Caesar Guerini Julia Syren over-and-under shotgun: field test with Renato Lamera and Adriana Rubini

In the Julia Syren model we find a new and particular aesthetic finish of the engravings and new lines. The shotgun has been tested for us at the Cieli Aperti shooting range in Italy by the shooters who train there with Renato Lamera – in this case the young yet already Italian Olympic Trap Champion Adriana Rubini.

Video: Cesar Guerini Julia Syren over-and-under, introduction and field test

Julia Syren over-and-under for women shooters and hunters

The Julia Syren over-and-under
The Julia Syren over-and-under is the latest model in the range and is currently available in 12 gauge in hunting and sporting versions.

Syren is a division of Caesar Guerini and Fabarm that since 2014 has seen a growing appreciation by the female audience worldwide for the manufacturing of over-and-under shotguns designed in shape and general construction to female shooters and hunters. In fact, we are not talking about traditional guns that have been modified and adapted in order to facilitate their use by women, but on the contrary, guns that ensure the best performance to shooters and hunters starting from the stock measures sized for female anatomy, passing through the shortened and more curved pistol grip that brings smaller hands closer to the trigger guard and trigger, up to the balance of weights with a series of features thatmake the difference both on the shooting platform and in the hunting grounds. The Syren hunting shotgun line includes the Caesar Guerini Syren Tempio and Tempio Light over-and-unders, to which are added the Fabarm Syren Elos D2 over-and-under and the Fabarm Syren Xlr5 Waterfowler semi-automatic. For the clay shooting world, the Syren line includes the Caesar Guerini Syren Tempio Sporting and Trap over-and-unders, the Fabarm Syren Elos N2 Sporting over-and-under and the Fabarm Syren L4s Sporting semi-automatic. To this already wide range is added the most recent model Julia Syren, currently available in 12 gauge both in hunting and Sporting configurations.

Details of the Julia Syren over-and-under

In the Julia Syren over-and-under we find the elegance that distinguishes Caesar Guerini shotguns
In the Julia Syren over-and-under we find the elegance that distinguishes Caesar Guerini shotguns, with particular attention to the engravings made by the Giovanelli workshop in Brescia.

Made only in the Syren version, the Julia over-and-under is immediately recognizable by the feminine lines and the particular attention to the golden subjects of the engravings on the color case hardened receiver, representing a true tribute to women shooters and hunters. On the color case hardened surfaces of the receiver bottom and of the long side plates we find the profile of a female face in the act of blowing the seeds of the dandelion flower – a flower rich in symbolic meanings in Greek mythology, an expression of hope, strength and trust with clear reference to the challenges that every women shooter can meet by relying on this gun. Made by the Giovanelli's workshop, these engravings with gold inlays make graceful the lines of a receiver that is actually characterized by its solidity, being made from tri-alloyed NiCrMo steel, forged from solid blocks and hardened to guarantee resistance and stability over time.

The Julia Syren over-and-under features a box lock, entirely contained in the receiver tang. The firing pins are cocked by pre-charged coil springs with a rebound system that prevent them from protruding after firing, avoiding marks and making the gun's opening smoother. The classic locking system consists in two lugs on the bottom of the monoblock. With its golden finish, the single selective trigger recalls the engravings on the receiver. The selector, classically placed at the rear of the receiver, is finely checkered to facilitate fast and precise operation. The trigger breaks cleanly and pull weight is suitable for use in clay shooting, at 1300 g for the first barrel and 1500 g for the second one.

The long stroke ejectors 
The long stroke ejectors of the Julia Syren over-and-under are automatic. 

Moving on to the barrels, it is worth mentioning the special patented internal geometry used by Caesar Guerini to guarantee the best performance in shooting. The barrels are made by drilling solid 42CrMo4 steel bars, a process that allows the material to preserve its original characteristics of elasticity, without stressing or deforming the metal fibers as typically occurs with other manufacturing techniques such as, for example, cold hammering. Maxisbore barrels are characterized by a slight over-boring, with a diameter of 18.6 millimeters, coupled with long Duecon forcing cones. The two combined technologies ensure that the pellets are subjected to less pressure in the barrel and are not misshaped, thus reaching higher velocities and providing, at the same time, reduced felt recoil and more accurate and dense patterns. 

The barrel is chrome lined to guarantee a better pellet fluidity and a longer life, while the external surfaces are polished and blued. Like all Caesar Guerini competition shotguns, the Julia Syren is characterized by a standard 2 3/4”/70 mm chamber. The available barrel lengths are 71, 76, 81 and 86 cm. A set of interchangeable internal and external Maxischoke competition chokes, 81 millimeters long and protruding by 20 millimeters from the muzzle, is always available to be fitted to the barrels. The set of 8 chokes includes: Skeet, Cylinder, **** Improved cylinder, *** and 1/2 Light modified, *** Modified, ** Improved Modified, * and 1/2 Light full and * Full – a complete equipment that makes the Syren Julia a versatile gun in every shooting situation. Worthy of mention is the select  and oil finished European walnut wood used for the Montecarlo stock that, as previously mentioned, provides shapes and sizes designed for a female audience. The length of pull is 356 millimeters, with a drop of 35 mm at comb, 44 mm at face and 64 mm at heel. The fore-end, with its slim and rounded shape, has a fine pitch checkering and features the classic Caesar Guerini release button. The pistol grip is slender and gripping too, being characterized by a curved design that reduces the distance between the shooter's hand and the trigger, with the cap adorned by the Syren logo engraving. The rubber recoil pad is the last of the features of the Syren over-and-under aimed at optimizing comfort and performance when firing. Of fundamental importance to adapt the  gun to the different needs of female shooters is the adjustable fore-end and the possibility of applying the patented DTS system inside the stock, which makes it possible to adjust the shotgun balance thanks to a series of counterweights. The overall weight of the Julia Syren over-and-under in the sporting version is about 3.5 kg. 

The Maxisbore barrels of the Julia Syren over-and-under
The Maxisbore barrels of the Julia Syren over-and-under are drilled from solid blocks and feature a particular internal geometry patented by Ceesar Gueirni with Duecon cones to guarantee fast and dense patterns.

Shooting range test with the Julia Syren

Renato Lamera, a famous shooter with a long career behind him in various types of disciplines including dynamic shooting, certainly needs no introduction. Renato tested for us the Syren Julia over-and-under. After his technical evaluation regarding the ballistic aspects of the gun, he left the Syren Julia to the person who could discover and show in a practical and immediate way its features designed for women. It is at this point that the Caesar Guerini over-and-under passed into the hands of Adriana Rubini, a young shooter but already a 20-gauge Olympic Trap champion, who without too many words or hesitations tested the performance of the Syren Julia in various types of shooting. The video speak volumes. Enjoy it!

The wood used to make the stock and the fore-end of the Julia Syren over-and-under is European walnut
The wood used to make the stock and the fore-end of the Julia Syren over-and-under is European walnut, selected and oil finished, with fine pitch checkering.

Cesar Guerini Julia Syren over-and-under specs and price

Julia Syren
2 3/4”/70 mm
Trigger:Selective single 
Barrel Lengths:71/76/81/86
Upper Rib:Conical ventilated
Lateral Rib:Ventilated
Weight:3.50 Kg
Drop:35/44/64 mm
Stock Length:355 mm
Recoil Pad:
Solid rubber
Packing:ABSPRO Syren case
Front Sight:White spherical
Chokes:Competition MaxisChoke
Price:3852 euro + Vat (model including adjustable DTS stock and steel shot proof – Price may be different in your country)

For more information about the Julia Syren shotgun please visit the Caesar Guerini website.

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