Follow-up 3 of IWA 2024: even more highlights for hunters and sport shooters from the major firearms fair

You can see that IWA OutdoorClassics had a lot to offer in its 50th anniversary year not only from the fact that today, on the third day after the official end of the leading trade fair for the hunting and sporting firearms industry in Nuremberg, we still have just as many highlights for you as on the previous days, but also from the number of videos we have produced. And that doesn't just mean the videos that we have included here in our daily reporting and follow-up reporting, but also the total of around 230 full videos and short videos that our international team from all4shooters/ shot during the four days of the trade fair in Nuremberg and put online for you on our YouTube channels. If you have not followed all of our reports on this year's IWA so far, you will find them linked again at the end of this article. If you are still missing a new product after studying these reports, then just take a look at all4shooters and all4hunters on YouTube, maybe you will find it there.

Before we come to the last and concluding part of our IWA 2024 follow-up report, we can tell you that we were once again delighted to be your eyes and ears at the Nuremberg trade fair this year and that we are also looking forward to reporting for you on site again next year from IWA OutdoorClassics 2025 and would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest. You can make a note of February 27 to March 2, 2025 as the date for the next IWA if you would like to be up to date again here on

Video from IWA 2024: Steiner launches the Ranger 4s riflescope, a 4-16x44 in a compact and lightweight design for hunting use with attachments

The new Ranger 4S in 4-16x44 from Steiner Optik, presented by Lukas Dorn, offers an impressive combination of compact size and performance. Weighing just 518 grams and only 27.8 cm long, it is over 25 per cent shorter than comparable products from other manufacturers in the class with up to 16x magnification, according to the manufacturer. The optimised weight distribution ensures improved gun balance and protects attachments thanks to the greater distance to the silencer. The Steiner Ranger 4S is ideal for mounting clip-ons whose controls are easy to reach and it is just as easy to handle with a compact Steiner Nighthunter C35 thermal clip-on as a conventional riflescope without an attachment. These features should particularly appeal to hunters. More information can be found on the manufacturer's website: Steiner is a brand of Beretta Holding.

Video from IWA 2024: DDoptics 1.5-15x40 SFP riflescope prototype

and new binoculars

At the IWA 2024, DDoptics presented a riflescope that is not yet ready for the market, but has already been shown as a prototype to experts. This is a particularly compact model with a 10x magnification of 1.5-15 and a 40 mm objective lens. It goes by the name of DDoptics 1.5-15x40 SFP. The size makes the binoculars particularly versatile, especially with attachment technology. DDoptics explained to us at the IWA that the reticle adjustment is still being improved and does not yet meet DDoptics' requirements. This should provide even more haptic feedback. DDoptics also showed us a new series of binoculars based on the already familiar SHG binoculars. The new series stands for a particularly good price-performance ratio and should be available in spring 2024: it will be around 500 euros. If you would like to find out more about the 1.5-15x40 SFP or the new binoculars, take a look at the video or visit the DDoptics website.

Video from IWA 2024: Bushnell introduces R3 and R5, two new optic series with binoculars, rangefinders and riflescopes

André Schröder presented two new product lines at the Bushnell booth. Binoculars, rangefinders and riflescopes come under the names Bushnell R3 for the entry-level class and R5 for the higher-priced mid-range class. The Bushnell R3 range includes a laser rangefinder, two binoculars in 8x42 and 10x42, as well as riflescopes in seven different magnifications, covering all types of hunting. The optics in the Bushnell R5 series are primarily characterised by a higher-quality glass coating on the lenses for even better optical brightness. The riflescopes in both series use U.S.-style one-inch main tube diameters. This is good news for all those who want to continue to use their corresponding mounts, for example for their classic single shot rifles. Despite the slimmer dimensions, the Bushnell R5 series also features illuminated reticles – a technical challenge that Bushnell has solved. Bushnell is scheduling availability of the R3 and R5 series for June 2024. We will keep you up to date, for all further information please visit the manufacturer's website.

IWA 2024: new Savage rifles

The Savage Klym with FBT lightweight stock fitted with an adjustable comb. 

After presenting them at the SHOT Show a few weeks ago, Savage Arms introduces to the European market new bolt-action rifles. The most interesting model of the five rifles presented is undoubtedly the ultra-light Savage Ultralite Elite based on the 110 action with a fluted bolt to reduce weight, coupled with a stainless steel barrel wrapped with Proof Research manufactured carbon fiber and a MDT Chassis  HNT26 magnesium and carbon stock with folding stock, which allows the overall weight to be kept down to just 1,800 grams. The Savage Ultralite Elite is available in six different calibers, as are the two other lightweight models on display from the Klym series featuring an FBT lightweight stock with "palmhole" pistol grip, one with the traditional 110 bolt action, and the other with the Impulse straight-pull action; weights are 2.7 kg and 3 kg respectively also thanks to the use of the same Proof Research barrel as the Ultralite Elite.

The most interesting model of the five rifles presented is undoubtedly the ultra-light Savage Ultralite Elite based on the 110 action.

