IWA 2024: InfiRay Outdoor presents the InfiRay Iris IL 19 and 35 thermal imaging monoculars and the Mate MAH50R, a very low NETD attachment

For some time now, the manufacturer InfiRay Outdoor, which specialises in optoelectronic devices, has been represented with its top models in the upper class of thermal imaging devices. At the IWA OutdoorClassics 2024 in Nuremberg, all4hunters.com had the opportunity to see the latest innovations from InfiRay Outdoor up close. Among the highlights presented were the Iris handheld thermal imaging device in two variants – IL19 and IL35 – and the Mate MAH50R thermal imaging device, both of which boast impressive features and technological innovations.

New at IWA 2024: InfiRay Iris IL handheld thermal imagers

High-performance miniature: despite its small size, the InfiRay Iris IL handheld does not skimp on optical quality and ease of use.

The new handheld thermal imagers from InfiRay Outdoor, consisting of the Iris IL19 and Iris IL35 models, are characterised by a particularly compact design and high performance, making them ideal companions for hunting and outdoor activities. What struck us immediately was the very fine image quality, made possible by a high-performance sensor with a thermal sensitivity of less than 20 mK in combination with Reality+ technology. This algorithm is designed to provide increased image detail while reducing noise, which in practice should ensure a clear view even in difficult conditions. In both models, the objective lens allows plenty of light onto the sensor with 384x288 pixel resolution and 12 µm pixel size, which, paired with a high-resolution AMOLED display, ensures better image quality for detailed observation and reliable response, according to the manufacturer.

A four-fold digital zoom is also on board. In addition, the new additional color modes in red, green and violet should enable fatigue-free observation over longer periods of time. The handiness of the Iris models is another plus point: with dimensions of 143x47x74 mm and a weight of just 330 g, they are light and compact enough to be easily slipped into almost any pocket. Operation of the InfiRay Iris handheld thermal devices is very intuitive and also silent thanks to the rubberised buttons. There is also a replaceable 18650 rechargeable battery and a WiFi function that enables simple image transfer to other devices. The recommended retail prices for the new InfiRay Iris devices are €1,099 for the IL19 and €1,499 for the IL35 (both RRP). They are available now.

Small and rugged: the InfiRay IRIS IL thermal imager is a handy companion everywhere for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts.

InfiRay Mate MAH50R clip-on: now with laser rangefinder, improved sensor and extra rechargeable batteries

All-in-one: the manufacturer has installed a laser rangefinder on the left-hand side of the multifunctional InfiRay Mate MAH50R clip-on thermal imager. Instead of the removable buttons, an additional battery pack can now also be installed.

The Mate MAH50R attachment is a further development of the Mate MAH50 – without the R. As a multifunctional clip-on thermal imaging device that can be used both as an observation optic and on a riflescope, its predecessor already played in the upper class of thermal imaging attachments. In addition to outstanding performance data, the Mate MAH50 offered extra features such as removable control buttons, which could also be magnetically installed on your rifle as a remote control within easy reach if desired. Now InfiRay is going one better with the new Mate MAH50R. The integration of a laser range finder (LRF) with an impressive range of up to 1,200 metres is a real highlight that once again significantly increases accuracy and safety when hunting at long ranges. The predecessor could already be used as a stand-alone device with an adapter eyepiece. With the built-in laser rangefinder, there is now no need for an additional external device for observation.

InfiRay Outdoor has also given its flagship attachment an upgrade in terms of image quality. The 50-mm objective lens is combined with improved sensor technology with a remarkably low NETD of less than 18 mK, which ensures even greater detail accuracy across all observation distances. With the higher sensitivity of the 640x512 pixel sensor, more details on the game can of course also be recognised.

A new battery concept allows longer operating times: instead of the still removable control buttons, additional magnetic rechargeable battery packs can now be attached. In addition to the device's integrated lithium-ion battery, each additional battery pack provides a further five hours of use, according to InfiRay. The option of changing the batteries directly on the device using the click system also offers a high level of user convenience. These batteries can also be installed on your rifle in the same way as the removable buttons.

The housings of the Mate series from InfiRay are made of a robust magnesium-aluminium alloy, which of course also saves a lot of weight, so that the new Mate MAH50R with integrated laser rangefinder only weighs around 500 g. The new Mate MAH50R is now available from specialist retailers at a recommended retail price of 3,699 euro.

Further information on the manufacturer and its producs can be found on the InfiRay Outdoor website.

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