Shotguns IWA 2015

Fausti Italyco, over and under shotgun
03/12/2015 - IWA 2015 / Fausti at IWA 2015 presents Italyco, over and under shotgun available in all popular calibers on the European and American market
Armi Salvinelli introduces the new Sydney Exo over and under sporting shotgun
03/31/2015 - IWA 2015 / The new, stylish EXO sporting model has been added to Salvinelli's extensive Sydney line of over-and-under shotguns
Caesar Guerini Invictus, the invincible shotgun
03/13/2015 - IWA 2015 / Caesar Guerini Invictus shotgun is guaranteed to shoot a million rounds, then its locking sistem can easily be restored to new condition. A revolutionary mechanical concept that makes this shotgun virtually immortal
UTAS International XTR-12 lightweight autoloading shotgun
03/07/2015 - IWA 2015 / UTAS International showcased its new, AR-10 based XTR-12 semi-automatic magazine-fed shotgun
Stoeger SP312 Pump Action Shotgun
03/11/2015 - IWA 2015 / Stoeger SP312: a rugged and powerful Pump Action Shotgun perfect for Law Enforcement and special forces
FABARM STF-12 modular pump-action shotgun system
03/06/2015 - IWA 2015 / Italian-based FABARM showcased the 12-gauge STF-12 pump-action system at the Nuremberg expo

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