Taurus' first time: new TH10 pistol in 10mm caliber

There is a first time for everybody. For Taurus, it's time for the first-ever 10mm handgun, with the newly introduced TH10. 

The frame of the Taurus TH10 is polymer, the barrel is stainless steel. Slide has a matte black finish.

Taurus TH series is a hammer-fired, double action/single action line of compact and full-size semi-auto pistols with polymer frame. chambered in either 9mm Luger or 40 S&W – till now: TH10 in the powerful 10mm caliber now adds a further option for “personal protection from both two legged and four legged threats”, as Taurus claims. 

About firepower: the Taurus TH10 feeds from 15-round magazines, a more-than-ample capacity for both personal defense and competitive shooting. (And remember that those are not 9mm cartridges, but the larger and more energetic 10mm rounds.)

Taurus TH10, with safety/de-cocker lever

Recoil spring and guide rod are designed specifically for the 10mm caliber. The Taurus TH10 features shallow finger grooves on the textured grip. The combination safety/de-cocker lever is ambidextrous.

This is how the manufacturer introduces its new pistol: “The TH10 uses the existing sturdy framework from the TH series that holds up to thousands of rounds without complaint. The initial trigger pull is a smooth double action, and then the subsequent follow up shots break cleanly in single action. Plus, like all other TH pistols, the TH10’s thumb safety doubles as a decocker, safely lowering the hammer. Or, carrying the gun cocked and locked just like you’d carry a Taurus 1911.”

The Taurus TH10 features industry-standard sight dovetails: this allows to mount common aftermarket sights. It also means that both front and rear sight are drift-adjustable.

The Taurus TH10's combination safety/de-cocker lever provides users with the flexibility to carry in either hammer-down or cocked-and-locked positions and enhances the overall safety profile of the firearm. Safety features also include a firing pin block and a visual loaded chamber indicator.

The Taurus TH10 features a recoil spring and guide rod designed specifically for the 10mm caliber. This ensures optimal performance, together with gun longevity, reliability and consistent operation.

The 4.25”/108 mm long barrel is a premium stainless steel type engineered for pinpoint accuracy. 

The TH10 is also equipped with industry-standard sight dovetails, which allows users to easily install common aftermarket sights, tailoring the firearm to individual preferences and shooting requirements. Both front and rear sight are drift-adjustable.

Priced at $529.99 in the U.S., the 10mm Taurus TH10 comes with two 15-round magazines.

Taurus TH10 specs and price 

Action Type: 


Frame Material: 
Slide Material: 
Alloy Steel
Barrel Material: 
Stainless Steel
Barrel Length: 
4.25”/108 mm
Overall Length: 
198 mm
147 mm
36 mm 
779 g
15+1 rounds
Manual (ambidextrous), firing pin block, visual loaded chamber indicator
Price (MSRP in the U.S.): 
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