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IWA 2013: Ammunition

Award-winning RWS “Evolution Green” centerfire rifle cartridge, now in three new calibres

News from IWA 2013 / All the new Ammunition seen at IWA 2013 in Nuremberg, the most important European gun trade show for sport shooting and hunting

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The feeding process of your firearm doesnʼt start in the magazine – it starts in the shelf of your trusted gun dealer. That’s where you find what you need. You can ask him for the right ammo for your weapon. And after reading our IWA report, you’ll know what’s up to date. Perhaps you’ll know a little bit more than your dealer...

Weapons are useless without the proper ammunition. This doesn’t only concern the feeding, the way from the magazine to the chamber, but means that the choice of the right cartridges of evident importance for the use; it can decide over success and failure. To identify the right choice you need three things: You have to know the purpose you need the weapon for. You have to know what bullet is the best for your purpose. And you have to know who offers the best quality at the lowest price to save money for the next purchase.

The best bullet might be a simple FMJ if it’s about target shooting. Then it’s the question who offers the best and constant precision to an affordable price. It’s not your neighbor but it’s you who should hit the mouche.

It might be a bullet of complex construction if you’re a hunter and the first round is the deciding one. Those cartridges aren’t cheap. So you should take special care when choosing this or that expensive cartridge pack from the shelf.

Even if the wheel can’t be invented twice, there are some interesting news concerning the ammo market. Follow and stroll with us through the IWA Show at Nuremberg.

Award-winning RWS “Evolution Green” centerfire rifle cartridge, now in three new calibres
Award-winning RWS “Evolution Green” centerfire rifle cartridge, now in three new calibres

      RWS Evolution Green

RWS has extended its range of lead-free hunting rifle ammunition: Evolution Green is now available in 3 additional calibres: 7 x 57 R, 7 mm Rem. Mag and .30 R Blaser. From summer on RWS introduces a new calibre of the classic EVOLUTION bullet: 6.5 x 55 mm.

On the topic lead free hunting bullets, RWS is currently presenting on the company website the results of a very convincing product test based on over 624 shootings of game.

For sports shooters, RWS presents at IWA 2013 a new version of  rim fire cartridges: RWS R 50 SC, designed specifically for small bore rifles with shorter firing chambers. Calibre: .22 LR. This product is mainly targeting international benchrest-shooters. The new product will also be available from summer 2013 on.

RWS is also presenting two new airgun pellets: Power Piercing (.22 /Cal. 5.5), with a new hollow-point design and equipped with an extreme lead tip for maximum energy transfer. The bullet mushrooms, when hitting the target. The other new product: Power Ball (.177 / Cal. 4.5) which provides an integrated, coated steel ball for maximum penetration. Both products will be available from May 2013 on.

The new Hornady Superformance International ammunition, presented by Mr. Jason Hornady
The new Hornady Superformance International ammunition, presented by Mr. Jason Hornady

        Hornady International

        Hornady presented at 2013 IWA the new Superformance International ammunitions. This news by Hornady are loaded with GMX bullets for the ultimate in performance, regardless of the game: made of gilding metal (95% copper, 5% zinc), retains 95% or more of its original weight for quick, humane kills and delivers deep penetration with less damage to the game’s meat. Superformance International features quality brass. Each case is manifactured to offer reliable feeding, corrosion resistance, hardnessand dimensional consistency. Superformance propellants are the driving force behind the unmatched performance of these cartridges: high speeds, without increased recoil and safe for use. This ammunitions are available in this calibers: 222 Rem, 243 Win, 6.5x55, 270 Win. 7x64, 7x 65, 7 mm rem Mag, 308 Win, 30-06 Sprg, 300 Win Mag, 8x57 JS (IS), 8x57 JRS (IRS), 9.3x62 and 9.3x74R. 

        Norma Hunting Ammunition
        Norma Hunting Ammunition



        Norma Precision AB has been producing ammunition in Amotfors (Sweden) for more than 100 years. NORMA produces a full range of different bullets for the most varied purposes. Most of them are designed with the help of hunters from all around the world. NORMA works closely with the most well-known manufacturers of hunting ammunition, such as Nosler, Barnes or Woodleigh, for example.

        Norma is presenting new variations in bullet weight for the legendary Oryx in 10.7 g (165gr) at the IWA 2013. This new variation is available immediately in the following calibres: .300 Win., .30-06, .300 WSM and .300 Win.Mag.

        Norma also displays the familiar African PH line at their booth, 12 calibers for large game hunting in both Soft Nose and Full Metal Jacket. Norma currently offers more than 16 different bullets in their hunting range, so every hunter can find the right choice for his or her hunt.

        For target shooting there are both the black moly-coated bullets in the Diamond Line series and regular copper jacketed Norma Golden Target line, both for national and international rifle disciplines. Brand new: Norma XC, an upgrade of the 6 mm Norma BR. Available with 3 new bullets.

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