IWA 2016: Handguns

Diana LP8 Magnum Tactical
03/24/2016 - IWA 2016 / New look for the iconic break barrel Diana LP8 Magnum pistol. This tactical version will surely increase
Czech Small Arms Vz.61 .22 Long Rifle, a Škorpion rimfire pistol
03/17/2016 - IWA 2016 / New from Czech Small Arms: a semi-automatic .22 Long Rifle variant of the legendary Vz.61 Škorpion is on
Ruger American Pistol, soon in Europe through AKAH
03/15/2016 - IWA 2016 /  New from AKAH: the German distributor debuted the Ruger American Pistol in Europe
Tanfoglio's new professional product line
03/14/2016 - IWA 2016 / New from Tanfoglio at the EnforceTac expo is an innovative product line specifically dedicated to MIL/LE
FK BRNO Field Pistol 7.5 FK semiautomatic pistol
03/09/2016 - IWA 2016 / New from FK Brno: the 7,5 FK caliber Field Pistol is back at the Nuremberg fair center
Heckler & Koch SP5K semiautomatic pistol
03/09/2016 - IWA 2016 / New from Heckler & Koch: the SP5K brings back the design of the MP5K sub-machinegun to the commercia

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