Caesar Guerini Invictus V Sporting over/under shotgun

The task of any clay pigeon shooting shotgun, in this case, a Sporting over/under, is undoubtedly to be a reliable, robust and accurate gun, giving the shooter the highest chance of success. 

In addition to meeting these fundamental prerequisites, the firm Caesar Guerini has always added its own unique and instantly recognisable touch of refinement and elegance to its guns. 

The Invictus V over/under, presented earlier this year, is no exception. As well as the mechanical quality of the Invictus System, significant aesthetic value has also been added.

The side plates are extra-long and allow enough space for the engravings of Bottega Giovanelli, depicting scenes from the evocative world of nature and hunting. Game in flight and floral motifs adorn the metallic parts of the aged silver action, expertly made from a solid forged piece. like all Caesar Guerini actions. Oil-finished Deluxe European walnut completes the elegant look of the shotgun. 

Invictus V Sporting trigger mechanism
The Invictus V Sporting is fitted with the proven mechanics of the Invictus System, with a new lighter and sharper trigger mechanism.

The Invictus V Sporting is equipped with a selective single trigger. One of the new features of this over/under is the extremely smooth and light DTS trigger, making the Invictus V even more precise, ideal for professional shooters. 

The robustness and functionality of the gun is ensured by the tried and tested Invictus System. The hinge pins are located on the barrels rather than on the action, which eliminate all stress from the shot. 

Although the gun is guaranteed for one million shots, should the gun be exhaustively used, these simple steel pins can easily be replaced using the key provided, restoring the over/under to a like-new condition.

Right profile of the gun
The long and finely engraved side plates make the Invictus V a particularly refined and reliable gun.

Both the Invictus System and the Invictus Cam permit replacement of the lower-side lug, the Invictus Block, affording the already robust shotgun a new lease of life with the same simple procedure, which makes the Invictus practically invincible.

The firing pins and their levers are dual-mounted, driven by pre-charged rebounding coil springs. This configuration means the firing pins never protrude from the face of the action after firing, guaranteeing added safety and smooth breaking after firing. The automatic ejectors are driven by an oversized cam, milled from a solid piece, for correct and decisive ejection even when using high power ammo.

The stock of the Guerini shotgun
The oil-finished select European walnut pistol grip stock on the Invictus V is adjustable, and finished with a full rubber butt plate.

The barrels of the Invictus V are bored from solid chromium molybdenum steel, with a special internal geometry common to all Caesar Guerini Maxisbore and Duecon projects. This gives the shot a higher velocity when leaving the cartridge, with less deformation and a remarkable reduction of recoil. The gun is available in 71, 76 and 81 cm barrel lengths.

The 10-mm top rib is conical and ventilated, and the side rib is ventilated. The front sight is white and spherical.  

As well as being heavy, the woods selected by Caesar Guerini for their shotguns are finished off with a pistol grip stock and a flush rubber butt plate. The standard length of the adjustable stock on the Invictus V is 377 mm with a 35/77 mm fold. 

The sleek round barrels, which is easy to handle and perfectly complements the rest of the gun, is fitted with a release button on the top of the barrel, synonymous with all of the guns produced by this Marchenese manufacturer.

The overall weight of the Caesar Guerini Invictus V Sporting over/under is within the standard range, and is balanced for 12-gauge, weighing in at 3.5 kg with standard 76 cm barrels.

 For further information, please visit the Caesar Guerini website.

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