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Hambrusch triple barrel express rifle

For sure it’s the most powerful hunting gun, and is a real masterpiece of gunmaking 

03/08/2015 - IWA 2015 / Hambrusch triple barrel express rifle,  for sure the most powerful hunting gun, and is a real masterpiece of gunmaking

Among the different guns at the Hambrusch’s booth, there was this monster three-barreled rifle chambered for the .700 Nitro Express cartridge. Last year there was a falling-block rifle, unfinished, in the same calibre, and this year the unfinished one was this monster portable cannon. 

So not only Hambrusch made a three-barreled rifle, like the ones made in Romagna by Cortesi, but also made the most powerful hunting gun in the world. 

The story of the .700 Nitro Express id curious: after Holland and Holland discontinued the production of the .600 Nitro Express double rifle, an American customer asked for one. When the maker refused to make a new one, the customer asked for an even more powerful cartridge. This way the .700  Nitro was born.

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