The Shooter's Talk: Gun control and questions to be asked after Parkland
Once again, the US is shaken by a mass shooting and the debate about gun control is raging on. Yet, the system failed not because we need stricter gun laws, but because existing laws were not applied and red flags ignored. 
The Shooter’s Talk – The spirit of gun laws
The US House of Representatives passed a law named “Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act”: a common-sense legislation that will allow law-abiding citizens with a concealed carry permit to travel freely between US states without worrying about conflicting state codes. Meanwhile, in Europe there is almost no reciprocity as far as national gun laws are concerned.
The Shooter's Talk – Gun control and speed limits, a matter of logic
In the recent Texas shooting an armed citizen prevented the killer from taking many more lives. But if gun laws were stricter, the “good Samaritan”  might not have been able to have his gun... 
Poland joins the Czech Republic against the EU “Gun Ban”
Last summer the Czech Republic filed a lawsuit against the EU directive restricting firearms possession and use. Now the Polish Ministry of Interior and Administration has initiated the procedure to participate in the proceedings for interim relief in the form of a suspension of the contested directive.
After the “Gun Ban”, an EU “Lead Ammo Ban”?
Is the EU trying to grab weapons from the hand of law-abiding citizens again? The restriction proposed by Brussels would be a hidden tax on shooters at best, and a de facto ban on hunting and shooting at worst. No reason to panic - but let's watch the situation closely! And let's always be one step ahead ...
Guns and the law: is microstamping a good idea?
A technology by which microscopic markings are imprinted on the ejected cartridges will help to solve crimes and fight crime? Not really. Here's why. 

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