New Beretta SL2 12 ga over-and-under, a revolution of technology in Trap, Skeet and Sporting versions

With the Pietro Beretta Selection, Beretta redefines the paradigm of clay target shooting by presenting the new SL2 over-and-under, which marks the beginning of a new era: the Hypergun. The pinnacle of Beretta's expertise in clay target shooting together with the high level of craftsmanship of the Pietro Beretta Selection. Futuristic design and innovative technical solutions combine to create a made-to-measure shotgun crafted for victory. This is the essence of the SL2, the new shooting platform that sets new standards in the sport. SL2 is the first shotgun featuring the advanced Steelium Pro X barrels, capable of guaranteeing unprecedented performance, and is available in Trap, Skeet and Sporting versions.

Beretta SL2: a fusion of technology and beauty

The cutting-edge lines of the Beretta SL2's receiver have been reduced to the essentials and enriched with a revolutionary laser-made anti-glare texture.

Carlo Ferlito, CEO and General Manager of Fabbrica d'Armi Pietro Beretta, said: "Unlike all other companies in the sector, Beretta offers clay target shooting enthusiasts a complete system that is expressed both in clothing and accessories, and in the possibility of choosing from a range of platforms that cover all needs. The 680, 690, DT11 and SO5 series. These are now joined by the SL2, a shotgun born from the need to create the ideal bridge between the iconic DT11 and SO5. This platform is a concentrate of technology at the service of performance enriched, at the same time, with all those beauty features typical of Made in Italy. Not only is the SL2 a machine designed to win, it is also a shotgun that brings together the peculiarities of luxury products through the stylistic elaboration and customisation capabilities of our PB Selection division. Today, the Beretta clay shooting house is truly complete".

The cutting-edge lines of the receiver have been reduced to the essential and enriched by a revolutionary anti-glare texture. The laser-engraved micro pyramids were developed to break the light, while the absence of shoulders and the lower top lever allow an enhanced view of the target. This is possible thanks to a variation of Boss-type locking system with a locking lug that fits on the hinge pin height. The lines of the stock blend seamlessy into the design of the contemporary receiver, following its fluid lines and providing major visibility on clays with lateral trajectories. For a solid grip, the design of the forend has been completely revised.

The Beretta SL2 over-and-under in Sporting version is available with barrel lengths of 76-79-81 cm in 12 ga Magnum.

A revolutionary idea behind the Beretta SL2

Marco Martelli, Head of Design at Fabbrica d'Armi Pietro Beretta: "Before thinking about shapes, looking at the technical prototype I was trying to see if there was anything to remove, unnecessary, leaving only what is needed as in all competitions. The top of the receiver could have been decresed in width, further freeing the view of the target: this was the way to go. The rest developed consequently. So, the shapes narrowed to "disappear" or to become more ergonomic. The tricky thing was to make them beautiful as wekk. But we made it.

As for the most successful shotgun ever, the legendary DT11, the trigger group is detachable and quickly replaceable, with leaf springs that ensure a clean and even trigger pull at all times. A specific barrel profile has been designed for the SL2 to push the performances of the tried and tested Beretta Steelium barrel technology to their ultimate level: the Steelium Pro X  barrels were developed with Beretta professional shooters, featuring an elongated choke fitting compared to the DT11 Steelium Pro profile for optimised shot patterns and superior ballistic performance. As for every PB shotgun, the barrel surface is carefully hand-polished by the Pietro Beretta gubsmiths to a flawless shiny finish. The stunning grade 4 walnut wood is masterfully crafted to create made-to-measure stock and forend, finely checkered by hand for a perfect grip.

Beretta SL2 over-and-under: the advantages of Steelium Pro X barrels

The barrels of the Beretta SL2 are fitted with interchangeable 90-millimeter chokes called OCXP.

With Steelium Pro X technology on SL2, Beretta wants to further advance in its barrel technology not by following the market trends, but always charting new courses. There are three elements that make Steelium Pro X the best barrel ever made, carefully measured by the manufacturer:

  1. Terminal energy: a smaller diameter of the forcing cone allows a better terminal energy, recoil reduction and better performance with felt fiber wads.
  2. Shot pattern: tested with 3D modelling, the pattern is incredibly consistent and uniform, full of energy throughout its useful range.
  3. Recoil management: using pressure sensors and load cells, it was possible to measure recoil directly on the shooter's shoulder. The smoother recoil, compared to the Pro version is easily perceptible. Completing this engineering revolution, are the new 90 millimeter chokes called OCXP.

Details of the Beretta SL2 over-and-under, that make the difference

Profile view of the receiver of the Beretta SL2. In this version the top lever is of the type with three hollowed-out arrows, but it is also available as full or hollow.

The material selection process starts with a careful review by Beretta's master gunsmiths, but the process actually begins even earlier. Pietro Beretta Selection products are subjected to an in-depth control of the supply chain right from the selection of raw materials, then the semi-finished parts are subject to blank assembly before being completed, so as to guarantee a perfect fit once the refining of parts is complete. The tried-and-tested Beretta MicroCore recoil pad known for its superior recoil absorption and increased support completes the stock. One of the features that make the SL2 unique is the addition of an anti-glare treatment to the metal bodies. This is a laser texture designed by the in-house R&D departments to mitigate glare thanks to pyramid-shaped micro-incisions that have the property of retaining the sun's rays and preventing them from creating annoying glare when aiming the target. The surface finishing of the SL2's receiver is a new and innovative Graphite Grey layer, applied through an electrochemical deposition process. The Graphite Grey finishing is fully compliant with the Beretta sustainability policies as it is fluoride-free. It also provides enhanced performances with higher resistance to corrosion, aging and brightness.

Beretta SL2: wide range of customisation

The brandnew SL2 models are PB Selection products and therefore, in order to be part of the noblest family of Beretta guns, they must allow the widest possible customisation by the customer. For this reason, there are several specifications that can be adopted at the time of ordering, depending on the customer's taste. These include: top lever which can be with the three hollowed-out arrows, hollow or full. But a classy upgrade of stock and forend woods is also possible: from the class 4 standard to the top represented by class 5. For lovers of modern style, a carbon version can be requested. Obviously, all made-to-measure and, as far as woods are concerned, with a choice of three oil finishes. Not only that: among the extras, the Beretta SL2 gives the option of a carbon trigger group and a gun case created according to the customer's imagination. The Beretta SL2 models will be priced starting from 19,599 euro.

Beretta SL2 Trap, Skeet, Sporting: technical specifications and price

Model:SL2 TrapSL2 SkeetSL2 Sporting
Bore:18.4 mm
18.4 mm
18.4 mm
Barrel Length:
75-76 cm
73-74-76 cm

76-79-81 cm

90 mm OCXP
90 mm OCXP
90 mm OCXP
Stock:Grade 4 walnutGrade 4 walnutGrade 4 walnut
Made to measure
Made to measureMade to measure
Recoil Pad:
Graphite grey
Graphite grey
Graphite grey
Price (RRP):
Starting from 19,599 euro
Starting from 19,599 euroStarting from 19,599 euro

Further information on the new SL2 over-and-under shotgun series can also be found on the Beretta website.

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