Caesar Guerini celebrates its first 20 years of history

Caesar Guerini 
For us at and talking about Caesar Guerini means talking about shotguns that we have had the opportunity to know and try several times in the field, from clay pigeons to hunting grounds.

For us at and, talking about Caesar Guerini means talking about a reality known directly under different and fundamental aspects. Starting from the professional and human point of view that distinguishes the company's staff, and then arriving directly to the final result, that is the sporting and hunting guns tested on several occasions in the field and observed in detail, we have can testify how this first twenty-year milestone is no coincidence. It is the regular development of original ideas and projects and attention to detail to offer firearms with aesthetic features and recognizable technical characteristics. In the full tradition of Italian gunsmithing, the quality of workmanship and materials is very high, and technology always up to date. Under this premise, let's briefly retrace some of the milestones that led Caesar Guerini to celebrate its 20 years of history in 2020, following the evolution of its main projects – which are available in detail for enthusiasts on the Caesar Guerini website.

Caesar Guerini: the origins and the first guns

Giorgio and Antonio Guerini
Giorgio and Antonio Guerini.

For some people, the year 2000, dawn of the new millennium, was a source of concern. For Giorgio and Antonio Guerini, however, it was a source of inspiration. This is how the Caesar Guerini brand was born, which makes the elegance of its hunting and sporting shotguns a distinctive feature, constantly searching for the innovation needed by professionals and enthusiasts. Italy was in the midst of a decades-long economic slump. The situation was far from ideal for launching a new firearms company, but Giorgio and Antonio had a vision. By relying on their family's experience in the firearms industry and Italy's centuries-old tradition of firearms manufacturing, the two brothers began designing a new line of shotguns characterized by the quality of handcrafted firearms, but manufactured through modern, efficient and precision processes.

The guns designed by the Guerini brothers were aesthetically beautiful, reliable and easy to use. Giorgio and Antonio's premise was simple: to produce a range of high quality guns inspired by the traditional English shotguns but entirely made in Italy in a new technologically advanced factory. This was the idea behind the new industrial reality and the launch of the brand. Caesar Guerini: classic quality, contemporary technology.

The ambitious project of Giorgio and Antonio Guerini to make new generation guns started in Brescia, in the heart of Val Trompia, Italy, home of the oldest and most renowned firearms brands in the world. Ever since they were children, the two brothers had a fascination with the legendary local history of gun manufacturing, which their family had been involved with for generations. Initially Caesar Guerini was co-owned by FABARM S.P.A., the historical arms manufacturing company from Brescia, property of Ottavio Olini and Antonio Sala – the latter, renowned in the sector at international level both for his skills and for his commercial knowledge, was also the ideator, together with the Guerinis, of the newborn company, contributing to the definition of its objectives and strategies.

Giorgio and Antonio Guerini, aided by some collaborators, spent the first years in a small factory in Marcheno, and at the same time drew up an accurate investment and expansion strategy. Caesar Guerini's production started in 2001, with two lines of 12 gauge and 20 gauge over-and-under shotguns: the Figura, Tempio and Magnus models for hunting, and Temper and Summit for target shooting. The product range was completed by a semi-automatic hunting shotgun, the Roman MMI.

Caesar Guerini ROMAN MMI
Caesar Guerini ROMAN MMI semi-automatic shotgun. 

The ROMAN MMI is an inertia-operated semiautomatic shotgun: the patented core operation is a special double not helical disc spring, located in the front of the fore-end. The advantage is that when firing this system generates less recoil, offering greater comfort, less muzzle climb and quicker alignment on the target for follow-up shots. 

Expansion and new projects

Maxum over-and-under by Caesar Guerini
Maxum over-and-under by Caesar Guerini, an elegant and versatile shotgun.

In 2002, thanks to a partnership with Wesley Lang, a friend of the Guerini family and a player in the firearms industry, Caesar Guerini USA was founded and the group began developing shotguns specifically designed for American upland hunting and clay target sporting shooting. In the meantime, in Europe too there was no lack of accolades for the guns produced by Caesar Guerini. In 2003, the year of the launch of the first models on the US market, Caesar Guerini expanded its product range in Italy with the introduction of 28 gauge over-and-under, Roman MMIII and Gladius semi-automatic shotguns, and the Flyway over-and-under waterfowl field gun. The Forum model was also launched, which would become one of the most popular shotguns among customers, and one of Caesar Guerini's top products for years. 2004 marked the introduction of the new Maxum over-and-under. For the first time, the receiver of the shotgun was embellished with an engraving made with the new technique which combined the technology and precision of laser cutting with the master engravers art of manual hand engraving, in this case from the Giovanelli's workshop. In 2005 the 36 (.410) gauge shotguns and the new Roman MMV semi-automatic were introduced. 

Ellipse Curve shotgun
The beautiful round body steel receiver of the Ellipse Curve shotgun. Soft in shape, elegant with its refined engravings, it doesn't hide the ruggedness that is a must for Caesar Guerini.

In 2006, a new headquarters with more than 2000 square meters distributed over two floors was opened, with an underground area entirely dedicated to firearm testing and ballistic studies. Once the new headquarters were completed, substantial investments in research and development through the commitment of the company's technicians made it possible to create the new Dynamic Tuning System (DTS). The system's goal is to provide cutting-edge technological solutions to meet the demands of shooters for ever greater product customization. The attention to gun customization continued its development and in 2010 led to the new series called Impact, which was developed to allow the shooter to adjust all the critical specifications, making it easy to fine-tune the gun to their shooting style. In the same year, Caesar Guerini's wide range of products was enriched with the Ellipse, the first industrially manufactured shotgun featuring a fully rounded receiver. In 2011, from the combination of Caesar Guerini and FABARM, the second largest shotgun manufacturer in Italy and one of the largest in Europe was born.

Caesar Guerini Invictus V Ascent
Shooting champion Cristophe Auvret with the Caesar Guerini Invictus V Ascent.

In 2013 the company received its first major international title: Richard Faulds won the gold medal at the World English Sporting Clays Championship in Texas. 2014 was the year of the revolutionary over-and-under Invictus, guaranteed by the company for over 1 million shots. The company's technicians, under the guidance of Antonio Guerini, designed and patented the revolutionary Invictus System, recognized by gun industry leaders as the greatest advancement in strength and durability of over-and-under shotguns.

Not only that, in 2014 also arrived the Syren range of shotguns. Following the request of the American partner Wesley Lang, the Caesar Guerini group and FABARM decided to start a new joint venture in order to develop a line of shotguns and accessories intended for female shooters. Over the years, the development of the Invictus II III V and VII models followed one another, bringing success in international competitions and a series of victories in the various shooting disciplines since 2016. 

Caesar Guerini Invictus V
The Invictus V Sporting makes use of the proven Invictus System.
Caesar Guerini Syren
The Montecarlo-style stock, typical of the over-and-under shotguns in the Syren line, has been revised in size and weight to make it easier to aim and to reduce the recoil for female hunters.

As far as the hunting world is concerned, we arrive in 2019 with the latest great success: the 20 gauge Revenant over-and-under, an industrially produced gun whose finishes and details were previously only possible when made by hand. A long series of achievements in the technical, financial and sporting fields thanks to products arising from a centuries-old tradition, carried forward to the ever-changing contemporary world – this is and continues to be Caesar Guerini. 

Caesar Guerini Revenant
Caesar Guerini Revenant.

For more information on hunting and sporting shotguns please visit the Caesar Guerini website.

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