Nighthawk Custom Lady Hawk 2.0: a Commander with a woman's touch
01/27/2018 - SHOT Show 2018 / New from Nighthawk Custom: the Lady Hawk 2.0 Pistol. The upgrade of the Lady Hawk model is quite s
MantisX firearms training system
The MantisX is a new training system that differs radically from other similar, electronic devices. It addresses th
Review: Kimber 84M LPT bolt action rifle in .223 Remington
With the Kimber 84M LPT bolt action rifle, Waffen Ferkinghoff offers a precise big-bore rifle. But does this firear
Test & review: DIANA 54 AirKing air rifle
Air rifles of the traditional brand DIANA enjoy great popularity among air rifle shooters worldwide. The DIANA 54 A
The Tactical Corner – Bump stocks: lethal devices?
Bump stocks were apparently used in the horrible Las Vegas shooting, and there could be a ban on them. But are they
The Tactical Corner – The “round in chamber” dilemma
Some people think that having a semi-auto in “Condition One” – gun loaded, hammer cocked, safety on – is dangerous.

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