SHOT Show 2024 – Day 2: Highlights from the second day of the largest gun fair in Las Vegas

As our team gets ready for the third day of the SHOT Show, we summarise our findings after two days at the trade fair. Franco Palamaro: "I've known the SHOT Show for a very long time, and you can see that the character has changed a lot this year. There are an estimated 30 per cent fewer hunting-oriented exhibitors here, but a huge increase in military products. There is now a lot of 'military stuff' here, from fully automatic weapons to machine guns and grenade launchers, because many of the visitors also come from this sector. Another trend is obviously the increase in guns and accessories such as holsters and the like for concealed carry, which is legal and therefore very popular in most states in the USA and also represents a major economic factor. Accordingly, the largest advertising space here is occupied by providers of liability insurance, as the 'liability', i.e. the responsibility of individual gun owners for their handling of firearms, is taken very seriously."

Compared with previous editions, SHOT Show 2024 saw more military weapons and fewer hunting weapons. Many visitors also came from the military sector.

As far as the atmosphere in the exhibition halls is concerned, as expected it was very crowded on the first day, but surprisingly empty on the second day, with exhibitors mostly almost among themselves. The proportion of visitors from Asia decreased, as did the number of VIPs. While otherwise well-known action celebrities such as Chuck Norris or (for the older ones among us) Steven Seagal made their honors, only a few well-known faces were seen so far, and then they were mostly "firearm-related" like Dana Loesch, the NRA press spokeswoman. But now it's time for the second half of the trade fair: Franco Palamaro, Tanja and Marijan Loch are out and about for you in the Venetian and the Caesar Forum to track down new and interesting products at SHOT Show 2024 and share their impressions with you via our Facebook and Instagram pages (you'll find the links at the end of this article). Here in our daily SHOT Show report on the website, today's focus is mainly on handguns, optics and accessories.

SHOT Show 2024: Taurus TH10, the entry into the 10mm pistol market

Taurus TH10
The TH10 is Taurus' first pistol chambered in the powerful 10mm.

Taurus presents its very first 10mm handgun, the TH10 model. With a magazine capacity of 15 rounds and the powerful 10mm calibre, it delivers impressive firepower. Like all previous Taurus pistols in the TH series, the TH10 is a hammer-fired SA/DA pistol with a polymer frame. You can read a more detailed introduction with more photos and data here at

SHOT Show 2024: Fausti Dea SLX side-by-side, well-proportioned elegance

Giovanna Fausti shows the Dea SLX side-by-side, available in 12-, 16-, 20-, 28-ga, and .410 bore.

Appreciated by the American hunters who love walked-up hunting, the Fausti Dea SLX side-by-side shotgun is offered in all gauges with customizable features. 

The receiver can have an old silver or color case hardened finish (Upland model).

Among the side-by-side shotguns from the Dea series, the Dea SLX stands out for the elegance of some aesthetic details such as the engraved long side plates, but also for the possibility of having these guns with some customized technical features at the hunter's request. In addition to the stock length and drop that make a difference in the practical act of shooting, the hunter can choose whether to get his or her gun with a single trigger or the more classic double trigger, with interchangeable internal chokes or with fixed chokes. The Dea SLX is available in all common gauges, 12, 16, 20, 28 and .410 bore with a solid steel receiver and scaled to provide a shotgun balanced in proportions and accurate in shooting. 

The old silver receiver finish, or color case hardened finish in the Upland version, are embellished by floral engravings and wild birds in flight. Tri-alloy steel barrels are made in different lengths to allow for different types of walked up or hide hunts. They start from a length of 63.5 cm for closer range shots with lengths, up to 65 cm, 67.5 cm, 71 cm, 73 and 76 cm for hunts involving shots at more challenging distances. 

The stock is in English style, while the fore-end can be splinter-type or a half-beaver version, useful for a firmer, more ergonomic grip in small-gauge versions. The wood used is oil-finished select European walnut. The Fausti side-by-side shotgun comes to the hunter in an elegant case and always with an in-house made test pattern sheet. 

SHOT Show 2024: XTM-3 Magnifier, a compact magnification scope attachment from Sightmark

Sightmark XTM-3
The Sightmark XTM-3 magnification attachment is just 7 cm long with 3x magnification and can be quickly flipped away sideways.

