Caesar Guerini Revenant, over-under shotgun in 20 gauge

Sound, reliable and elegant in every detail: it’s the new Revenant over-under hunting shotgun that Caesar Guerini is presenting to hunters. 

Caesar Guerini Revenant in 20 gauge, hunting with elegance

A gun featuring proven mechanics and machined from the solid steel blocks by precision modern numerical control machines, therefore functional since all its component can always be replaced. Craftsmanship and aesthetics however are still those of the Val Trompia tradition. 

Bascula round body del sovrapposto Caesar Guerini Revenant
The Revenant features slim and harmonious proportions.

The Revenant features slim and harmonious proportions, livened up by the play of light created by the finishing of the long side plates of the round body action, finely engraved with floral and game motifs showing gold inlaid birds in flight. The long trigger guard and the stock with wide, good-looking pistol grip allow for a comfortable grip and a safe swing, assisted by fine-pitch checkerings. The stock is 14.7 in / 375 mm long with 1.45-2.24 in / 37-57 mm pitch. Wood used is select top grade oil-finished walnut with particular grain enhanced by the Invisalloy treatment by Caesar Guerini which protects its characteristics and brightness over time.

Caesar Guerini Revenant: trigger and barrels

Detail of the Revenant side plates engraving: flower motifs and game in slver and gold.

Trigger is a selective single type with golden trigger and automatic cartridge extraction. The 76 mm magnum chamber barrels, available in three different lengths of 26, 28 and 30 in (66, 71 and 76 cm), make the Revenant over-under suitable for various hunting types, from walking hunts with pointing dogs to stalking hunts with longer barrels. The particular internal geometry developed by Caesar Guerini with long connecting cones allows for a homogeneous and compact pattern without altering the pellet speed or sphericity to the benefit of general accuracy.

The gun is shipped by the company with a set of 5 internal and interchangeable Selectachoke chokes. The upper rib is conical and ends with a classic brass sight, with solid side rib. The average weight of the Revenant over-under with 28 in / 71 cm barrels and standard density stock is 103.3 oz / 2.9 kg, a fair compromise for consistent performance in a gun that is stable for aiming and follow-up shots. Also worthy of note is the particular thermo-wood case in line with the general elegance of the weapon.

The new Caesar Guerini Revenant over-under is delivered at a price of 7797 euro plus VAT.

For more information about the new Revenant over-under shotgun, please visit Caesar Guerini website.

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