Leupold launches the new Mark 4HD riflescope series: slimmer and more compact with proven high optical performance

The 510-gram Leupold Mark 4HD in 1-4.5x24 with a 30 mm tube. 

It is well known that the powerful Leupold Mark 5HD riflescopes are very popular with the military and law enforcement, but also with civilian sport shooters (for example in the booming, dynamic PRS Long Range segment). However, they have a 35-mm main tube diameter, which somewhat limits the choice of mounts. Slightly more sleek, but no less robust, are the new Mark 4HD scopes with centermain tube diameters of 30 or 34 mm, which Leupold is presenting at this year's SHOT Show.

The following models with 4x zoom are currently available: 1-4.5x24 and 2.5-10x42 (30-mm tube) as well as 4.5-18x52, 6-24x52 and 8-32x56 (34-mm tube).

Common features of the Mark 4HD riflescopes from Leupold:

All lenses in the new Mark 4HD series from Leupold have high-quality adjustment mechanisms with clear markings and audible and tactile clicks. 
  • High image quality
  • Mechanical repeatability of the adjustment mechanisms
  • MOA or MIL reticles with large total adjustment travels
  • "ZeroLock" dials to prevent unintentional adjustments
  • Parallax compensation that also works at short distances
  • User-friendly, removeable throw Lever for quick magnification changes when aiming

The 2.5-10x42 is available with either a non-illuminated or illuminated TMR reticle in the first (FFP = First Focal Plane) or second focal plane as well as a non-illuminated PR1 MOA reticle (FFP). It has a total elevation/windage adjustment range of 85 MOA and a field of view of 13.6 m (FFP) or 13.4 m (SFP) at minimum and 3.3 m at maximum magnification.

The Mark 4HD in 4.5-18x52 is available with illuminated PR1-MIL and non-illuminated PR2-MIL reticles as well as illuminated PR1-MOA and non-illuminated PR2-MOA reticles. The total elevation/windage adjustment range is 125/65 MOA and the field of view is 7.0/1.6 m.

The optics in 6-24x52 with non-illuminated PR2 in MOA or MIL and PR3 MIL reticles have the same total adjustment travel in elevation and windage as well as a field of view of 5.3/1.4m.

The largest Mark 4HD scope in 8-32x56 is available with the same reticle as the 6-24x52 and impresses with the following key data: 70/45 MOA total magnification in elevation/side, field of view at minimum/maximum magnification at 100 yards (91.44 m): 4.0/1.0 m.

The 595-gram Leupold Mark 4HD in 2.5-10x42.
The Leupold Mark 4HD in 4.5-18x52 and 6-24x52 is in the same weight class at 765 grams.
The impressive Leupold Mark 4HD 8-32x56 weighs 850 grams.
The 510 gram Leupold Mark 4HD in 1-4.5x24.
The overall design of the new PR3-MIL reticle has been further simplified compared to the already first-class PR2-MIL, which was specially designed for the PRS Long Range Sport, which allows fast target acquisition in dynamic situations.

Further information can be found on the Leupold website.

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