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IWA 2013: Index

News from IWA 2013 / All the new pistols, rifles, shotguns, ammunition, optics and accessories seen at IWA 2013 in Nuremberg, the most important European gun trade show for sport shooting and hunting

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The IWA expo, taking place every year in the German city of Nüremberg, is one of the mainstay global trade shows in the field of sporting, hunting, defensive and Security-oriented firearms, ammunition, accessories and outdoor products. IWA is second, as per global importance and overall attendance, only to the Las Vegas SHOT Show expo, but while the SHOT Show serves mainly as a showcase for those companies who mainly wish to “conquer” the American market − a stand-alone reality, all considered − IWA addresses to a somewhat wider market, serving as a global showcase that will encompass basically all fields in hunting, sports shooting, outdoor life, and to a lesser extent even law enforcement − thanks to the recent opening of an “exhibition within the exhibition”, the special two-day pavillion dubbed the EnforceTac By IWA − with the full capability to “satisfy” the needs of most, if not all, global attendance on these fields. 

Hunting and sports shooting differs from Country to Country in Europe, the middle East, Asia and Africa, but at the IWA, attendance from all over the world is certainly bount do find something that will suit their needs. Not to mention, the IWA is currently the oldest existing trade show in the gun industry, celebrating in 2013 its 40th anniversary.
The national product show for the retail gun trade and gunsmiths opened its doors in Nuremberg for the first time in 1973 with just under 100 exhibitors. The its current, more international official name of IWA & OutdoorClassics is a symptom of its steady growth and importance beyond all borders, not just in merely geographical terms − German, European, western − but also as far as it concerns fields of interest, with IWA now covering the entire spectrum between traditional craftsmanship and innovative ideas for outdoor equipment, functional clothing, hunting sports and shooting sports. In the 40th year of its existence, IWA & OutdoorClassics 2013 presents a more attractive, more colourful and more comprehensive event that is a must for trade and industry.

1st IWA Shooting Day

Side Event:


For the first time, RUAG Ammotec hosts a multi brand product launch, together with Carl Zeiss Sport Optics and Sauer. The new Sauer 101 bolt action rifle has been fire tested using the Zeiss Victory HT riflescope with ASV+ turret and RWS EVO GREEN lead-free ammunition.


Open pistols 


Many people think the handguns market is extremely limited. They are wrong. Most European countries have liberal policies concerning civilian handgun ownership, and some of them even allow concealed carry for self-defense. Under this point of view, IWA is definitely just as important and vital as the SHOT Show.


Are you a hunter or a sports shooter? Do you practice long-range shooting competition, olympic shooting, or are you an enthusiast of military-style modern sporting rifles? Well, it doesn´t really matter. IWA has definitelty something for you. Come and check out... 



The shotgun IS the universal firearm platform. All countries that allow civilian ownership of firearms, even in the most restricted form, allow ownership of shotguns. Shotguns are useful for anything from sport shooting, personal defence to law enforcement, and no matter what will you use your shotgun for, at IWA you will find something that suits your needs. 



Ammunition are for guns what rubber tyres are for cars: they may be less exciting than what they´re used on, but most of times they will effectively work as a “force multiplier”: the right ammunition may effectively allow the shooter to overcome the drawbacks of their platform. Letʼs see what we got new this year! 


The optics and electro-optical sector is probably one of the most thriving and innovative aspects of the global industry. Mastering some of the latest technologies in electronics, glass, coating and overall manufacturing, the optics industry is a mainstay in the IWA halls. 


A symptom of the global economic crisis is that many shooters will address to the accessories market as a way around to enhance the performances of their firearms and existing gear which would otherwise be too expensive to buy again from the ground up. As it was at the SHOT Show, so is at IWA. 



One whole pavillion of the IWA & OutdoorClassics was reserved to professional gear and equipment. Armor vests, duty gear, tactical accessories such as night vision equipment, was on display; most of the products showcased was dual-use, and therefore available to the commercial and civilian markets as well.


Europe faced terrorist threaths way before the United States did, since the 1960s. Thatʼs the reason why the European arms, ammunition and gear industries always had an eye for the needs of the security forces, and IWA follows the trend with a specialized section of the expo itself, the EnforceTac.


May it be because the IWA is held in the same Nüremberg fairground center pavillions that yearly host the Spielwarenmesse, the  toys fair? Possibly. But, as a matter of fact, IWA has an overall bigger number of Airsoft exhibitors than any other arms trade expo.



IWA has a long-standing tradition in knives, blades and tools, even more so than the SHOT Show itself, and the artistic and handcraftsmanship production of custom blades finds a much more appropriate global showcase here at IWA than anywhere else.. 

Article also available in other languages

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