Hera Arms H6 repeating rifle in .223 Remington: an unusually practical bolt action for hunting and sport

Hera Arms is fit for bolt-action rifles as well as for semi-automatic rifles

Hera Arms now belongs to the illustrious group of manufacturers of AR-10 and AR-15 semi-automatic rifles family who have also launched bolt-action rifles for sport shooters and hunters, such as the Hera H7 series or the SP16 and SP18 straight-pull rifles. After a few modifications, Hera Arms now offers a solid hunting rifle with a steel construction: the still relatively new H6 system is already enjoying great popularity, which is why it is currently already the company's most-ordered rifle. "Orders increased enormously after the premiere in 2023 at the IWA and Jagd & Hund in Dortmund," said Matthias Streitner in an interview. He is responsible for sales and marketing at Hera.

Matthias Streitner Sales Hera Arms
Passionate hunter, sports shooter and responsible for sales and marketing at Hera Arms: Matthias Streitner answered questions from all4hunters/all4shooters.com in a video interview.

H6 repeater from Hera Arms: not new, but innovatively different

Matthias Streitner tests the H6 on the shooting range
Matthias Streitner tests the Hera H6 with silencer on the shooting range. The ammunition came from GECO.

We have already reported on the Hera H6 system on all4hunters/all4shooters, all the technical details can be found in this article, which is well worth reading. A detailed endurance test over a hunting season is running in parallel at all4hunters.com. Today we take a look at the history of the Hera Arms H6 system. Although the design of the H6 appears super modern, the first attempts to develop a side-mounted magazine for reasons of space and better handling are already around 100 years old, for example in submachine guns such as the Steyr-Solothurn S 1-100, the Bergmann MP 18/I or later the British Sten, of which almost four million were built. The first attempts with side-mounted magazines therefore began after the First World War.

Hera Arms has not reinvented the side-inserted magazine instead of the bottom-inserted magazine, but rediscovered it and brought it into shape for hunters and sport shooters. When you first look at the Hera H6, you immediately notice the slim, unique design and this side-mounted magazine, which initially takes some getting used to. The question quickly arises as to whether this design offers advantages that other systems do not have.

What do hunters think of the effectiveness of the Hera Arms H6 bolt-action rifle?

Two questions that concerned us: will this innovative design appeal to hunters? And can there also be a .308 caliber version of this design? The first question was answered directly by a hunter who successfully hunts varmint with the Hera H6 and appreciates the gun's slim design. The answer to the second question came about two weeks after our shooting date in Triefenstein: at the IWA 2024, Thomas Nöth, CEO of Hera Arms, presented the H6 in .300 Blackout with a 13.7-inch barrel. But what about the extremely popular .308 caliber?

Hera Arms H6 system with DDoptics riflescope
In addition to the side magazine (10 rounds), the folding buttstock on the Hera Arms H6 stands out. The scope from DDoptics is mounted on a Recknagel mount. This combination will be tested by us in a long-term test in 2024.

Well, the bad news first, including the technical reasons: due to the compact design of the so-called mini system and the limited space in the AR-15 magazine well, there cannot be a .308 Winchester caliber version for the Hera H6 system. This is a pity but understandable, as a .308 version would certainly have attracted even more hunting enthusiasts. So we asked Matthias Streitner, who replied: "I was expecting this question, as it comes up at almost every meeting. However, due to the design of the system, we have to do without the .308. Anyone who wants the .308 caliber can fall back on the H7 from Hera Arms. Nevertheless, we offer a good alternative for hunters with the .300 Blackout."

First theory, then practice: how does the H6 from Hera Arms shoot?

Deduction from Recknagel
We really liked the trigger of the Hera H6. It is crisp and breaks perfectly.

Although we were a little sceptical at first, it has to be said that the H6 is really a lot of fun for the following reason: the .223 cartridge gives us an opportunity to hunt varmint and roe deer. The advantage of this caliber is of course the low damage to game. Another point is that you can train on the shooting range at low cost with this system, as ammo in .223 caliber is much cheaper compared to big game calibers with higher performance. The H6 system is also suitable for left-handed shooters. Nevertheless, from a certain point onwards you are naturally somewhat restricted when it comes to hunting. After all, if a wild boar suddenly appears while you are hunting roe deer, you have to keep your finger straight. The question about the .308 is therefore quite justified. What struck us positively was the low weight and small pack size of the rifle setup. With the option of folding the buttstock (for left-handed shooters also to the rifle right-hand side), you can also get through thickets and don't get stuck on every branch. The system would be very interesting for dog handlers if it weren't for the caliber restriction.

DDoptics Nighteagle V6 2.5-15x50
The trigger from Recknagel, recognisable at a glance from the trigger guard, and the Nighteagle V6 2.5-15x50 riflescope from DDoptics in combination with the Hera Arms H6. The side magazine is the defining feature of this .223 calibre rifle.

The long-term test with the H6 hunting rifle from Hera Arms

After our first impression on the shooting range, we now want to take the H6 hunting. The system, consisting of an H6, a DDoptics Nighteagle V6 2.5-15x50 riflescope and a silencer from Recknagel (SOB3), will therefore be scrutinised more closely by us. Further information can also be found at all4hunters.com on YouTube. We assume that some classic hunters won't like this special setup and don't necessarily have to, because as Matthias Streitner put it so well in the interview, "Not everyone has to like the H6. That wasn't our aim at all. But if we look at the national and international orders, we must have done something right, otherwise the orders wouldn't have gone through the roof".

Our second video on the new model: the story behind the development of the H6 bolt-action rifle from Hera Arms with side magazine

The test guns for our teams have already been ordered. Our colleagues will test the new model in every detail in a hunting and sporting environment. Our two test guns come in .223 and .300 Blackout calibers: we will report back.

You can find more information on the Hera Arms website.

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