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Walther CCP

Walther's line of semi-automatic defense pistol grows larger with the introduction of the CCP model

03/09/2014 - IWA 2014 / New from Walther: CCP semi-automatic 9mm compact defense pistol

The launch of the early P99 pistol model in 1996 represented the dawn of a new era for the German-based Walther firearms manufacturing company. Countless variants and modernizations of the design have been introduced to the market since then, and with the latest PPS, PPQ and PPX variants having spawned in the past couple of years, it also seems that Walther counts a lot on the design for the future. It's no surprise that Walther's latest compact pistol for service and defense purposes, launched at the 2014 IWA & OutdoorClassics expo in Nuremberg, is once again patterned after the modernized P99Q pistol outline.

Dubbed the CCP − an achronym for "Concealed Carry Pistol" − Walther's new self-loading handgun comes in a very compact size: only 163 millimetres in lenght, with a 90-millimetres barrel, an overall 30-millimetres width and a 130-millimetres height. The trigger pull on the CCP is very light at 2.5 Kilograms only; the trigger travel is also very brief at merely 7 millimetres. It's hard to call this a "light double action": it's more like a single action, using a prearmed internal striker.

Walther introduces the CCP "Concealed Carry Pistol", a slimline, compact 9mm semi-automatic based on a gas brake working system
Walther introduces the CCP "Concealed Carry Pistol", a slimline, compact 9mm semi-automatic based on a gas brake working system

The Walther CCP concealed carry pistol is built around a shorter variant of the Walther P99Q's black polymer frame, featuring the same ergonomic grip design and Picatinny rail for tactical accessories. The stainless steel slide can come with a silver or black CeraKote finish, and sports front slide serrations for easier chamber checks and a manual safety. Front sight is fixed, while the rear sight may be adjusted for windage.

The Walther CCP doesn't however share the Browning-type short-recoil working principle used by the other P99 derivatives. Instead, it is based upon the "SoftCoil" gas-delayed blowback principle − Walther's own take on the Barnitzke-type gas brake, the same system used in the past by defensive and service pistols such as the German Heckler & Koch P7, the Austrian Steyr GB and the South African ADP. Said working system, modified by Walther and dubbed the "SoftCoil", reduces muzzle climb levels in such a small pistol, and provides a more linear recoil.
The Walther CCP semi-automatic pistol will initially be marketed in 9x19mm only, feeding through eight-rounds single-stack magazines.

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