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CAA Tactical RONI-G2 pistol-carbine kit

Israeli-based CAA Tactical showcased the second generation of its world-famous carbine conversion kit for Glock pistols!

03/26/2015 - IWA 2015 / Command Arms Accessories showcased the "Second Generation" of its famous RONI pistol-carbine kit for Glock handguns
The RONI-G2 kit was improved from several points of view over the original RONI-G1 pistol-carbine conversion system
The RONI-G2 kit was improved from several points of view over the original RONI-G1 pistol-carbine conversion system

The Israel-based CAA Tactical - Command Arms Accessories, Ltd. firm has been offering the RONI tactical kit for some years now: a polymer chassis conceived to convert semi-automatic pistols in a practical sub-carbine for defensive, sporting or tactical purposes, the RONI kit is installed in seconds without modifications to the original firearm.

Available for Glock, Beretta 92 and Px4, IWI Jericho, Heckler & Koch and SIG Sauer pistols, the RONI kit is legal mostly everywhere in the world (NFA rules apply in the United States of America!), allowing shooters to obtain the maximum inherent accuracy in the given pistol platform: targets can be engaged well over the 50-yards threshold, providing stability and significantly improving accuracy at any given distance, particularly thanks to the sight line and rail height being located above the barrel The overall weight and design of the RONI kit significantly reduces recoil and eliminates muzzle jump contributing to increased accuracy.

Furthermore, the use of pistol caliber ammunition provides a reduced risk of overpenetration, while still providing an SMG-like alternative at a fraction of the cost and with significant less legal hassle, particularly in those jurisdictions where private security personnel are not allowed to use centerfire long guns (let alone full-automatics).

Years of extensive and profcuous field use on shooting ranges, dangerous city streets and battlefield all over the world allowed CAA Tactical to receive and evaluate input and feedback from countless civilian shooters, private security professionals, law enforcement officers and military operators from many nations. This resulted in the implementation of several upgrades over the original design, thus spawning a "second generation" of the platform. The RONI-G2 kit was launched officially on the international market last year, and debuted in Europe at the 2015 edition of the IWA OutdoorClassics expo, held in Nuremberg (Germany).

The overall design of the chassis remains basically the same: the cocking handle is still readily accessed and operated with the left or the right hand, even should the shooter be using gloves; a wide ambidextrous lever is located in front of the trigger guard, and can be flipped up to block access to the trigger, de facto dubbing as a manual safety; the RONI-G2 still features several MIL-STD-1913 "Picatinny" rails, providing quick interface capabilities for optical sights, flip-up iron sights, electro-optical devices, tactical flashlights, lasers, and other accessories; and is compatible with silencers or sound suppressors with a maximum diameter of 1.375".

Changes include the presence of wide ventilation slots on the front top portion of the chassis, allowing the use of handguns with ported barrels and slides, and the possibility to replace the original collapsing stock with a buffer tube-type mount that will allow the use of M4-type collapsible buttstocks. This peculiar modification was requested by professional operators, as it would make the RONI kit more fitting to their average body build and would make it more practical to shoulder when wearing plate carriers or other types of body armor.

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