Hunting with the Caesar Guerini Revenant

Elegance is not a compromise in Caesar Guerini's Revenant over-under which, with its slender and refined lines, proves to be a solid and reliable gun that can stand out when hunting. The particular thermo wooden case it comes in undoubtedly announces the importance of the gun inside. The Revenant over-under presented in this 2019 and so far available only in the 20 gauge version proves to be a gun suitable for walked-up hunting with the option of three different  barrels lengths – 66, 71 and 76 cm – and a 76 mm magnum chamber that therefore extend the range of use to blind or hide hunts. 

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Hunting test with the Caesar Guerini Revenant over-under

Pointing dog 
We tested the 20 ga Revenant over-under with 26” / 66 cm barrels, ideal for hunting with pointing dogs.

For our test we were given the version most suitable for hunting with pointing dogs, a 26” / 66-cm barreled model with a set of internal and interchangeable Selectachoke chokes, four stars and two stars in our case. We looked for pheasants among hills and junipers. The Revenant over-under is not a superlight gun, but is appreciated for the good distribution of weight that makes it a stable and balanced shotgun both when shooting and during the walking hours. The average weight of the over-under, calculated with 28” / 71 cm barrels and a standard density stock, is 102.3 oz / 2.9 kg. The ruggedness of the gun is explained by the rounded “round body” receiver machined from solid forged blocks and the mechanics made by precision numerically controlled machines. Any component can therefore always be replaced.

The hand-made engravings of the Caesar Guerini Revenant over-under shotgun.
The special hand-made engravings of the Caesar Guerini Revenant over-under shotgun.

The selective single trigger features a golden trigger blade. Case ejection is automatic. As far as mechanics and ballistic performance are concerned, it is worth mentioning the tri-alloyed steel barrels with Caesar Guerini internal geometry, characterized by long connecting cones to always ensure well-distributed patterns. Using standard 20 gauge cartridges with 28 grams, number 7½ lead shot load, was enough to reward the good work of the dogs and successfully conclude the day with two pheasants. The wild birds hit at distances of 15-20 meters in front of the dogs' pointing dropped straight down and not at all spoiled by the Revenant shots. I can't hide the fact that I stopped several times during the walk to enjoy the view of the over-under that I was wielding, examining the details of its engravings in the different morning lights.

The elegance of the over-under is undoubtedly due to the oil-finished E-grade European walnut wood protected by Caear Guerini's Invisalloy treatment, which preserves its aesthetic characteristics and quality over time. The stock has a special open pistol grip that allows for a comfortable purchase and a safe swinging, helped by the fine pitch checkering. The forend is the typical Caesar Guerini rounded version with push-button release. With the Revenant, Caesar Guerini's  stylistic research touches its highest levels. On the long side plates floral motifs alternate with both pheasants and quails, faithfully hand-reproduced by Giovanelli Workshop in old silver and gold inlays. The engravings extend on the long forend bracket and on the trigger guard with a harmonious combination of colors, lights and shadows. With the Revenant over-under, the most demanding hunters can find a reference to the best Italian gun-making tradition, but with firm touches of originality.

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