Sightmark announces the launch of the "revolutionary XTM-3 Magnifier, a game-changer in the world of tactical accessories". The Sightmark XTM-3 is the smallest and lightest magnifier on the market, measuring just under 7 cm in length and weighing only 227 grams. It is unobtrusive and compact and allows shooters to quickly transition to 3x magnification without sacrificing clarity or sight picture. Whether in the field, on the range or in a tactical situation, the XTM-3 Magnifier gives shooters the advantage of enhanced target identification and shooting versatility they need for accurate shots at varying distances. Thanks to the generous eye relief of 2.32 inches (59 mm), the shooter can also shoot comfortably during longer sessions. The innovative flip-to-side mechanism enables rapid transition from 1x to 3x magnification and thus a seamless transition from short to medium ranges. The Sightmark XTM-3 requires no tools. Its quick and easy attachment and removal is facilitated by the locking QD system, while the external caps allow adjustment of windage and elevation to be modified by hand, allowing shooters to make fine-tuned adjustments on the fly.

SHOT Show 2024: STP pistols STP TM 28 and STP Black Major

SHOT Show 2024. The surface has been treated with chromium nitride, which not only looks classy but is also indestructible: STP TM28 from STP Prommersberger
SHOT Show 2024: the right side of the STP TM 28 (TM stands for "Target Master"), a high-class target pistol.

Understatement is what characterises the new TM28 from STP Sport Target Pistol: Karl "Charly" Prommersberger has designed an elegant pistol in 9mm Luger without distracting the eye with too many trappings. At STP, the "TM" stands for Target Master as standard, i.e. a pistol designed for precision target shooting with a single-stack grip. 

Equipped with a six-inch bull barrel, the pistol weighs 1,390 grams, features walnut grips and a matt-finish CrN-coated surface (chromium nitride). The other models, such as the STP Black Major 5.0 as a "multi-caliber" system pistol, also caused a stir in Las Vegas.

SHOT Show 2024: Laser Ammo SureStrike MAG, uninterrupted laser training

The SureStrike MAG brings a whole new level of realism and accuracy to your dry-fire training sessions.

A significant further development in laser training systems: Laser Ammo, one of the pioneers in this sector, introduces the SureStrike MAG, a complete training magazine, optionally (initially) for all GLOCK 17/19 9mm pistols or the SIG P320, also with either an invisible infrared laser or a visible red laser. The SureStrike MAG is inserted instead of the normal magazine and offers the authentic feel and sound of the striker release during dry-fire training. So far, so familiar. Until now, however, you had to rack the slide after every dry shot to re-cock the striker. This is no longer necessary: while both hands remain in the firing position and do not lose sight of the target, you simply let the SureStrike MAG reset the trigger with a snap, preparing for the next "shot". This dynamic action is exactly what you need to develop the right muscle memory. Depending on the type of laser, and priced between 365 and 398 euros per set, it is  available to order now directly from the manufacturer.

SHOT Show 2024: CRKT Redemption and CRKT Michaca

The CRKT Redemption designed by Ken Onion pays homage to the “coffin handle” knives that were very popular in the days of the Wild West.

U.S.-based Columbia River Knives & Tools, better known to knife enthusiasts by the acronym CRKT, is a constant presence at the SHOT Show and again this year offered its new products, which included the Redemption and the Michaca, two very different yet interesting models.

Let's start with the Redemption, designed by Ken Onion, a veteran of knife design. It is an homage to the "coffin handle" knives popular with adventurers and gamblers of the Old West. Made in the U.S. with the collaboration of handle specialist Hogue, the CRKT Redemption is in fact a folding dagger, with a CPM MagnaCut steel single-edged blade 103.2 mm long and 3.84 mm thick. The blade is satin-finished, with a plain edge. For the first time in the company's history, the CRKT Redemption uses a perfectly ambidextrous crossbar lock. The overall length is about 233 millimeters for a weight of 140 grams. The spear-profile blade, stainless steel bolster and G10 handle make the Redempion's grip an excellent compromise between classic aesthetics and modern rationality. What the old "coffin handle" knives certainly did not have is the clip, which allows the Redemption to be carried in the "tip up" position. The list price of the Redemption in the U.S. is $225.

The CRKT Michaca is an automatic folding knife designed by Philip Booth. Blade deployment is controlled by pushing on the handle.

Of a completely different genre is the Michaca, a folding knife designed by Philip Booth, a knife maker from Michigan. In this case we are dealing with an automatic folding knife with an all-too-traditional design that makes construction with premium materials its strong point. The blade opening and deploy system invented by Booth is very ingenious and is operated by pushing with the palm of the hand on the lower section of the handle. Besides being very reliable, this opening system called "scale release" avoids buttons or sliders on the handle, giving the knife very clean and essential lines. 

The blade is made of MagnaCut steel with a satin finish; it is 84 mm long and 3.4 mm thick. The handle is teal-colored G10, with black inserts and bllued steel clip for tip-up carry. The weight of the CRKT Michaca is 144 grams. The price in the USA is $300. This knife is also made in the U.S., which is less and less obvious even when it comes to American brands...

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