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Sarsilmaz CM9 semiautomatic polymer-frame pistol

The Sarsilmaz company showcased a slightly redesigned variant of the CM9 pistol at the 2015 IWA expo in Nuremberg!

04/09/2015 - IWA 2015 / The Sarsilmaz company showcased the 9mm CM9 semiautomatic pistol with polymer frame and forged steel slide
The Sarsilmaz CM9 pistol sports a black polymer frame and either a matte black or stainless-finished forged steel slide
The Sarsilmaz CM9 pistol sports a black polymer frame and either a matte black or stainless-finished forged steel slide

The name of the Sarsilmaz company is one of the most highly regarded of the entire Turkish gunmaking cluster. Operating from a factory located in Beyköy Beldesi − in the central Province of Düzce − and from offices in Istanbul and Ankara, the Sarsilmaz conglomerate manufactures and market sport shooting, defensive and service semiautomatic pistols and revolvers; pump-action, autoloading and over-and-under hunting, defensive and tactical shotguns; and, more recently, a line of AR-15 based assault rifles, sub-machine guns, and semiautomatic sporting carbines.

Sarsilmaz products are offered for both civilian and professional sales in several Countries worldwide; Sarsilmaz also owns the Vincenzo Bernardelli company, one of Italy's most quintessential sporting and hunting gun manufacturers.

Pistolmaking, however, was and remains the core business of the Sarsilmaz group; the Sarsilmaz handguns are almost all certified for service purposes, although their main intended market is private ownership for personal protection, home and property defense, and private security issue. All Sarsilmaz pistols are based on a modified Browning short-recoiling barrel system, and most of them share both a technical and an esthetical similarity with CZ designs; Sarsilmaz is indeed a major manufacturer of CZ-based knock-offs built on polymer frames − a sector pioneered in the second half of the 1990s, and still firmly mastered, by the Italian Tanfoglio company.

The Sarsilmaz CM9 semiautomatic pistol is indeed a polymer-frame CZ-based design; available from Sarsilmaz for several years now, it has been showcased at the 2015 edition of the IWA OutdoorClassics expo in Nuremberg (Germany) with a redesigned slide; more specifically, the front and rear slide serrations have been optimized to privide a more solid grip and thus an easier hand-racking in adverse condition or when the shooter is using gloves. The Sarsilmaz CM9 semiautomatic pistol feeds through double-stack metal magazines, holding fifteen or seventeen rounds of 9x19mm Parabellum ammunition.

The Sarsilmaz CM9 semiautomatic pistol is 187mm/7.3" long overall, sports a 97mm/3.8" long alloyed forged steel barrel, and is 810gr/28.5oz. heavy overall. The frame of the Sarsilmaz CM9 model is manufactured in high-strenght polymer, is available only in black, and features a tactical MIL-STD-1913 "Picatinny" rail, a reversible magazine catch, and an ambidextrous manual safety switch. The slide is instead forged out of matte black or stainless-finished alloyed steel, and hosts a fixed (but replaceable) front sight and an adjustable rear sight.

The Sarsilmaz CM9 pistol is a SA/DA design, with an external hammer; the trigger weight ranges between 1,5kg/3.8lbs in single action to 4,5kg/9.4lbs in double action. The Sarsilmaz CM9 sure has a lot going for it when it comes to civilian sales: almost everywhere, it is sold at a very competitive price; and its service life is slated to exceed the 25'000 rounds threshold.

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