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IWA 2014 News

Grand Power P40L and P45L
03/12/2014 - IWA 2014 / New from Grand Power: P40L and P45L semi-automatic longslide pistols manufactured in Slovakia
OP.Electronics ZAP-1600DN
03/17/2014 - IWA 2014 / New from OP.Electronics: ZAP-1600DN digital day-night laser rangefinder
Crispi Leopard
03/17/2014 - IWA 2014 / New from Crispi: Leopard hunting and outdoors boot, summer version of the Tiger line
MAC Sanmarco
03/10/2014 - IWA 2014 / New from MAC: Sanmarco knife, a tactical/scuba fixed blade knife issued to italian Battaglione San Marco
Norma Kalahari Lead-Free
03/19/2014 - IWA 2014 / New from Norma: Kalahari Lead-Free hunting ammunition, now available in four new calibers
03/17/2014 - IWA 2014 / New from RWS: new RWS rimfire cartridge for semiautomatics 

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