European Parliament tightens gun laws
03/17/2017 - It has been decided: On March 14, 2017, the European Parliament voted to change the EU firearms directive. This approves tighter gun laws in the EU, as was requested in the agreement between the European Commission, the European Council, and the EU committee IMCO. We explain what will change and what this means for the future.
ANPAM. Scientific study: link between the ownership of firearms and the number of homicides
03/13/2017 - The study conducted by the University of Liege on the factors that affect the number of homicides committed with firearms has been presented in Nuremberg for the World Forum on Shooting Activities (WFSA).
All the way….in Trump’s sway!
Something that never would have even sprung in anyone’s wildest dreams under either Obama’s presidency or any of the Clintons’ (had Hillary been successful) did materialize on February 2nd. Under live TV coverage of  a White House meeting to plan for Senate confirmation of  judge Neil Gorsuch, right next to U.S. President Trump, sat none other than Wayne LaPierre, CEO and Executive Vice President of the NRA!
Europe against muzzle loading replicas: Pedersoli's opinion
Pierangelo Pedersoli expresses his concerns regarding the Civilian Firearms Directive 477/91 revision proposal, that has a direct impact on the purchase and ownership of black powder muzzle loading firearms replicas
EU Gun Ban: Commission agrees compromise
The so called trilogue has ended now. A draft agreement on the European Commission's proposal to increase citizens security banning legal civilian firearms ownership has recently emerged. The Commission blindly insists on the purposed danger of semiautomatic firearms
EU gun law: pro-gun Lobby is fighting hard to avoid new gun bans
On November 16, 2016 a conference initiated by Firearms United was held in Bruxelles. One year after the terroristic attacks in Paris, the European commission still believes that a ban of legally owned semiautomatic weapons is the right way to fight terrorism. Let's have a look at the current discussion.