Marocchi Nexus 12, a versatile inertia semi-automatic shotgun for sport shooting and hunting

Founded in 1922, over the course of 101 years the Marocchi company has consolidated its position in the panorama of Italian gunmakers and today offers a wide catalog consisting of shotguns of different types, from over-and-unders to semi-automatics in gauges from 12 to 36.

One of the company's strengths is the in-house production of the barrels, where more than a hundred years of experience is quite important for the end result. The high concentricity drilling-turning process allows Marocchi's technicians to control the wall thickness at critical points, ensuring that the barrels are perfectly machined, with absolute concentricity of the chamber to the forcing cone and choke. All the equipment used for fastening, alignment and subsequent machining has been developed and designed by the company's technicians to ensure maximum consistency and accuracy. The bore diameter of Marocchi barrels is 18.35-18.45 for 12-gauge and 15.8-15.9 for 20-gauge. The Nexus has 70-mm internal chrome-lined chokes, made from the same steel as the barrels. Using materials having the same elasticity for barrels and chokes ensures a more even distribution of shot patterns.

The Marocchi Nexus 12 semi-automatic and its versions

In the company's extensive catalog we find several models of semi-automatic shotguns, sharing the inertia operating system with a rotating bolt head. The one we present here is the Nexus model, available in 12- and 20-gauge with Magnum 3.5 chamber and in a good range of variants suitable for hunting and sporting use. The barrel lengths available are 61, 66, 71 and 76 cm with a 76-mm Magnum chamber, and a 20-gauge version is also available, again with a Magnum chamber. The basic version features a ventilated rib with bead front sight. A version with a 61-centimeter Slug barrel is also in the catalog.

The Marocchi Nexus One is an especially aesthetically pleasing version, available in 12- or 20-gauge with Magnum chambers. The receiver is nickel-plated while the bolt is blued. 

The Nexus 12, which is the basic model in the series, has a traditional stock made of standard oil-finished walnut wood with stippling for an optimal grip and the fore-end is enhanced by the engraving of the Marocchi logo. The receiver is made of 7075-T6 aluminum alloy with an anodized finish and an elegant, soft line. The contrast between glossy and matte areas on the receiver produced by the different finishes creates a sophisticated play of lights that make this semi-automatic very appealing aesthetically. The bolt with a black finish reduces light reflections that could disturb the shooter when aiming. For aesthetic reasons, the 20-gauge model instead features a bolt with a nickel-plated finish. The trigger guard, on the other hand, is made of polymer, which benefits lightness. The shotgun comes with a kit of plates for comb adjusting and other accessories, which are contained in the supplied ABS case. The weight is 2.95 kg with a 71-cm barrel. The Nexus is also available in 20-gauge Magnum with barrel lengths of 66 and 71 centimeters, and in Slug version with 61-centimeter barrel. 

The Polichasse version of the Marocchi Nexus semi-automatic in its case. It can mount 90-millimeter chokes. 

As we said, the Nexus is offered in several variants that we invite you to discover on the company's website. We would like to mention among them the Nexus 12 Polichasse, which is the all-rounder in the range, with a barrel available in 66 cm length only, in 12-ga with Magnum chamber and ready to mount 90-mm Maxi90 chokes that make it an extremely versatile shotgun despite its compact size. It is available with a wooden stock, charcoal gray polymer stock made of three-component technopolymer (nylon, fiberglass and elastomer) and soft touch cover. The shotgun is delivered in an ABS case also containing five 90 mm Maxi90 chokes, one 90 mm Maxi90 shotgund choke, choke key, bend diverters and barrel extension. The magazine holds 4+1 rounds, for an empty weight of 2.950 kg. The list price for the wood stock version is 1,569 euros (Italian RRP).

The receiver of the Nexus One version is embellished by hunting-themed engravings.  

The Nexus One version features a polished receiver with hunting-themed engravings, protected by an Extreme nickel treatment. This is a traditional-looking shotgun with a very classic Italian style. The Nexus One is designed for shooters who require maximum power from a handy, compact and lightweight shotgun, without sacrificing a touch of “Made in Italy” elegance. The One variant is also available for the Polichasse model. It weighs 3.1 kg in the 71-centimeter barrel version. Equipment includes a kit with five 70-mm chokes, key and comb adjusting kit. Price ranges from 1,264.00 for the basic version with wooden stock to 1,569 for the Polichasse version.

The Marocchi Nexus is also offered in versions for sport shooting, with a magazine extension, and with battue sights. 

The Nexus Dynamic version is designed for sport shooting: in this variant, the shotgun mounts a Complus stock made of three-component technopolymer (nylon, fiberglass and elastomer) with Soft-Touch coating that ensures a firm grip even in the most frantic stages of shooting competitions. The stock comb has a synthetic rubber insert that reduces felt recoil for greater comfort. The anthracite gray buttstock and forend form an eye-catching combo with the deep black details (recoil pad, comb insert and forend cap). The basic version is in 12 gauge with Magnum chamber, but in the catalog we also find a version in 12 gauge with a Supermagnum 89-millimeter chamber. This is a shotgun designed for sport shooting, and the magazine has a capacity of 4+1 cartridges with the possibility of mounting the +8-round magazine extension. Also for this model there is a Slug version with a 61-cm barrel and battue sights. The price ranges from 1,231 euros for the basic version to 1,477 euros for the Supermagnum model.

These are just some of the available variants of the Marocchi Nexus. To learn more please to visit the Marocchi website.

Marocchi Nexus 12 specs and price

Nexus 12
Semi-automatic shotgun 
Inertia system with rotating head bolt
12 with Magnum chamber, 20  with Magnum chamber
Barrel Lengths:
61, 66, 71, 76 cm; 61-cm barrel Slug version
Receiver Material:
7075-T6 aluminum alloy
Receiver Finish:
Black anodizing
Front Sight: Bead
Standard oil-finished walnut wood 
2.95 kg with 71 cm barrel
4+1 rounds
ABS case, kit with 5 70-mm chokes, choke key and comb adjustment kit, magazine extension, 90-mm Maxi90 choke set
Price (RRP in Italy):
From 1,264 euro
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