumen visible light beam and a selectable IR illuminator to use in conjunction with digital or traditional IIT based night vision devices.

 You can find an overview of the many brands and products on the Sellmark website.

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