Franchi SPAS 12 shotgun, the legend
The Franchi SPAS 12 is an iconic 12 gauge shotgun and a true legend among combat firearms buffs. Its unique silhoue
Kalashnikov TG2 shotgun chambered for .366TKM
Kalashnikov Concern  have announced a new TG2 semi-automatic shotgun chambered for the Russian .366TKM hunting cart
FABARM STF/12 Telescopic FE professional shotgun
The FABARM Professional STF/12 has established itself as one of the most popular modern pump-action tactical and co
«Kalashnikov» and «Baikal» soft gun cases
As part of the expansion of its product line, Kalashnikov group has developed a series of gun cases for civilian we
A day at the Owls Lodge Shooting School with the Caesar Guerini Invictus
A gray day of dull English weather on the outskirts of Winchester, made somewhat warmer only by the delicious smell
Beretta PMX, the heir of the PM12
We had been hearing about it for a few months and finally at the Milipol, in Paris, Beretta showed a preview of its

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