Hera presents the new H6 series for hunting and sport shooting: a modern bolt-action rifle made in Germany with side magazine and Recknagel trigger

A repeater from Hera? Yes, that's a first. "Made in Germany", on the other hand, has always been a guiding principle for Hera Arms GmbH based in the Franconian town of Triefenstein. As far as machining production is concerned, 80 percent of production takes place directly at the headquarters. Hera outsources the remaining 20 percent – particularly in the area of turning machining – to an experienced partner from the surrounding area. Hera also relies on the production site in Germany and another partner just a few kilometers away for polymer products such as stocks and conversion kits. Even the latest supplier is also based in Lower Franconia: with Recknagel from Bergrheinfeld, Hera has now found an experienced mechanics specialist known worldwide in the accessories market to supply the trigger for the new Hera H6 bolt-action rifles (here is a company portrait of Recknagel).

From the left side, the profile shows the magazine well of the Hera H6 system set at a 90-degree angle, which is much less disruptive than the classic vertical magazine well under the rifle when shooting freehand or, in particular, when the rifle is supported. The Hera forend with M-LOK accessory interfaces allows the use of all commercially available attachments, from sling swivels to bipods and tripods. 
The Hera H6 in the black version, currently available in .223 Remington (18-inch barrel) and .300 BLK (13-inch barrel). The scope is of course not included. 
With the aid of the adapter, the buttstock of the Hera H6 can be folded down by 180 degrees to save space. The new H6 trigger from Recknagel is located on the front right. 

But one thing at a time: although the bolt-action rifles, most of which originate from the USA and are similar to the AR-15 look in terms of design and the inexhaustible accessories market, also have a firm following in this country (which Hera itself serves with a good 20 of its own self-loaders), the project of an independent and innovative bolt-action system was very appealing.

This is how the H6 was born, which was officially presented at WA in 2023. Usually, small or even larger improvements are made at the trade fairs, but also in later discussions with customers and suppliers, until series production starts. Some things then become permanent, while others may wait until the next major update.

High-tech not only on the CAD design monitor: without any specifications from existing systems and in the certainty of being independent of external suppliers, all components of the Hera H6 system could be developed in the best possible way. The trigger group designed by Recknagel makes a significant contribution to this. 
Hera H6, here the unusual magazine inserted from the left side of the receiver: this keeps the system slim, but the gun (here in the OD Green version) can also be fired more easily. 
Compact, rounded and very stable: Hera H6 with the laser-welded bolt handle and the side view of the new Recknagel trigger. 

In the H6 project, for example, it all revolves around the action. This was deliberately designed to be slim, but this resulted in the repositioning of the cartridge feed and the unusual left-side magazine. This offers advantages in terms of handling as well when shooting, for example from a high seat: the magazine well is no longer in the way and the support surface is much easier to use. The magazine, also manufactured by Hera, is designed for ten cartridges.

Instead of aluminum as initially planned, the Hera designers opted for steel after all, with a one-piece receiver and a laser-welded bolt handle. The H6 bolt has a positively controlled T extractor, which enables both safe extraction and maximum contact surfaces for the locking lugs. Despite the steel construction, the additional weight compared to aluminum has been limited to around 200 grams. Hera continues in the H6 information on the website: "The optimized H6 trigger has a safety that can be operated with the trigger finger and is probably one of the best standard triggers that can be installed, both technically and in terms of quality."

The new H6 trigger sourced from Recknagel, once installed and as a detached assembly: The Hera H6 bolt-action system is characterized by an extremely robust design, including the bolt with a laser-welded bolt handle, both of which run in a one-piece receiver. The long Picatinny rail additionally stabilizes the whole. 

The unusual receiver is complemented by a screwed-in barrel, which ensures an extremely rigid connection and also allows the headspace to be adjusted with repeatable accuracy when changing the barrel or caliber. In conjunction with the positively-locked Picatinny rail mounted factory, this results in a maximum degree of rigidity, which in turn allows a high level of accuracy to be expected. A test of the Hera H6 will follow shortly, and we will of course report on it at all4shooters.com as soon as we have been able to test one of the first production guns.

New Hera H6 bolt-action rifle specs, caliber and price

.223 Remington (also .300 BLK with 13" instead of 18" barrel)
Barrel Length, Twist:
18"/46 cm, 1:9"
Hera H6, polymer cheek rest and stock adapter, M-Lok forend
Overall Length:
101 cm
Weight (w/out magazine, w/out optics):
2,700 g approx. 
Price (RRP in Germany):
1,429 euro
Hera forend with M-Lok interfaces for mounting M-Lok accessories
Hera A2 muzzle with ½x28 TPI thread 10-round polymer magazine 
Hera Mil-Std-1913 Picatinny Rail on receiver and forend 
User manual

The Hera H6 was already estimated to have an ex-works retail price of €1,429 at the IWA 2023, and the price list for 2024 also indicates this price: it therefore remains stable in price, and that for all possible variants. It can be ordered in .223 Remington or .300 BLK (with a short 13-inch barrel), and the three color variants black, sand/tan and OD Green. Further information can be found here on the Hera H6 product webpage. Delivery is generally via specialist retailers.

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