IWA OutdoorClassics 2024: GECO launches new rifle calibers for the STAR, EXPRESS and TARGET HP bullets

There is no substitute for experience: in this respect, the ammunition pioneer GECO can point to over 130 years of company history (click here for a detailed brand portrait at all4shooters.com). An essential part of the success story is that both as a manufacturer and as a retailer, the wishes, suggestions and constructive criticism from customers in the hunting and shooting sports sectors are carefully analysed and new loads are promptly added to the product range. As a result, new calibers and other loads are constantly being added to the established ammunition lines. GECO also adds appropriate reloading components as required.

GECO EXPRESS in video: the precise rifle cartridge for every hunting situation and high effectiveness even at long ranges

IWA 2024: the features of the GECO EXPRESS clearly illustrated.
IWA OutdoorClassics 2024: the fast GECO EXPRESS loads come in these eye-catching 20-pack boxes.

The GECO EXPRESS cartridge is suitable for any hunting situation where accuracy and effectiveness at long range are important. The strikingly streamlined bullet with the red GECO EXPRESS tip allows long, precise shots without aiming point correction. The jacket design ensures high bullet velocities, which are maintained right to the target and converted into energy. More than a dozen loads between .223 Remington and 9.3x62 are currently in the catalog (see above for section and disassembled images of the bullet).

Here are the key success factors of the GECO Express line:

  • High precision and best effectiveness even at long hunting distances supported by the GECO EXPRESS TIP
  • Strikingly streamlined bullet for a flat trajectory
  • High bullet velocity and extreme shock effect on the target
  • Good knock-down power thanks to GECO SPECIAL JACKET construction

Here you will find all the important information and data on GECO EXPRESS line.

GECO STAR: new lead-free load in .270 Win for IWA 2024

Sectional view of the GECO Star monolithic bullet.
From roe deer to red deer, from driven hunts to hide hunting: the lead-free loads in the GECO STAR series are always the universal solution for all common hunting situations and shooting distances.

More and more hunters (at least in Europe) are being forced to switch to lead-free ammunition. With the GECO STAR, they can fall back on reliable lead-free ammunition, now also in the trend .270 Win. caliber (bullet weight: 8.4 g). The advantages:

  • The hollow point design (GECO HOLLOW POINT) ensures reliable deformation at all hunting distances.
  • The bullet grooves (GECO GROOVES) ensure maximum precision and optimum ballistics.
  • The copper core (GECO COPPER MONOLITH) provides maximum penetration and a narrow flight path.

A total of eight calibers are available in the GECO STAR range: from the latest cartridge in .270 Win to 7x64, .308 Win. and .30-06 Springfield, .300 Win Mag, the classic 8x57 JS and 8x57 JRS, and the 9.3x62.

Here you will find information on the entire GECO STAR range

VIDEO: GECO STAR with lead-free deformation bullet

GECO TARGET HP: accurate and affordable rifle cartridges for competition and training, also for long-range disciplines

The GECO TARGET HP is an affordable but highly accurate long-range sporting cartridge for training and competition, now also available in the popular .223 Remington (shown here) and .300 WinMag calibers.
IWA 2024: new in the GECO TARGET HP cartridge catalog are the .223 Remington and .300 WinMag shown here, both in packs of 50.

The GECO TARGET HP is still a young product line of sporting rifle cartridges designed especially for the increasingly popular long-range competitions. Naturally, high numbers of shots are required to be successful here. It is therefore worth looking for a cartridge that still offers the necessary accuracy at a favourable cost. The search is over (for many GECO fans at least), as the three popular calibers already available in the GECO TARGET HP line will be joined at the IWA 2024 by new calibers: .223 Rem. (bullet: 3.4 g or 52 grs) and .300 WinMag (bullet: 12.3 g / 190 grs) will complement the already familiar 6.5 Creedmoor and 6.5x55 SE, as well as the versatile classic .308 Winchester (to the GECO website with the GECO TARGET HP data).

Thanks to its balanced loading, the GECO TARGET HP provides an extremely pleasant shooting experience. The elaborately manufactured hollow-point bullet guarantees perfection at longer ranges. Shooters can rely on high accuracy and reliable ballistics, which are ensured by the streamlined bullet design and the high ballistic coefficient. The basis for this successful sporting cartridge:

  • Precisely manufactured hollow-point bullet for outstanding precision
  • Balanced load for a pleasant shooting experience
  • Specially designed for the shooting range and long-range shooting
  • Pack of 50 (instead of 20 as with hunting cartridges) for an optimal value-for-money

VIDEO: GECO TARGET HP, the ideal sporting and long-range cartridge, now available in 5 calibers

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