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Webley & Scott Mark VI revolver airgun replica

The Webley & Scott company showcased an airgun replica of its own, legendary Mark VI revolver at the IWA expo in Nuremberg!

04/10/2015 - IWA 2015 / The Webley & Scott company showcased a CO², .177 caliber replica of the legendary Mark VI service revolver
The Webley & Scott Mark VI air revolver is available in a matte black finish or in a worn-out "Battle Finish" model
The Webley & Scott Mark VI air revolver is available in a matte black finish or in a worn-out "Battle Finish" model

Due to the progressive tightening, and worsening, of gun laws in the United Kingdom, nowadays is almost impossible for a law-abiding British citizen to obtain the relevant license to own a shotgun, a rimfire semiautomatic carbine or a centerfire bolt-action or lever-action rifle.

The ownership of centerfire semiautomatic rifles and carbines and of handguns is instead totally banned, except for the few elected holders of Section 5 licenses, and all those that were owned before said bans were passed had to be turned in for destruction by their law-abiding owners.

Needless to say, the vast criminal underground of London and other prominent British cities didn't exactly abide to the progressive prohibition, which only left honest citizen unarmed and defenseless.

The bans also forced some of Britain's historical gunmakers, such as Webley & Scott, to abandon what was a solid tradition and convert solely to the manufacture of non-banned guns and airguns.

This doesn't mean that those Companies were happy to give up their history and tradition, nor that they didn't consider a "plan B" to maintain that tradition alive; that's particularly true in the case of Webley & Scott, whose quintessential revolver design, in a plethora of incarnations, served Her Majesty's Armed Forces from 1887 to well after World War II.

At the 2015 edition of the IWA OutdoorClassics expo in Nuremberg (Germany), the Webley & Scott company showcased its latest finding in airgun designs: a perfect replica of the Mark VI service revolver, conceived using the original projects and blueprints and manufactured following the canons of its time as strictly as possible.

Manufactured almost entirely out of metal, the Webley & Scott Mark IV airgun feeds through a six-shots cylinder, which opens through a top-break system for loading, just like the original did. Each chamber hosts a single 4,5mm/.177 BB or Diabolo pellet, contained in a reusable shell that replicates the look and feel of a real round of .455 Webley ammunition. The single or double action trigger works just like it used to do in the original Webley service revolvers; the only additional feature is a manual safety catch located on the right side of the frame, right over the trigger guard. The black synthetic panels can be removed from the grip to access to the seat of the commercial 12g CO² canister used for the propulsion of the pellets.

The Webley & Scott Mark VI CO² revolver replica is available in a standard matte black version and in a "Battle Finish" variant, sporting a "worn" patina all over its outer metal surface just like an original Webley revolver that had seen battle use would do. The replica offers a muzzle energy of barely 3 Joules, which makes it legal to purchase and own by everybody over 18 years of age in most Europe without licensing or registration required.

The Webley & Scott Mark VI CO² revolver replica is also available in an airsoft variant, shootign 6mm plastic BBs and conceived for collectors, reenactors and MIL-SIM enthusiasts. Furthermore − and this is HUGE! − Webley & Scott launched a crowdfunding campaign to start the manufacture of a limited edition of real deal Mark VI double-action revolvers, chambered in the original .455 Webley caliber; at the same time, another highly regarded British gunmaker − the Anderson Whleeler company − announced its plans to start a production run of a Mark VI revolver resized to use .357 Magnum ammunition, which will be dubbed the "Mark VIII" and should be on the market in May.
May 2015 be the year when the legendary Mark VI revolver will be reborn?

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