Accessories from Hera Arms: an overview of top-selling accessories – magazines, stocks, grips and compensators

Hera Arms, founded in 2008 in Germany, manufactures not only semi-automatic and bolt-action rifles for demanding sport shooters and hunters, but also all kinds of accessories for existing firearms. From magazines, stocks and grips to muzzle attachments, Hera offers a wide range for every need and application - whether sport shooting or hunting.

Hera Arms – Production in Germany and markets supplied

Basically, all Hera Arms products are "Made in Germany". In the field of machining, 80 percent of production takes place directly at the manufacturer's headquarters in Triefenstein. The remaining 20 percent of production – especially in the area of turning machining – Is outsourced by Hera to a long-standing and experienced partner. This partner is located just eight kilometers away. Hera Arms also relies on Germany as a production location for polymer products. The currently 36 active injection molds are stored, maintained and used for production at a partner just six kilometers away.

Although all Hera Arms products are developed and made in Germany, they are not sold exclusively there: the company has also been exporting to the United States since 2010, and a U.S. subsidiary of the manufacturer, Hera Arms LLC, has been in existence since 2016. Despite the particularly competitive market on the other side of the "big pond", Hera has always been able to hold its own here without any problems. At the time of our last visit in the middle of 2022, the company was also massively expanding (you can also watch the video here at So what could be more obvious than to take a look at the top sellers that are so successful not only on the European market, but also on the difficult US market?

Top sellers from the Hera Arms accessories range

Magazines for the AR-15 platform: Hera H3 and H3L PRO

The H3, a magazine classic from Hera Arms. 

Two of the best sellers in the Hera Arms accessories catalog are the H3 and H3L Pro magazines. The H3 is a standard 30-round magazine. The magazine has a stabilized follower as well as a mechanical stop, so that magazines can't be inserted too deep into the action when loading. The Hera H3 is available in sand, green and of course black. 

Hera Arms H3L PRO: good to see the separation between the ammunition and haptic areas. 

The H3 is a rifle magazine with a capacity of  30 cartridges. The H3L PRO magazine model, on the other hand, combines the look and feel of a 30-round magazine with a capacity of just 10 rounds. This makes it freely available for purchase where hi-cap magazines are not allowed by law. Hera intentionally designed it without a limiter, so it can't be converted or rebuilt, which ensures legal security. In addition, the user can also use it as a variant of the H1 magazine: the actual "container" can in fact be separated from the rest of the magazine. This way lower section offers space for up to seven commercially available feather keys. At 44 grams per key, the shooter can thus add up to 308 grams of additional weight to the magazine. This is ideal for training for international competitions – both in dry practice at home and at the shooting range. The standard-dimension design also gives shooters the option of mounting standard AR magazine accessories such as couplers or pouches. Just like its high-capacity brother, the H3L PRO comes in a choice of OD Green, Tan and Black. Customers can purchase the H3L Pro for an MSRP of €21.90, while the "big" H3 is priced at €20.90.

For the muzzle: Hera Arms CC, LCC  compensators as well as the LCS Gen 2

The Hera Arms LCS Gen 2 deflects gases and blast linearly from the shooter. 

Also among the top sellers from Hera are three muzzle attachments. The CC is a three-chamber compensator. It has additional relief holes that are intended to further reduce the rifle's muzzle climb. The Hera CC has been consistently developed for sporting use, including in cooperation with practitioners in the field. Hera offers a model with a similar name but a different range of applications in the form of the PCC. This stands for Pistol Caliber Compensator. As the name indicates, It is specially designed for use on pistol caliber carbines and is intended to reduce both muzzle climb and recoil. For this, it comes with an asymmetrical and slim design, but large impact surfaces. In addition to a black steel version, a silver titanium one is also available. The LCS Gen 2, the third muzzle attachment in Hera's top-selling lineup, is designed to ensure a linear deflection of the muzzle blast and escaping gases away from the shooter. The acronym stands for Linear Compensator Small. The latter deserves special attention: Relative to its size, the LCS Gen 2 is said to work particularly efficiently. 

The recommended retail prices for the three compensators are:

  • CC: 139 euro
  • PCC: 139 euro (steel) 209 euro (titanium)
  • LCS Gen 2: 109 euro
Hera Arms PCC: the asymmetric design is immediately apparent in the compensator for pistol caliber carbines.
The Hera Arms CC is a compensator with three chambers and additional relief holes.

Stock and grip: Hera Arms IRSL and HFG

Eye-catcher: In addition to the handguards of the IRSL series, Hera Arms also offers the HFGL and H15GL grips in a leather look. 

A real eye-catcher and consequently also one of the top sellers is the Hera IRSL hand guard for AR-15s. Hera the hand guard, which is made of aluminum, has leather appliqué  at the grip points. Hera explains the background: "As a natural material, leather is characterized by its high breathability, pleasant grip and high durability [...]". The handguard is available in many different variants: Basically, the AR shooter has the choice between brown, black or natural leather. In addition, also between a 15-inch long variant (RRP 295 euro) or a 12-inch one (RRP 275 euro). Normally, the IRSL comes with M-Lok interfaces for mounting various accessories. For the sport shooter, however, a closed 12-inch variant is also available. All models fit standard AR-15 barrel nuts. By the way, there are also optically matching pistol and front grips for the AR-15 with the HFGL and H15GL grips. 

The Hera HFG is a classic front handle with storage compartment.

However, they do not make it into the top sellers – unlike the HFG. This is "the" classic front grip for AR platforms. It is compatible with all MIL STD 1913 and Picatinny rails. Thanks to its fiberglass-reinforced and impact-modified polymer, it weighs only 82 grams, making it one of the lightest front grips on the market, according to Hera Arms. Hera Arms has placed particular emphasis on the durability and robustness of the HFG. In addition, it is equipped with a compartment in the bottom of the handle. Here, for example, a small tool or a spare battery for the optic finds its place. The Hera HFG is available in black, sand and green for an RRP of 20.90 euros. 

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