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Accessories IWA 2015

Walther Pro Gun Care line of products
03/12/2015 - IWA 2015 / UMAREX launches the Walther Pro Gun Care line of cleaning and maintenance products for firearms and airguns
Defcon 5 Extreme Stretch tactical trousers
03/19/2015 - IWA 2015 / Defcon 5 introduces the Extreme Stretch line of tactical trousers, all proudly Made in Italy
Light My Fire, the essential travel kit
03/27/2015 - IWA 2015 / Swedish firm Light My Fire presents a travel kit that can light a fire under any conditions along with camping necessities and essentials
Birchwood Casey, presents Renewalube Firearm Oil
03/06/2015 - IWA 2015 / Birchwood Casey: Renewalube Firearm Oil, a new product for gun care and maintenance
Zero Tolerance 0900
03/08/2015 - IWA 2015 / Zero Tolerance is the brand that Kai dedicated to his professional series.  Knives that are a pocketful of cutting ability and compact, rugged power
Fantoni HB-01 Limited Edition in CPM S125V
03/07/2015 - IWA 2015 / Fantoni HB-01 Limited Edition, a special knife made by a very special steel very difficult to machine on a productionlevel. This is the reason why we have a limited edition

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