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Ledwave WG Wildfinder hunting and tactical flashlights

The Spanish OMBU company showcased three new variants of the Ledwave WG "Wildfinder" line of tactical and hunting flashlights at the 2015 IWA expo in Nuremberg!

04/10/2015 - IWA 2015 / Ledwave announced three new entries in its WG "Wildfinder" line of flashlights
The new entries in Ledwave's WG "Wildfinder" line of flashlights include a white light/red light model, a white light/green light model, and a 940nM infrared output model
The new entries in Ledwave's WG "Wildfinder" line of flashlights include a white light/red light model, a white light/green light model, and a 940nM infrared output model

The Spanish OMBU company, owner and manufacturer of the Ledwave brand of tactical and utility flashlights, announced the addition of several new models to the WG Wildfinder line at the 2015 IWA OutdoorClassics expo in Nuremberg (Germany).

The Ledwave WG Wildfinder flaslights are conceived to be both tactical and hunting-oriented in nature. They provide an output level high enough to lit the dark confined spaces of a household when reacting to a home invasion without blinding the user, but at the same time they were also conceived to suit tne needs and the preferences of hunters and sportsmen in those Countries where night hunting is allowed. Even in those Countries or jurisdiction where hunting by night or in low-light conditions is forbidden, the Ledwave WG Wildfinder flashlights could be useful for forestry service personnel and park rangers that may be called to carry on animal control or anti-poaching operations at any time, day and night.

The new Ledwave WG Wildfinder flashlights are based on a titan grey, machined aircraft-grade aluminum alloy tube with a 49mm-diameter bezel; they all use 3.5V LEDs, and all are 145mm long overall; they all are powered through four AAA batteries held in an adaptor, and are sold with a plastic universal support and a cable switch, allowing them to be mounted and used on rifles or shotguns.

The new entries in the Ledwave WG Wildfinder line of flashlights have, however, much more than that in common; both provide output selection capability for both visible white light (max.180 Lumens, min.52 Lumens) and alternative light (max.165 Lumens, min.40 Lumens); their batteries will provide a continuous runtime ranging between 55 aqnd 170 minutes in white visible light output and ranging between 60 to 180 minutes in alternative output mode. Last, but not least, they're all ANSI FL1 standard compatible, as they are waterproof, will withstand shocks up to a two-metres fall, and will provide a maximum effective range of 60 metres with a 7000 Candela light intensity.

three new entries have been added to the Ledwave WG Wildfinder product line: the Dual Wildfinder Green (LD-70534) and the Dual Wildfinder Red (LD-70536) can be told apart by their different alternative output mode, which provides a green or red colored light respectively. The New Wildfinder IR (LD-70538), instead, allows the user to switch between visible white light and a 940nM infrared light, which can only be perceived with IR goggles.

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