New Beretta 92GTS Centurion, the next generation in the 90 pistol series

Legends live forever – or they last very long: it was the mid-1970s when the first Beretta 92 pistol was introduced. Almost half a century later, Beretta is offering the 9mm 92GTS Centurion model, “the next generation of the 92 series”. 

The frame-mounted type G decocker of the Beretta 92GTS Centurion is ambidextrous. The aluminum frame is a straight-back Vertec style.

A frame-mounted type G decocker with a new twin sear design and a full-size frame matched to a compact slide and barrel are the main features that characterize the 92GTS Centurion, which actually blends the Beretta 92’s legacy with cutting-edge advancements. 

The 92GTS Centurion has a magazine capacity of 18 rounds. Metal surfaces have a  premium H-series Cerakote finish.

Not just in design or “style”, but in ergonomics, effectiveness and comfort of use too. 

Starting with the already mentioned type G ambidextrous decocker lever, that ingeniously utilizes the new Twin Sear Technology (the “TS” in the pistol's name) to ensure flawlessly smooth transitions from action to safe mode while maintaining performance. 

The DLC (diamond-like carbon coating) trigger components and lightweight skeletonized hammer also provide a smooth and quick double action/single action pull, while the full-size frame and compact slide and barrel configuration offers optimal balance and control. 

Beretta 92GTS Centurion, a carry gun

The slide of the Beretta 92GTS Centurion is optic-ready and comes factory with a fiber optic front sight and fully serrated rear sight. 

As in many other recent 90-series pistols, the grip is the straight-back Vertec style instead of the traditional “humped” frame of, say, the M9 model: some love it, some love it less, but if you don't have large hands you will probably find that the Vertec grip helps find a correct trigger finger placement for accurate shooting.

Frame material is aluminum. The slide is optic-ready and comes factory with a fiber optic front sight and fully serrated rear sight. Finish is premium H-series Cerakote.

Inside there are no surprises: this is a classic 92/M9 pistol with a tilting block locking system. Magazine capacity is a reassuring 18 rounds. 

And with a 4.25”/108 mm barrel, with an overall length of 197 mm, a height of 137 mm, a weigh of 771 g, even if not exactly a micro-compact, the the 92GTS Centurion is still compact enough to be considered a carry gun. In the US theBeretta 92GTS Centurion will be priced at $899.

Beretta 92GTS Centurion specs and price

Magazine Capacity: 
18 Rounds


Barrel Length: 
108 mm
Overall Length: 
197 mm
137 mm
38 mm
Sight Radius: 
146 mm
Frame Material: 

Aluminum Frame

Weight (Unloaded):

771 g

Price (MSRP in the US): 
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