Finally, two rifles that are more traditional in setup and configuration. Both equipped with a steel barrel, 110 action and the now famous Accutrigger, here comes the Savage Trail Hunter model, a reasonably priced entry-level rifle with a Hogue non-slip grip, and the compact Savage Scout, presented as a bolt-action for driven hunting with a 5-round AICS magazine in .450 Bushmaster and 10-round AICS magazine in other calibers. The synthetic stock features the Savage AccuFit system for easy adjustment of length and comb height. For more information, please visit the Savage website.

IWA 2024: Bergara Premier Elite, a premium rifle for PRS shooting

The Bergara Premier Elite carbine is expressly dedicated to PRS shooting practitioners and is available in 6 Creedmoor, 6.5 Creedmoor and .308 Winchester calibers.

The new Premier Elite rifle is designed for the most demanding competition shooters in the PRS discipline. Equipped with the MDT ACC Elite chassis stock, TriggerTech Diamond trigger group, and Bergara heavy profile stainless steel match barrel, the Premier delivers top-notch performance and accuracy and is fully compliant with the International Precision Rifle Federation's regulations. The rifle core is the Triggertech Diamond trigger, which uses patented Frictionless Release Technology. Even in the most rugged conditions, it maintains its premium performance, delivering greater accuracy and safety with every shot. The Bergara Premier Elite carbine comes with the TriggerTech Diamond flat trigger. The MDT ACC Elite stock represents a perfect fusion of design, engineering and long range shooting experience.  Unmatched balance, recoil control, weight management and ergonomics allow competition shooters to significantly reduce the time between shots and achieve higher scores. A fully adjustable pistol grip and thumb rest are just some of the details of this rifle available in 6 Creedmoor, 6.5 Creedmoor and .308 Winchester calibers, with a 66-centimeter barrel. Feeding is from 10-round AICS-type magazines. The retail price of the Bergara Premier Elite, regardless of caliber, is 3,630 euros excluding VAT. For more information you can visit the Bergara website.

IWA 2024: Armsan RS 23 12-gauge Magnum

The Armsan RS 23 semi-automatic shotgun in 12-ga with magnum chamber is fed from 5- or 10-round box magazines.

One of the recurring themes in the catalogs of Turkish companies is the semi-automatic shotgun with "Black Rifle" style aesthetics. Given the strong presence of brands from Turkey, an encounter with such gun was statistically very likely at IWA, and so it was. Let's start with the Armsan RS 23, a semi-automatic with a decidedly military design in 12-gauge with magnum chamber and fed from 5- and 10-round box magazines. This shotgun's design is ideally derived from the AK-47 assault rifle also known as the Kalashnikov, with which it shares the stamped sheet metal receiver cover and the squared trigger guard. The receiver is steel. The RS 23's stock, on the other hand, is more inspired by Western assault rifles, with a length-adjustable side-folding buttstock and a light alloy handguard with a short Picatinny rail at 12 o'clock. The cheek rest height can also be adjusted by the user in a few seconds. The Armsan RS 23 uses a gas-operated system with a stainless steel rotating head bolt, which ensures reliable operation even with light loads. The RS 23 is marketed in barrel lengths of 32, 40, 47, 51 and 61 centimeters. For more info, visit the Armsan website.

IWA 2024: Rock Island Armory RIA 5.0E

From Rock Island Armory, the RIA 5.0E, an upgraded version of an earlier model. 

Rock Island Armory was at IWA with a booth where it presented all its production, and especially the brand new RIA 5.0E pistol, an enhanced / improved version of the previous model. It is a 9mm striker-fired handgun with an aluminum/polymer composite frame with a 12.4-cm Match-type barrel and a 17+1-round double-stack magazine. Compared with the previous model, the slide design has been modified to further reduce muzzle flip. The RIA 5.0E sights consist of an adjustable rear notch and a front sight manufactured by specialist Nigt Fision, with a high-visibility fiber optic insert. The slide is ready for direct mounting of a red dot. Also new is the design of the slide serrations, which are also on the front and are very grippy. Trigger pull weight is about 1,800 grams. The construction of the RIA 5.0E involves considerable manual adjustments, which is why the price is quite high compared to the company's standards: about 2,000 euros. To learn more, visit the Rock Island Armory website.

IWA 2024: Hammerli Arms Force B1, .22 LR survival rifle

The Hammerli Arms Force B1 straight-pull rifle, here in a version with a laminated wood stock. 

On display at the Umarex booth were several versions of the Hammerli Arms Force B1 straight-pull rifle in .22 Long Rifle. This is a hunting/survival firearm built on Hammerli's famous Biathlon action and available in different setups and characterized by great adaptability. The barrel, for example, can be changed in seconds and without any tools; it can be swapped from one length to another, or from the .22 LR caliber to the more powerful .22 Magnum. For feeding, the Hammerli Arms Force B1 relies on the tried-and-tested, and widely used (at least in the U.S.), Ruger 10/22  rotary magazines. The Force B1's standard barrel is 409 millimeters long and is a good compromise between accuracy and handling. The stock of the Force B1 is available in different versions, from polymer with black coloring to natural walnut wood, to layered polymer, with the possibility of easily adjusting the LOP by acting on the butt pad. The forend provides an M-Lok slot to which a bipod can be attached. Thanks to its particularly silent straight-pull action, when equipped with a suppressor the Hammerli Arms Force B1 is very quiet, making it ideal for small game and survival hunting. For more information please visit the Umarex website.

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